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I had two USB hubs die, and so I thought I'll buy a high quality branded one. I purchased a Belkin one recommended by some people here, and that has just died too!

So I'm finally using my Xim Apex hub, and I'm curious whether this one will die eventually as well. Is this a common issue with hubs that undergo a lot of use?

(to be clear, I'm not blaming XIM at all, I'm talking about USB hubs in general)

MS has been talking up M&KB support for ages now, this is not news. But according to the latest IGN podcast, the current rumour is that they are really taking it seriously this time, partnering up with Razer.

Firstly I should address why I think XIM will always have a place - developers always seem to create unusual aim mechanics. A lot of devs can't accept plain-jane aim mechanics and seem to have this burning desire to try to be "creative" when they don't need to be. I don't believe for a second concepts like aim acceleration will disappear even when a game has native M&KB support. Also developers are always terrible when it comes to offering button mapping options, so your ability to remap keys on a per-game basis is always going to be a point of difference with the XIM. Lastly, XIM offers more integration options - JoyCons and Sony Nav's for example.

Now in terms of why I'm excited:

1) Greater range of console-specific peripherals. Right now if you're using a Sony Nav, the only option you have is a G502 mouse because of the need for more buttons. I bet native M&KB support will drive more creative mice designs aimed at the console market. It will also drive more Nav style controller options.

(on a side note - I think XIM should amp up it's peripheral support to combat native M&KB...look at Titan Two, it pretty much supports everything under the sun!)

2) More developers will understand what a good look mechanic is. A bad look mechanic is amplified when using a mouse instead of a stick. Once they are testing their games with a mouse as well, a bad look mechanic will be even more obvious and end up benefiting us all, even non-mouse users.

Cliffs notes: XIM will always have a place in this market, and official (proper) MS support will not hinder XIM at all, but improve it overall. XIM fans should be excited if the platform holders decide to embrace M&KB.

I found it just didn't work as smoothly as I wanted it to in Rainbow Six Siege. Recent updates have brought the game from a solid 60fps to an inconsistent 50-60.

However once I bought a PS4 Pro and performance went back to a locked 60, then COMMON was working perfectly smooth again.

Two questions I often get asked:

1) What's the use of pairing XIM with a scripting device (i.e. Titan Two)?

2) How do you map complex games to a Nav + mouse, with such a limited button count?

This example perfectly encapsulates both:


In Rainbow Six Siege - an incredibly complex game - the melee button is used for dual purposes: to melee (obviously) and also to lean right, which is triggered when you press the ADS button. The ADS acts as a modifier button, so to speak.

So why not create my own custom modifier? As you'll see in the video above, I use the crouch button as my modifier for leaning left. How cool is that? I call this feature "double up".

I've also used double taps to great effect - double tap the sprint button to perform a weapon change, for example. So you start needing say 12 buttons, but through modifiers and double taps you can easily bring this down to 9 or 10...or maybe even less.

So if you're ever wondering how on earth you squeeze "more" buttons out of a Nav...this is how:) You just have to get creative!

Beta / Oh crap, new beta just loaded in Chinese...
« on: 07:20 AM - 04/05/18 »
I've never had Chinese setup on my iPhone, or the laptop I installed the firmware update on...I'm not sure what happened!

Is there anyway to change the language back to English?

I just read this thread:


And I double checked to make sure someone didn't install a secondary keyboard that isn't active...and I definitely don't.

I was trying to make some changes to my XIM from across the other side of my apartment. I think the sketchy bluetooth connection caused it to glitch out, and some of my profile names and icons went missing and it was all weird, even after an app reinstall and complete XIM reboot.

So I factory reset it, only to come across something highly unusual....

BEFORE this issue, at 1000hz I used 320 sensitivity.

Now after the factory reset, 320 feels incredibly fast now. I had to turn it back to 80 sens, which is what I used back when I was on 250hz.

And yes it's definitely running at 1000hz as I can see it clearly stated there in the main screen (I am aware of the need to reboot after changing polling).

I can only surmise that polling is stuck at 250hz and even though it shows 1000hz, this is visual only. Has anyone come across this before?

I've since done a few more factory resets and made sure it was set to 1000hz polling but my 320 sens still feels 4x faster than my original 80. The gap between 320 and 80 is so significant that I'm positive this isn't just in my head. And I keep rebooting my XIM to make sure it's still showing 1000hz and it does, so I have no idea what's going on now. It definitely doesn't feel as smooth as it used to so I'm pretty sure it's actually stuck at my original 250hz.

Havenít had a chance to try it yet (damnnnn work!!!) but just saw this on reddit:


Yes the Apex comes with a USB hub, and yes it's a very good one, but being able to BYO is great.

I didn't want all my cables hanging out the front. I wanted a nice clean setup with only the one mouse cable sticking out. This hub allows me to route the other cables away and keeps this nice and neat. I velcro'ed it onto the edge of my entertainment cabinet.

XIM Apex furthers the "play how you want" philosophy. Bring your own mouse, bring your own keyboard, bring your own whatever...now, bring your own HUB (if you choose). I really love the freedom this device offers.

So. Good.

Yup, the Apex supports Joy-Cons (as I wrote about here: http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=59386.0).

When I first tried Joy-Con's I hated them. The analogue stick was my biggest gripe. I have since bought Kontrol Freeks for them (had no idea they were available for Switch, I came across them by accident) and they have totally changed my mind about them. While they are still by no means perfect, they are now very much usable as a Nav replacement. The added height of Kontrol Freeks gives you more fine grained control, and the extra rubber padding hides some of the rough / cheap feel of the original sticks.

There are three other benefits too:

1) Digital triggers. Digital triggers are just so much better for FPS games. There is ZERO travel, no mushiness. They are so responsive and snappy.

