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XIM Link / 1.4.1 Mouse movement disconnect issue
« on: 06:03 PM - 03/08/19 »
I recently updated Xim Link to 1.4.1 and ran into an issue. This has only occurred once and never with any previous Xim Link version. I was playing Black Ops 4 on PS4 Pro and my mouse aim movement became unresponsive. I was still able to use all mouse click buttons, but the aim movement was completely unresponsive. I tried disconnecting my cable and reconnecting it with no luck. I then closed Xim Link and restarted it and aim movement starting working again.

Using the latest Beta Xim Apex firmware 20190217
Logitech G903 with Powerplay mousepad


Is it possible to have the option to select specific Input devices to pass to the Xim Apex instead of all input devices?
I use an Orbweaver and G903 for my Xim Apex. I have a keyboard I only use for my PC. When I enable Xim Link to the Xim Apex I can no longer use my keyboard on my PC and have no use for it on my console. I would still like to use it without having to constantly switch back and forth with the hotkey. Iuno maybe I'm just too lazy lol.

XIM APEX Discussions / USB Switch that actually works?.?.?
« on: 11:31 AM - 11/18/18 »
I have purchased 4 separate USB switches so I can use my mouse on my computer as well as with the Xim Apex. With every single one of them I have random connectivity issues. Sometimes the Xim Apex becomes unresponsive to all inputs and I then have to unplug the Xim and replug it back in for it to work again. Same with my PC. Sometimes it makes my PC unresponsive to all inpurts(including my keyboard connected to the PC only). I have to restart my PC with the power switch.

Is this common behavior with all switches or is there a switch that actually works without these wierd issues?

Before anyone suggests I have already been using Xim link, but my PC creates latency issues. This is why I want a switch that works without these buggy issues.

XIM Link / "Added support for higher DPI on Win 10." ???
« on: 03:56 PM - 11/14/18 »


I'm confused as to what the latest commit actually entails. Is this effecting 12k DPI mice or higher?

XIM Link / Thank You W11cE !!!
« on: 04:23 PM - 10/29/18 »
I must say, Xim Link now feels like a finished product with your latest weekly build. I am very greatful for all you have done. The program now loads on boot minimized to the system tray. I don't have to use the startup folder or look at clutter on my task bar. It runs buttery smooth with no issues so far. Thank you again!

XIM Link / Weekly Build Crashes
« on: 09:21 PM - 08/22/18 »

Thank you for all you do. I wanted to let you know. I updated to the new weekly build. After launching it crashes and closes.
I uninstalled and tried again with the same results. I went back to the 1.2 release and it works fine. On windows 10 with all released updates.

Just installed it. Getting the ball rolling. HYPE!

edit: So far I don't feel a difference from gold. A good thing I guess. :P

Let's get this party started. Updated this morning, but haven't had time to test it yet. Getting on in a few minutes and I'll update my findings in a few hours.

Lets get this topic going. Just downloaded it myself and will report after I get some time in.

Edit: Synchronizing should be divided, not multiplied.

Hey guys. The old 2.4 method for normalizing ADS/HIP is no longer valid for WW2. HIP is faster than ADS with this equation. I'm trying to find out what people are using so we can determine the best ratio. If you are using 0 ADS Delay and have your ADS/HIP values seemlessly move the same speed.

Hey everyone, I'm looking for feedback on EX1 and COD. I'm curious what "Boost" (Framerate Sync) values you are all using.
I would like to request some things.

1. Would it be possible with your ST Data to find out what the normalized HIP/ADS ratio is? If so, would it be possible to attach the Data to each ST like putting a text field stating what the exact normalized ratio is? (I know I can wing it and get close, but it would be nice to have the exact math)

2. About the new beta. I know you are looking to find out what the default boost should be. Can you change the default boost value based on the game? Instead of doing a global boost, why not make the default for each ST based on what the selected game performs best at?

There is something wrong with the order site. I changed my account address prior to ordering. I checked my address during the ordering process. The order was completed and my address was reverted to my old address on the order and my account... What gives?

Technical Support / [Q/A] PS4 controller losing charge!!!
« on: 08:02 AM - 11/21/17 »
OK guys, here is the link to my first thread for reference.


When I use the controller that came with my PS4pro, the light is blue. When I use any other older controller, the charging light is on. This has only started happening with the latest firmware. The new controller slowly discharges while playing instead of slowly charging. Then when I try to play with a dead battery, I can't. I have to manually unplug the controller and plug it into my PS4pro or a wall socket to let the controller charge. I do have my older controller that I can use without issue. Please fix this. I know you guys said it is normal for the blue light to be on, but it was never on with any other previous firmware, and it is only on with my new controller. Its discharging the battery.

I started this thread when i had issues with the new firmware.
I thought things were resolved, but now twice, randomly my input devices become completely unresponsive. I have to unplug my xim4 and plug it back in to regain control. this never happened with any previous firmware.

PS4 Pro with included controller
Orbweaver Chroma Stealth Edition
Logitech G903
SABRENT 4 Port USB-3.0 Powered Hub
IOGear 2 Port KVM Switch

I have been using the Xim4 for a few years now, and have never experienced this issue before. This morning I was looking and noticed a new firmware from "20171004". I decided to download it and perform an install. Great, I download the newest globals for the manager, then I notice something. The lights on my Xim4 are flashing purple and the light on my DS4 is blue. I tried everything from disconnecting everything and reconnecting to replacing cables. Nothing fixed it. I then decided to reapply the firmware with a factory reset. This didn't fix the issue either. I then decided to go back to the test firmware "20170113-STEADYAIM5-NPD" with a factory reset and now everything is working properly.

I want to know if this is a known issue with a fix in the works or if this needs to be discussed. Thanks Obsiv.

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