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Looking for a new mouse that has onboard memory for keystrokes and or macros.

Iíve noticed now days they have ones that only work while plugged into a pc with a program in the background.

Looking for a mmo style mouse tons of side buttons and keystrokes that register in xim.

Something I can take from my Xbox to any other device and still have buttons and or macros ready for anything I plug it into.

Appreciate any help

Hardware Compatbility / Xim apex and Logitech g9x question
« on: 08:48 AM - 12/13/19 »
So Iíve got the G9x and xim4 I was wondering if anybody had this combo with Apex.

I ask because with xim4 if I change a mouse button to a keyboard input it doesnít register. If I have it use Forward/back/middle it registers and I can use those for customization. But Iím limited to those three..

I was curious if anyone had a g9x and could test a apex for me and see if it takes keystrokes as inputs from the mouse. Would give me lots more abilities.

And no i wonít change my mouse for those eventual people..

Offering 30-50 for perfect xim4/apex settings for Overwatch on the switch.

I have a xim4 and A T2. Currently have a x360 wired for authentication.

Side note I also have a Mayflash NS in the mail if you can make a ST with that device and Xim


Future product development.

Since our lord made a response telling us about future hardware Iíd like to ask.

Will it take the Xim4 off the support list?

Will we be able to configure it to have xim4 settings like the apex is able to do? (reason I havnt upgraded) thereís have been threads and posts about xim4 feeling better.

Is this because the new Console hardware? As in do you have some secret source thatís saying we may need new hardware for the next Xbox and ps5?

So Iím playing BL3 and occasionally my buttons get swapped to a different config I think or the past button config for the profile... only way to fix it is to unplug power from xim and reconnect.

Curious if anyone knows has or had this problem

I jumped in on somebody elseís question and I think it wasnít the same as mine so here we go again or for the future

Can we get a Tertiary button config page? As in Primary Secondary and another Page
That is not bound to a ON key press.

Or is there still larger things to do... etc

Primarily this is just a question for Obsiv, hoping for a detailed answer like the  nintendo switch Response

Now that itís official from Nintendo direct can we please please please please please get support for the Nintendo switch



It will be a whole new world with millions of Nintendo players to play against.

Could we finally get support for Nintendo or is one of the biggest games of all time not good enough?


Switch coming out with realm royal and other shooters this year. Warframe doom eternal etc.

Please donít post  throwing it off to somebody elseís adapter.

Are we still in the mindset that we need 10 thousand in Xim specific sales for switch?

Stronger switch coming out.

So is it a money issue or lazy issue.

Hell if you make Switch support XIM APEX only. Iíll toss my xim4 and buy a Apex

Game Support / Dauntless temp profile?
« on: 01:04 PM - 05/21/19 »
Any suggestions?
Going to try battlefront 2015 ST

Will that mean we finally get support for the switch on the xim 4.  Or will we be told it can't and must buy an apex.. When The xim4  easily handle it

XIM 4 Discussions / Are we (xim4) going to be phased out ?
« on: 05:50 AM - 01/26/18 »
Are we going to be phased out like xim 3 and edge? Or will the xim4 still be updated and given games at the same rate as the apex. Just got my nephew a xim4 and would hate to spend more because lack of support

Unless I don't know better can we get a third page for key mapping? I know we can make new pages for ads or on press stuff. But I would like a third page for key and mouse assignments. 2 pages is great for alternate buttons but would it really hurt to just add a third page for us? I mean it shouldn't be hard to add aswell

Hardware Compatibility / Need help finding a mouse. Thanks
« on: 11:36 PM - 10/05/17 »
Nvm keeping to self

Game Support / Just curious Friday the 13th?
« on: 03:03 PM - 05/25/17 »
It comes out tomorrow they do have a gun or two as well as Jason throwing knives

Wondering if we can get support or a substitute

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