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Game Support / Request
« on: 09:35 AM - 02/09/15 »
Evolve on Ps4. Mist can you do this?


XIM 4 Discussions / easy transfer cable pc ps4 xim
« on: 05:55 PM - 02/03/15 »
How do I hook the easy transfer cable up to my pc amd xim 4 so I can switch back and forth w same kb and mouse?  Wiring diagram etc .. and send controller commands to ps4 from pc

Game Support / ST for Loadout - Request OBS
« on: 09:45 AM - 12/28/14 »
Can we make an ST for the PS4 game loadout?  It's kind of like a Team Fortress game.

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 Manager PC
« on: 10:16 AM - 12/25/14 »
When I try to connect my XIM to my PC (using the supplied USB cable) and hooked into the DS4 along with mouse a keyboard I have issues connecting.  It gives me a error of something like "Cannot connect to paired Xim4. [6]"  I have tried pressing the P button before clicking connect.  I have tried turning the PS4 on and then pressing the button on the DS4 and the trying to connect etc.  I don't know what gives. This is needed to use XimCommander I am assuming.


Feedback / Thanks OBS
« on: 12:08 PM - 12/23/14 »
I just want to take a minute to thank you for putting out such a GREAT product.  I hope you intend to make a living off of this and retire doing it.  Because I'd like to not have to upgrade a PC ever again.  LoL.

Thanks for all of the hard work.


XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 with PC
« on: 09:04 AM - 12/23/14 »
OK, my setup is a wireless keyboard and mouse attached with a XIM4.  I also have an HTPC in my living room that I would like to use this same keyboard and mouse with as well.  I don't know if I absolutely have to use a KVM or am I able to use this XIMCOMMANDER thing?  And if so, how do I go about using it?


XIM 4 Discussions / Logitech G700S and K800
« on: 12:51 PM - 12/22/14 »
Can I use just one trasceiver with the keyboard and mouse or do I need to plug both in to the XIM4?


Hardware Compatibility / XIM 4 Peripherals Choices
« on: 03:07 PM - 12/12/14 »
What do you guys think of my choices of input devices?  I will be playing froma bout 7 feet away of where the XIM actually is on my couch with a folding table.  This is what I have picked out so far

Logitech G700S Mouse w/ the following choices of keyboards:

Logitech K350

Logitech K800

Microsoft Desktop 800

Which would you choose?  Do you guys thing the range that I would be away would create a noticeable amount of latency on top of the 8MS that the unit is already reported to have?


Which bluetooth kb/m do you guys use?  i am gaming froma bout 7 feet away from where my PS4 is and have little kids.  Which ones do you recommend?

Hardware Compatibility / Typical XIM4 Questions
« on: 02:48 PM - 11/28/14 »
Does Sony view this as cheating?  Will the life of the PS4 determine how long this unit will be compatible with comes that are released in the future?  Or is the XIM4 going to be "null and void" following a new unit's release (new xim product).

Will any mouse work with this?  Does it have to have adjustable DPI?  Will any keyboard work with this?  Can I use cable extensions from my keyboard and mouse to the XIM unit?  I know it says not to use extensions from the unit to the console.  I did not know if that holds true with peripherals to the unit.  Are wireless keyboards and mice a suitable replacement in lieu of cable extensions (if they are not recommended for use).

Thanks in advance,

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