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Technical Support / [RESOLVED] XIM Apex Hub
« on: 09:41 PM - 03/26/19 »
I've had the XIM Apex for over a year. I should have requested support earlier but I've been too busy to do so. I did put an RMA request 2 months ago but they redirected me here. This problem has been ongoing since I have gotten the XIM Apex but I thought I figured out why my XIM Apex was flashing yellow. I thought my K70 Keyboard was drawing too much power so I plugged it in to my computer using its second power USB plug. The yellow blinking light went away for a while. Since I haven't been playing much due to being busy I never really figured out what was the actual source of the problem. A couple months ago while playing a game I moved my keyboard a bit and so the hub moved slightly. It then began blinking yellow again. I thought I fixed the problem. So I unplugged all the devices from the hub. Turned on the APEX, all was good until I slightly moved the hub and then the yellow lights happened again. Turns out the hub, at certain bend angles, caused the APEX to blink yellow. It is probably outside of the warranty coverage due to me requesting this more than a year pass my purchase. If no replacement is possible, what is a good replacement to buy?
Here is a demonstration:


Hardware Compatibility / Corsair K70 RGB
« on: 02:01 PM - 02/26/15 »
I am running the latest firmware version (20150212) and my K70 isn't being detected at all. It is in bios mode.
When it is detected either it doesn't work or the mouse isn't on. One lucky time it did work but a few minutes later a key got stuck.

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