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Technical Support / [Q/A] Riddle Me This.......
« on: 10:47 AM - 11/30/20 »
Hi folks,

A couple oddities, in which I was hoping to perhaps find a solution. Sorry if this is a wee-bit long winded.

In playing Cold War I've noticed something peculiar. When I am ADS'ing, and continuing to ADS and switch to my secondary, the interim period between where the animation where my primary weapon goes down, and before my secondary weapon comes up, my sensitivity goes up, very very fast, probably 2x what my normal HIP sensitivity is (keep in mind my ADS speed is about half my hip) so I have no idea as to why, or where this value is coming from. This only happens if I continue to hold down ADS. Another example, is if I am shooting (ADS), and if I need to throw a frag, but I am still ADS at nearly the same time I am throwing a frag, again, my sensitivity, or character animation sensitivity goes way up, thus making it hard to control. This isn't game breaking, but its annoying as there is that small percentage of time that it screws me up.

That being said, I thought maybe it was my config, so I started with a  brand new config, same thing. Thought it was the game, tried it in MW, same thing. Restored my xim to factory settings, updated firmware same thing. What gives?

Could this really be that I am running 1000Hz on PC w/the xim? I know its not supported, but I can't imagine this being the issue, as everything else feels just fine.

Also, just some weird things, I won't go into all of them, but I was using the MW config before the CW ST came out, I read the BO3 config felt nice, I tried it with the exact same settings, and it was so much faster than the MW config I was using,  Then I downloaded the CW, and same thing. After restoring my XIM, and plugging in my same settings I've always used, it felt much slower. Why is this? Just all abnormal to me.

Is my XIM just toast at this point?

Thanks so much.


Hi Folks,

This is the second GPROW I have had, the first one worked fine. However this one, I can't get the onboard memory to work. I create a profile, change it to my desired DPI, ensure the onboard memory is activated, unplug it, plug it into the xim, and its most def not DPI, it feels around 3200, when I am trying to use 800 DPI. Was on the phone with their customer support and she said (not that I fully believe her) that the XIM isn't supported by the GPROW and it won't work. That said, I am just at a loss.

Ever happen to you?

Any suggestions?


Okay, so I got a new xim, my old one bit the dust. Why is it, that coming from firmware: 20181109, to 20190719, completely change my movement behavior. I use the exact same sensitive values, ballistic curves, sync, and DPI, and it is completely erratic, and all over the place.

In theory, shouldn't it translate over to be the same? Would firmware really change this?

So baffled.



So my old xim Apex bit the dust, basic wear and tear, the prongs to the USB port broke off and I wouldnít get consistent power. So I bought another one.

I plugged it in, connected it to my phone, with the expectation I could simply download BO4 config, paste my old settings I had sent to myself before this process, update HTZ, and away I would go. I also thought I may gave to update to latest firmware, but didnít think much of it because I donít use the advanced features in recent updates. Simply hip/ads values, a curve for both, and voila. Done.

When I connected on my phone, (IPhone iOS) the manager was very basic (didnít change my manager), didnít give me specific options for HIP/ADS, just HIP/ADS (under identity) at the top.

So, I thought perhaps I need to update the firmware/Manager. I updated to the most recent manger, as well as TestFlight for iOS. Same thing. The manger on my iPhone doesnít give me any place to customize both HIP/ADS (I attach a screenshot but I canít seem to figure out how to do that on here. I pressed the ďattachments and other options bolded red font at the bottom and donít see anything further).

That said, I then downloaded the manger for PC, only realizing later the xim actually has to be plugged into the PC, and doesnít connect via BT.

So, do I need to dig out my old android to get a manager that is similar to what I was using an hour ago on my old xim?

Download old firmware?

Iím so confused is to how a new xim, different firmware, same manger is giving me an entirely new interfacing experience, and canít seem to use what has always been the ďnormĒ (with the exception  of boost, steady aim etc etc) with my manger. I just need to be able to input curves for both HIP/ADS, uncheck smooth aim transition, change my MMA delay, change my YX values, and seemingly canít figure out why the interface has been overhauled to something so minimal.

Thank you.


Hi folks,

Iíve heard great things about this. One challenge, when I drag and drop the script in a memory slot on the T2, the configuration icon never shows up (the paper/wheel thingy), to adjust values and such. I feel stupid asking this but what am I doing wrong? Itís  only on some that I have this issue. Thank you!

Technical Support / [Q/A] XIM4-XIM APEX CONVERSION.
« on: 07:12 PM - 03/11/19 »
Hi folks,

Sounds silly, but I honestly donít know.

Did XIM4 run on ďdefault sync, or sync offĒ.

I ran 12/5, and 10K DPI, on XIM4, what would that translate to?

Iím on 1600 DPI now, 1000 HTZ. Iíve tried adjusting for the DPI on default, and adjusted for the DPI, then divided by 4 on off, and just canít seem to get it right.

If j can get a hand on this thatíd be great!



General Discussion / OBSIV ballistic curve suggestions?
« on: 12:13 PM - 02/13/19 »
Hey folks!

I've been trying out dozens of ballistic curve options. This is a whole new world to me. In the 5 years ive been ximming, ive never used curves, but I am seeing that they have their advantages for sure.

