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General Discussion / Which config for R6 PS5 ?
« on: 01:11 PM - 02/17/22 »

I will have my Beloader tomorrow, i have a g502 mouse 12K DPI + xim apex (250hz) (250hz because it's the maximum with Beloader) + dualsense

About my mouse, i don't know if I will put 250/500 or 1000hz, it will be the same because i will put 250hz on my xim apex

Which config can I use for R6 PS5 version ? I just bought the game this week but I'm waiting for my Beloader device ....


hello, i have a xim apex + xbox series s with only one controller + ps5 with two dualsense

with with friend at home, i want to play fifa on my xbox but i only have one controller

i saw i can use this feature : controller crossover

but i only have one xbox controller, so if i plug this controller to my xim apex, it will not be possible to use for me ?

the second controller (ps5) will works probably but not my first controller ??

i need help to find a solution, i dont want to buy more controller

everything is on the title, thanks in advance

General Discussion / Xim4 Compatibility
« on: 07:48 AM - 08/31/20 »
Hello, i have a XIM4 since many years, works perfectly on PS4 even if there is no update since a long time ...

i will have a PS5, did u plan to update the firmware for the compatibility XIM4 / PS5 ?

I dont want to buy an other recent XIM device just to play on PS5 ...

Hello, Everything is on the title, If i download the new Firmware 20141114 (**LATEST**), I will lose all settings and configurations of my games? I'll have to re-create a configuration for each game ?


I have a little problem

first, my mouse (g502)

Near left click, there are 2 buttons, i used this 2buttons for : Streak Down (button called V on my mouse) & Streak Right (button called C on my mouse)

My button to "croush" is Left Control (LCTRL)

And i have a little problem .... When i click on my button to Streak Right, the command is successful but there is a second action associated with that key, my character is crouching at the same time. I dont want my character to crouch when I press this button : Streak Right (it's the button called C near left click on my mouse)

Why my character is squatting?

My config :


I saw this post but i'm french and i dont understand very well step2 & 3 : http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=37561.msg492762#msg492762

I need help about Dash (Advanced Warfare)

Someone can explain me the manipulation step by step (maybe with picture of xim manager)

For the moment, i cant play Advanced Warfare with my xim4 because i cant Dash and it's a feature very important in AW ! I want dash at the ground and in the air very simple ..... i need to configure my config to Dash very simple !

Or maybe someone can advise me an other solution to Dash very simple ?

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