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Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Xim Apex isn't working
« on: 04:09 PM - 06/09/22 »

Recently my Apex isn't working properly. My mouse and keyboard aren't reacting on my Xbox. I've used Xim Link in tandem from the start.

When i look in the manager app, i only see one icon at the top, stating xim transfer cable. Usually, when it works, it shows two icons on top (out of 3)

I've tried the following;

- reconnecting every cable
- a factory reset

To no avail.

The led on the Apex is working properly. Also, the controller is buzzing when i connect it to the hub.

I would greatly appreciate if you guys could help my out.

Thank you!

Game Support / Guardians of the Glaxy
« on: 01:04 PM - 06/05/22 »

Is there an ST planned for Guardians of the Galaxy? Or does anyone know which ST can be used? I see it mentioned several times at the planned support list, but i don't see an ST for it yet.


Technical Support / [RESOLVED] My Apex is broken
« on: 09:24 AM - 05/16/22 »
Literally unfortunately. I pulled it out of the USB port of my Xbox and the USB part was in the port and the rest of my Apex was in my hands, including the 4 connector pins... As far as i know i didnt do any weird things with it, but yeah... It sucks

Is there any way to repair it? Since i don't think that is the case, do you guys have any indication on when the Apex will be in stock again? I really, really want a working one, since it is often the only way i can play on consoles.

Thank you very much.

Game Support / Guardians of the Galaxy
« on: 07:40 AM - 03/11/22 »

Since Guardians of the Galaxy is on gamepass now, i wanted to try it. I see there is no ST yet. Does anyone know which ST works well?

Game Support / Cyberpunk PS5 update
« on: 03:23 PM - 02/15/22 »

Today the next gen update for Cyberpunk came out. Does anyone know if the Dualsense is required now it is a PS5 game, or can the XIM Apex be used without a beloader?


Beta / Xbox Series X first configuration
« on: 01:59 PM - 10/03/21 »

I bought a Series X because of the whole required Dualsense thing. I switched the third party PS4 controller with the Xbox controller, plugged it in...And it worked immediately. My manager app has a PS4 config as default, but that also wasn't a problem (I downloaded the Halo beta).

The thing is... I never saw the blinking green lights as a sign for connection and i looked closely. It worked without jumping any hoops. It was so smooth i'm actually a bit suspicious haha.

Didn't i see the green blinking lights because i did a full setup on a PS5 earlier? Or did i miss a critical step?


Game Support / Deathloop Dualsense requirement?
« on: 09:02 AM - 09/13/21 »
Deathloop comes out tomorrow and i'm interested. However, it markets itself heavily in tandem with the dualsense functionalities, so i suppose they require a dualsense controller to play it, which makes it unplayable with the Apex on PS5. However, i couldn't find anything definitive. Does anyone know if the dualsense is required?


XIM APEX Discussions / Future of Xim Apex on PS5
« on: 03:03 PM - 08/29/21 »

I was trying to play the COD: Vanguard Alpha, which didn't work, because of the devs requirement to play with a DualSense controller, which isn't supported. I also saw a dedicated topic on here.

Is it expected that more devs make using a DualSense controller a requirement, making using the Apex impossible? Is a workaround or full support from Xim's side still a possibility? I'm asking this because i might be on the look for a Series X, because it has full support.

Thank you!

Game Support / Borderlands and Mass Effect
« on: 03:23 AM - 05/17/21 »
I'm planning on playing two collections of games i somehow never played (Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Borderlands: The handsome collection). They both have configs for each separate iteration, but which one should i pick to play the collections on? The last one?


XIM APEX Discussions / configs for new games and beta's
« on: 07:29 AM - 04/05/21 »

I have a question about configs for new games. I already did a search and learned that it takes about a week to make a new game specific config available. But how do you guys cope with games with open beta's? The reason i'm asking this is that was interested in knockout city, which had an open beta and no config yet (understandable of course) but also no previous game to build from, which made me wonder.

Beta / Nacon compact controller not recognized
« on: 04:34 PM - 03/10/21 »

I've recently been lucky enough to get my hands on a PS5. Due to a disability in my hands i have troubles using a controller with some games, so the XIM Apex seems like a great solution. I bought the compact controller specifically, because it was listed as a working controller for the PS5.

A few minutes ago i was setting up everything and so far, i didn't face any problems. But when i tried to make a new config, i'm running into problems. When looking into the HUD, i see two logitech logo's. Which is expected, because my mouse and keyboard are logitechs. The third space though is empty.

When using my keyboard and mouse, nothing happens. They are active though, because the LED's are active and are connected only to the Apex.

I hope you guys can help me out. What am i doing wrong?


XIM APEX Discussions / Mouse with extra buttons
« on: 08:38 AM - 12/21/20 »
I have a disability in my hands which makes it difficult to play with a controller for some games. With keyboard an mouse i can play though. I found a solution on the PS4, but that isn't compatible with the PS5 unfortunately. Thus i was very excited to stumble upon Apex and after waiting for a few weeks,seeing that partial compatibility with the PS5 is already achieved.

My question is the following. My left hand is my best hand so, when playing on my pc, i use a mouse with extra buttons to be able to press as much buttons as possible with my left hand. Does the Apex recognize these extra buttons as binding options for the PS5?



Hi, i have a question. Due to a disability i have a spastic right hand, what makes it almost impossible for me to play shooters with a controller, because of the use of the right stick.

i own a ps3, and i came across the tactical assault commander 3, which is a mouse and a pad connected to eachother, and connected to the Playstation 4 via USB. (http://www.amazon.com/Tactical-Assault-Commander-Camouflage-PlayStation-3/dp/B005K4TWVY) It is plug and play and it works flawless on every game a played, except from GTA V. The ps3 recognize directly is a controller. It totally changed my gaming experience, since a could play every game i wanted.

Now, i'm planning to buy a PS4 and i tested the TAC 3, and unfortunatly it doesn't work. Now a come across the XIM4, what is the solution to all my problems. But my question is: Can i connect the TAC3 to the XIM4? Since the ps3 recognizes it as a controller? Does this work? Please note that the TAC3 has no separate USB for a mouse. The pad and the mouse are connected to eachother. If this works, i don't have to buy a new mouse and keyboard and use the TAC3 instead.

Thank you! ;)

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