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XIM 4 Discussions / Mic not working on xbox one
« on: 06:31 PM - 11/28/15 »
Hey all, the mic has been really random on working with the latest firmware update.  In fact i cant gt it to work at all right now...  It used to work perfectly...

I used to be able to unplug and plug the xim4 to get the headset to work.  I sometimes and very rarely can get the mic to work if i hard shutdown and bring the xbox one up via the controller. 

As of right now no combination ive tried seems to get the mic to work.  When the controller is not plugged into the xim it works fine. 

Im using a standard xbox one usb headset.  Any help?

Using latest firmware and software

UPDATE:  got it to work just now by turning on my xbox and then turning on my controller AFTER i was signed into xbox live

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