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XIM APEX Discussions / Strongest Aim Assist with Fortnite
« on: 07:50 AM - 07/24/20 »
ok i know t there are topics like this that talks about DPI changes and what not but after all that I'm still struggling on finding the best AIM assist with it.

What I did seem to find but not perfect is playing around with the Smoothing and SAB.

I noticed having a high smoothing like 15 locked on quicker than lower Smoothing when i had it around 5-8

Also with SAB I currently have it at 115. I am still playing with this but I'm not sure if I should go higher or lower to get the most stickiness possible.

Can someone help?

Technical Support / [Q/A] XIM Apex and Minecraft ST.
« on: 08:48 AM - 05/05/20 »
Ok so I'm trying to play minecraft again. I download the ST for Minecraft and for some odd reason when I move my mouse left to right or up and down in a straight line. The actual movement actual is like a wave. In other words it doesn't move in a straight line. Anyone know what is going on? 

XIM APEX Discussions / Fortnite Update (XIM)
« on: 08:15 AM - 05/19/19 »
So where is the change log as to what this new config did?

Aside from the sensitivity increase? What else or the reasoning behind the changes?

Ok quick question. If I want the strongest aim assist using SAB. Do I go above 100 and make sure I'm below 125 or go 0 SAB?

This is for fortnite.

Barring mouse specific mouse settings and sensitivity.

Within my XIM configurations what is the best setting to have the strongest aim assist?

SAB currently at 100.
Smoothing about between 4-7

I dont care about the difficulty in getting out of the aim assist bubble. I want to simple lock on.

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM Videos - Suggestions
« on: 06:40 PM - 11/26/18 »
So the videos I have commented in YT that they are the best. To say the least...

Now I don't want to consider myself to be truly layman sometimes it's hard for me to understand why I would use for example, "Steady Aim, Boost, etc." because I can't really tell whether I need to or not. The videos does a great job in explaining these options but I would like to really see in real game the actual cause and the effect by turning on these options and why it was built to have these options.

An example video that does a great job (not saying the rest of the videos are not) is a video about finding your sensitivity through tracking. The video explains exactly "in-game" how to track to a point in a game and what exactly to do and then what to adjust exactly to achieve the proper result.


This is just a suggestion because although I understand what it does when I watch the video, I really would like to see how this or what scenario we would use this option.

Do I really need to toggle this for BO4?

In other words is it required? If so, what setting should I be using? I was doing fine before this new update setting but I do want to take advantage of it if there is an advantage.

For Fortnite, I haven't tried yet but for BO4, I'm not sure.

I'm hearing all around that this is the case. In other words, stock or original firmware should work again? Is that true? Can someone actually confirm?  In either case, what are our next steps with the latest beta updates installed?

General Discussion / Sony NAV vs Keyboard Poll?
« on: 01:53 PM - 10/12/18 »
I'm interested in getting a Sony Nav but wondering what reasons people have in choosing one over the other.

I know people also sometimes are playing on a couch and don't really have a proper realstate to have a keyboard so the Sony Nav makes sense but when choosing the Nav, are people seeing real limitation?

Obviously keyboard will always be better but I'm seeing people are making it work with the Sony Nav;

What's the easiest way to do this?

I just went from Samsung S7 to the Samsung Note 9 and as far as the app is concerned, I can just download the app but how about all my settings? Is there an easier way to transfer than copying and pasting all the codes?

Game Support / Fortnite - Default, Common, Off?
« on: 02:10 PM - 08/24/18 »
Ok i'm completely confused as to what I should be using here? I tried each setting and changed sensitivity, add smoothing, take off smoothing, aside from it all not feeling right, is there a black and white answer to this?

Game Support / Fortnite Sync Setting?
« on: 06:18 PM - 06/28/18 »
Ok I started off using custom, then tried OFF, then tried Default.

So far it seems like OFF is the way to go but honestly, I couldn't tell the difference. It seems like if anything when I was in custom sync, shotguns was a bit harder or acted weird. When I turned it off (and re-adjusted the sensitivities to what I'm used to) I started getting more shotgun kills? I don't know if there is any correlation but I did see in one Youtube XIM Apex setting where Sync was OFF and I follow it.

I like all the XIM Apex Youtube that has been coming out and I hope they create one regarding SYNC with examples of exactly what to look for in setting it up correctly? I know that in all the tutorials, it says you can use any that YOU feel comfortable with but honestly, I want to set it up correctly. I don't trust what I feel sort of speak :).

Is it luck, is it coincidence etc.? I rather have the setting right and then say it's all ME that is the problem LOL.

Beta / XIM Apex Android App BT connectivity Issue
« on: 04:24 PM - 06/12/18 »
Iím not sure if I missed this somewhere on the forum but I have mentioned this in other posts but I figured dedicate one specifically for this issue.

Essentially it seems like I have to try and connect multiple times before my Android S7 actually connects to the Apex. Is this a known issue?

I have the latest beta firmware and manager. I see that on the notes IOS was improved upon. Any updates regarding improving the Android experience?

Is there a distance that my phone has to be to the Apex in order for it to connect?

I have to try several times before it connects?

XIM APEX Discussions / Titan2 with Apex? Why?
« on: 08:20 AM - 05/22/18 »
I'm trying to understand the use of a Titan 2 or cronus max in general with the Apex.

For me, I just wanted the ability to use a mouse and keyboard and that's where the Apex comes in. I know that XIM grants features to enhance your mouse and keyboard and the Titan 2 or chronusmax does something similar but allows for scripting.

Im just curious what games are people playing  that they need all the scripting capabilities?  I play WW2 and Fortnite and yes there are probably certain things I wish I can do more with the two games but I can't understand what I really need it to do. If anything building in Fortnite would probably be the key one but other than that?

What do you guys think?

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