2) Because is the smaller stick, overall range of motion is tiny compared to other pads, which means if you need to do rapid left / right peeking it just feels so much better.

3) You have two extra buttons compared to the Nav (SL / SR).

Anyway let's get back to the topic at hand!

Some of you might remember the mount I created for my Sony Nav:


I made this because Nav's handle was too thick, so I was getting cramps when holding onto it for long periods. Now that the Apex supports Joy-Cons, I was having the opposite problem - they're too small!

So I got to work on a new mount, and here are the results:

It's a custom shaped aluminium mount, designed to match the curvature of my chair, and to position the Joy-Con exactly where my hand is. It feels like itís floating - henceforth they will be known as the Joy-Con Air. Ha! It's held down by some really strong 3M velcro, which makes it nice and firm but it also means I can simply remove it when I'm not playing games. I could glue it on to give it a cleaner look but I prefer having the option to take it off. The 3M Velcro just happened to be exactly the same width as the mount so it looks plenty clean:) I think itís really elegant.

As with my Nav mount, this is designed so that I don't need to grip it that tight, if at all - I can just let my fingers dangle to the side. It's just so much more comfortable this way.

The final solution seems really simple but it was a long road getting here. I prototyped about half a dozen different designs but threw them all out because they were too clunky. I needed a solution that would extend from my arm rest but not get in the way of my thigh or forearm. I also needed something that could be easily removed. Given the armrest is so thin, it was not an easy job!

I also removed the rail from my Joy-Con strap and prototyped a few designs that allowed me to slide my Joy-Con in and out. It was very, very slick I have to say, but unfortunately it covered up the sync button which I need to use sometimes. So this was a no-go.

UPDATE - scroll down to see updated pics of a grip I added, e.g.

XIM APEX Discussions / My XIM Apex impressions!
« on: 06:26 AM - 01/12/18 »
I've been avoiding this place, worried about accidentally saying the wrong thing:) Now that the list of alpha testers has been revealed and I've double checked to make sure I can talk about this publicly, I'm so excited to be able to share with you my thoughts on the XIM Apex! ObsIV has built another winner and I hope some of my excitement rubs off on you:)

Firstly, bear in mind that every XIM user is different, and likewise the alpha group of testers was made up of quite a varied bunch too. Me personally? I'm not into the advanced stuff like curves, but I do like my Titan devices and experimenting with a wild array of non-keyboard configurations. Oh, and I play an obscene amount of Rainbow Six Siege. So if it's info about curves you want, your best bet is to ask another one of the alpha testers. But if your play style aligns with mine, then read on!


I wasn't testing with final production hardware, so what I'd like to focus on is the different configuration. Instead of a big hub style design, it's now a little dongle which plugs into an external hub. The really cool thing about it is you can use pretty much any USB hub on the market. My setup has cables going off in various directions so it was good to be able to buy a hub that has ports going in all directions as well. It's also much neater this way - you can tuck your XIM Apex away behind your entertainment cabinet and just have a small USB hub sticking out the front.

Titan Two Compatibility:

One of the first things I noticed was just how robust it was with the T2, especially if you have meh quality cables. I think it has to do with lower power draw, maybe better quality USB ports, or maybe it's just better optimised all around. Regardless, in the past I had to regularly restart my XIM4 and Titan Two because they would just stop working from time to time. That problem has simply gone with the XIM Apex. So. Good.

Controllers, Controllers, Controllers!

It has full wireless control support. As some of you know, Nav is pretty much dead these days, because the batteries barely hold a charge since they're a decade old at this point, and even replacement batteries on eBay barely hold a charge either because they're just as old. Now you can use a wireless PS4 controller in your left hand...an XB1 controller...and yup, a Joy-Con! It works so bloody well. I have been testing it and it's officially my new Nav replacement. I will create another thread with more info about this.

PS4 Share Button Support:

Oh you heard that right. No more having to get off the couch!

Streamlined App:

The app has received a nice makeover. One of the small touches I love most is being able to type search the list of Smart Translators instead of scrolling down a long list.

PS4 Headset Support:

No more USB soundcards! This has been announced already, but what I'd also like to add is that it also works well via the Titan Two:)

Overall I'm really impressed. It's a nice upgrade from XIM4 and I think you'll all like what you see over the coming weeks / months.

General Discussion / Help with keyboards
« on: 01:19 AM - 10/22/17 »
I’m still using a controller for movement and a mouse for aiming, but I’ve been experimenting more with keyboards for the fun of it.

I’m finding it difficult to make really fine movements. Say I need to literally move just a few millimeters just to get that tiny peek around a corner. I find myself either overshooting my strafe, or rapidly tapping to the side but it looks ugly - it’s jittery to do a tap tap tap tap to the side. Is it just a matter of developing muscle memory in terms of how long I need to strafe for? This is by far the thing I’m struggling with the most.

I’m thinking when / if analogue keyboards ever become a thing, who knows whether XIM will even support them so I’m trying to force myself to learn but it’s challenging coming from analogue movement (Nav / controllers).

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I'm wondering if lowering or increasing sensitivity in anyway reduces the effects of time based aim acceleration? Can I assume a higher sensitivity is better? (due to there being less time for the speed increase to kick in)

Or is the time so short that it's unlikely sensitivity changes will have any impact at all? Or perhaps I'm looking at this in completely the wrong way?

I've never really spent much time with a game that had radial menus. But now I am playing a game with two of them! Is a sub-config the correct way to handle this?

Looking at gaming related stuff. Anything in the US that is not available anywhere else? I'm thinking smaller companies / niche products like XIM, cool little accessories and gaming peripherals that sometimes don't ship internationally.

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