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So i think i'm the first schmuck to put a titan one inline with a xim4 to a nintendo switch for KBM control of splatoon 2
because it's an unsupported game with no Smart Translators, i'm pretty much in the deep end of xim4 tuning.

so...what do i do to get this thing as close to 1:1 mouse movement as possible? just go down the supported games list trying every game profile until i get an ST that's pretty close?

i'm also capable of recording gameplay, if there are some specific movements or exercise i should do to "show" what the behavior is like, because with the Destiny profile it feels pretty awful

edit: by the way this game has no aim assist of any kind, which is nice, and the max stick turn speed does a full 360 in about one second which is pretty fast

i've been eagerly and patiently awaiting some means to play kbm through the Xim4 on the switch, and some months ago there was some post stating that a titan one/two which supported the switch fed through a xim4 would permit that.

as the 28th of September the T2 and i think the T1 have support for the switch

however i'm a little lost at this point. like what would the wiring for this kind of setup look like? would xim commander play nice with it? Did i completely misinterpret some statement and it's more like the titan two would replace the xim for the switch?

Hardware Compatibility / Compatible USB switchers?
« on: 01:51 PM - 06/03/15 »
i'm honestly curious if anyone has stumbled across a usb switching device which works with the xim4 consistently

surely SOMETHING out there works
because the iogear usb/video/audio switcher sometimes causes my xim4 to lock up with a solid white glow instead of the pulsing red, and i have to power cycle it.
and the audio has some pretty bad electrical static when i have everything plugged in
at least the hdmi switching works

i dropped $50 on that iogear 2-port switcher, model number GCS62HU

got video and usb switching working, sort of, sometimes when i switch to ps4 the xim4 will lock up with a solid white light and i have to unplug it and plug it back in.

however what's really got me baffled is the AUDIO

i have the audio connectors plugged into a usb headset adapter, it has two 3.5mm plugs and it plugs into the ps4's usb port
however it seems like the xim4 generates A LOT of electrical noise, because there's this really bad buzzing sound that even comes in over the microphone line. the sound goes away immediately if you unplug the xim4

mind you, the design of the switcher is such that the 3.5mm cable seem to piggyback on the usb cables, so that might be it...

anyone else have a similar problem with a xim4 causing noise?
is there a better kvm switcher for the xim4?

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