That said, I remember a few moths back perusing through the forums, I saw someone posted OVSIV's suggested curve options, and I can't seem to find it. I only play BO4. If anyone could point me in that direction, or share theirs, that would be amazing!



Hi folks,
   I know this discussion has probably been discussed 100's of times but I have fallen victim to the Xim4 OCD'ness to get the most optimal precision.

   I have never really experienced a true 1:1 ratio, particularly, when making swift, quick movements.. I usually hit max game sensitivity and "red dot". We all know this occurs however my hip can feel similar to a controller at max sensitivity at 90 degrees, but at 360 degree's I just can't seem to get consistency.. and I know it has to do with how fast you move your mouse.. but, i still get confused as a pegged controller joystick would whip you around no problem.  I run 10K DPI with HIP at 18, and ADS at 8. So, obviously I can avoid this issue by increasing my sensitivity, but what comes with that is the "jittery" feel and look, plus sub-optimal precision (contingent on your taste).

  This all being said, I have recently read by a few folks that having your mouse at max DPI can actually contribute to this issue, and say, cutting it in half, then increasing your sensitivity via the config tool by 50% will actually curtail this? So, can i get some clarification on the validity of this? From a technology perspective, why does the User Manual ensure your mouse DPI is at a max. Considering all mice have different DPI's, why is this "so important"?

 I am not new to the Xim4. I have phenomenal stats and a nice fan base on my YT channel, but again, my OCD is bringing me here for answers.. so please forgive me for tweaking out :)


Hi All!
   I apologize if this has been answered... with the BlackOps3 Beta coming up in a week or so, I highly doubt a BO3 config will be released for the PS3/Xone. That being said, would the BO2 config work okay? Would it still permit a close 1:1 ratio if used for the BO3 beta? Thank you!


In watching PC gamers, it is obvious their FOV is much different that console. Any suggestions/tips on how to mirror that? From what I understand the FOV on a console is roughly 65 degrees, vs a potential 90 on PC. Has anyone ever fiddled with any monitor/console settings to try and mirror this? Thank you!


Hey Guys,
  I know this is kinda lame, but I wanted to get your opinion. I have always watched Pwnstarz play and it was so entertaining. It seems some of the community knew he was using a Xim on console, and some thought he was "the best controller player" in the world. He is sponsored by Scuf and control freaks, and has even posted "hand cam" vids of him paying COD using a scuf (obviously his movement was not the same, and the gameplay was of course nothing impressive) If you don't follow him, he recently posted a vid on YouTube and Twitch stating he was getting bored of console, and was going to go to PC for a new challenge picking up a KB/M. lol Anyway, he has started streaming vids of PC COD and of course, he is slaughtering, prob not at the level of console because of Aim Assist, and the PC gaming community IMO is generally better because of the advantages (well at least the "tryhards") however, you can tell he is very seasoned with a KB/M. I can only say this because I was a VERY seasoned controller player before switching to KB/M, and we all know,  it does not happen overnight, that is for sure. During gameplay he still talks @#$% like "you just got @#$% on by a console/controller player" and he is still promoting Scuf & control freaks. Ya know, before I was like whatever, but the fact he is now claiming that he is "brand new" on a KB/M def makes me lol and lose respect. He even adds descriptions of his Twitch vids like "getting that grind on to master KB/M & PC" while he is dropping Moabs/swarms etc lol. Anyway, yeah, I know, why waste my time even having these thoughts but I am.. lol.. what are yours??


I recently purchased a PS3 to play with some other friends. I wen't to Gamestop and bought the super cheap "Rock Candy" brand controller (20.00). The controller works fine when plugged directly into the console USB, but when I plug it into the XIM4, nothing. I tried unplugging it all, and followed the "getting started with your Xim4"vid by Obsiv on YouTube. The only thing I have NOT done is reset the Xim4 and re-downloaded the firmware etc. Is that a necessary step? Since its such a cheap controller, is it just not compatible?
After all this, I went back to the 360, and everything worked just fine.
 Please help!  :)

I am running both manager and firmware version 4.00.20150212.

Thanks again,

Thank you for taking a look. I recently loaded COD Ghosts 360 config on the xim4, altered my settings etc.. My mouse movement does not work, only the buttons (actually, when I ADS-it allows me to swivel from side to side-odd). I then deleted all games, uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it, and I am having the same problem. I then Dowloaded the BO2 config and my mouse works just fine with Ghosts. Is there something I am missing?? I would like to use the proper config with the game (a bit OCD) :) Please help..Thank you! By the way, I am using the razer deathadder mouse.


General Discussion / New XIM4 User-any suggestions?
« on: 02:06 PM - 02/18/15 »
Hey Folks,
  After months of research, I have finally dropped in on a xim4. I have been a controller/console player for years so the change made me a bit nervous. After about 20 hours of MP Gameplay, I am starting to build muscle memory and perform sequences without thinking (Primarily COD player-ghosts at the moment--not really into AW). I have increased IG sens to max, and my DPI to max (10K) and have adjusted my hip/ads sens to what feels comfortable, and obviously programmed mouse/KB buttons accordingly.

Are there any tips, or suggestions or "things I should be aware of"? Thank you all and stoked to be a part of the community.


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