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I haven't used my XIM4 for about 6 months.

Updated the latest firmware, plugged it to my PS4PRO, fired up Black ops 3.

However when I move my mouse sometimes it just doesn't do anything. This happens very frequently though, in 60 seconds gameplay, it happens at least 3 times or more.

It gets stuck and once it stucks whatever I do with my mouse it doesn't register at all, this can be like 1-2 seconds. Then it starts moving again normal, but still feels a bit sluggish. However keyboard works fine, mouse clicks are fine as well. I created a brand new profile, no changes.

Is there any idea why this might be happening?

XIM 4 Discussions / ADS Toggle in Destiny
« on: 03:53 AM - 10/07/14 »
Hello everyone,

I'm planning to switch form Venom-X to XIM4. However I noticed that there is not "ADS Toggle" option in XIM4. I have seen some topics trying to justify this by saying if the game throws of off ADS etc.

I've been playing Destiny for about 3 weeks with Venom-X and ADS toggle it works PERFECTLY fine. I rely ADS toggle too much as I have RSI and keeping a button down for too long hurts.

So is doing ADS Toggle possible with XIM4?

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