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 i see the firmware for ps4 pro in release candidates but not manager.  What version manager do we need to have?  Is it ok to put this firmware on ps4 (original)?  I ask because i'm about to upgrade my ps4 and was going to update firmware beforehand (i'm going to new location for 3 weeks)


Patch notes are out but update not out until next week.  Other than killing us with triple cost for converting mats, there is one item that i wondered would affect Xim4:

User Interface

Added gamepad deadzone calibration in settings menu (all platforms)


Hello, been using XIM4 regularly for over a year now on my PS4.  I bought a second XIM4 and an Xbone recently and updated firmware to newest RC 20150816.  When I turn on Xbone then hit Guide button on controller, light on controller comes on but cannot control anything with my KiB/mouse.  I then must take XIM4 cable out of console and reinsert it and hit guide button again for it to then work.  Am i not doing something right on first boot?  This has been going on for about a week now since i received my xbone.

G710+ KB
G700S Mouse

Using latest RC firmware.  Can i copy my ps4 config to my xbone config?  i choose Destiny for xbone then paste from my ps4 config copy

Before I ask just let me state that I have nightmares about my Xim4 breaking and waiting days to get a new one.  So, with that being said and out of the way I have a question:

My current Xim4 has the November 2014 firmware on it.  I want to switch to new firmware and tryout turn assist (mainly play Destiny) but worried this close to the new DLC.  Therefore I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. 

1. i'll have a backup Xim4 in case something happens to my current
2. Can I put the RC firmware on the new one with the RC manager on one device and keep the original firmware on the current Xim4 and a device with the current manager and go back and forth?  I would just use one XIM4 for RC firmware and the other with the released.

Lastly, any chance of a new XIM being released in the next 6 months that I may want to wait for? :)

No flames please you know you all worry about yours breaking too!

anyone had success with pairing xim4 to bluetooth on Surface Pro 3?

Am i ashamed I use KB/mouse on ps4?..no.  Am i sick of answering questions in game about what that sound is?  Oh ya.

I want a headset/mic that does not get any ambient noise (or as little as possible).  I currently use the Sony Gold and while I really like them, everyone hears everything going on at my house including my mechanical keyboard.

I've heard the Astro A50 has this criteria.  Anyone suggest others that are better with Xim4/PS4 or any thoughts on Astro A50 for this (and does the A50 have the capability of charging while I use it and cord long enough?)

The $300 price tag does not scare me for the A50


Game Support / Why Borderlands Handsome coming soon?
« on: 12:24 PM - 03/23/15 »
Why would this be on the coming soon list?   Wouldn't it be same as already released config for Borderlands 2 and pre sequel?

Has anyone seen where sometimes there seems to NOT be a turn speed restriction?  it's the oddest thing but after a Destiny update about 2 weeks ago, at times, my mouse seems to be 1:1 like on a PC.  It really messes me up because it's almost uncontrollable after having the restriction for so long.  It does not last long however.  I'll try to make video but wanted to know if anyone else has noticed this.

Logitech G700S mouse
Logitech G710+ keyboard

Switch back from PC using kvm and xim4 stays white.   I  can't even find that color on any faq or docs.   Restart ps4,  same.   Unplug replug,  nothing.   Manager won't connect.  Hooked to pc and tried upgrade which succeeded but xim4 still just goes white.   Did factory reset and that worked but of course lost all my game configs!  (when is backup feature coming?  That would have been a life saver and much faster than trying other things before reset)

What else could I have tried?

So, been using XIM4 for 2 months or so now playing Destiny mostly.  G700S mouse and G710 KB.  All LED's off, vibrate off etc.  Been running fine but always had in my mind what happens if it just fails and I'm in the middle of a firefight or the RAID?  Well, it happened this AM.  Just logged in to run a quick bounty luckily and all of a sudden i had no control and my character just bent over!  I am not 100% but I am pretty sure the lights on the XIM4 were still breathing.  I tried the controller and it had no control as well.  Unplugged and replugged XIM4 and it came back up.

Was this a fluke or is this common?


Technical Support / [RESOLVED] I can't rename my config
« on: 04:39 PM - 11/02/14 »
(Aiken Edit: Combining a couple of posts from another thread where the user's main issue was solved but the side issue was not.)

I can't rename the config when I edit config.  The delete key doesn't do anything and I can only type/change one letter in the title but I know i was able to do it before.  I think i backed to a previous version of Xim Manager when I had a crash and had to do a re-initialize.  Was that an issue with old version (can't rename title properly)?

... other problem solved here ...

Actually, the issue of changing the title is still there. I'm not able to backspace or change any letters using Android HTC One m8.   

Just got a new keyboard (Logitech G710+)

Wanted to rebind my sprint key and when I press it in Xim4 Manager on my HTC One M8 phone, it says listening but will not register when I click Left-Shift (currently bound to "E").  I tested the shift key and it is not stuck.  Other keys do not register as well but some do.  What is going on anyone know?

(Aiken Edit: Config renaming issue moved to new post.)

Sorry for the run on sentences :)

Game Support / G700s settings?
« on: 07:25 AM - 10/22/14 »
Just bought this and wondered what ppl were using for HIP and ADS sensitivity especially for Destiny.  Ballistic for fast look?

Also,  using side mouse buttons for any bindings?


Game Support / Recommend Destiny Configs?
« on: 10:01 AM - 10/20/14 »
I dunno why but I just feel like my configs are just not the most efficient and wondered if others had suggestions.

I have to rely too much on my keyboard since my G502 seems too small and I press buttons accidentally.  I am thinking of going with Roccat Kone XTD or Corsair M65 since they seem bigger and better for my large hand palm feel.

Are most using keyboard for forward/back strafe?
What about reload?  I use the R key but sometimes it feels awkward while moving forward and getting ready for grenade

What about grenade?  KB or mouse?

I use mouse for hip shooting *(left button) and ADS (right button) and thumb button for melee and middle button (scroll press) for super.  Other than that I'm using kb


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