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Sorry for creating a new thread but I think this deserves a separate discussion.

I think we're all a little puzzled at this point, it's been quite a rollercoaster ride for us hardcore Siege players the last few weeks!

So is 4.5 simply a rollback to 4.3? Or is it a retraining of the Classic curve?

And why was the Updated setting abandoned? I think this is the million dollar question we're all anxious to learn about - did it turn out to have some weird anomalies that you just couldn't work around? Or is 4.5 a placeholder ST until you can spend more time on reworking it based on the Updated setting?

For the record, while I hate the acceleration, I still prefer the "old" ST (4.5). Micro was unusable for me in 4.4, so I've reluctantly welcomed this rollback (assuming it is a rollback, I can't spot the difference between 4.5 and 4.3).

I bought this off ebay.

Yes, it works.

No, I wouldn't recommend it. It's junk. But it works, so I thought why not add it to the compatibility list:

I reallyyyy want to play Infinite on console. I prefer to play all games on console truth to be told. But if the aim mechanic is as bad as it is with H5, I think I will opt for PC for the first time. Anyone else?

The reason I feel pessimistic about the aim mechanic is because of how reluctant they were to fix it in H5. The devs stubbornly insisted the aim mechanic was fine and refused to fix it for a long while. It took ages and lots of anger on Reddit before they caved in. And even then it's far from perfect. It makes me wonder whether they're up to the task :(

We are providing an additional option for controller rotation curves. This new version of the curve focuses on the early part when shooting and then offering a steady variation until the full movement. Our goal is to deliver a more consistent curve as players move their joystick further from neutral.


EDIT 1: and the first pics from the PC version!! I will give it a test now and let you all know what I think (it'll only be a rough test as obviously I'm using it with the old ST):

EDIT 2: Ok this might be a little premature but...wow, this could be what we've all been waiting for since launch, nearly 4 years ago!!! Movement is much sharper now, doesn't feel like you're stuck in mud anymore.

EDIT 3: Hum it seems vertical speed is higher than horizontal, because I have both set to identical values but they clearly aren't the same. I would be really interested to see what Mist has to say once he runs his training.

This is the one I'm talking about:

I know that it works with XIM, this has been confirmed a few times now. But I'm wondering what the quality of the non-standard keys are like (caps, tab, ctrl, space)?

I tried a few of these with cheap keyboards before with proper mechanical switches:


And while the standard keys were perfectly fine, nearly as good as genuine cherries, I realised the biggest problem wasn't the fact that they were using cherry-knock offs, but the non-standard keys like space. They were horribly inconsistent and rough to press. Every time I pressed the space or shift buttons it felt like dipping my fingers into a bag of gravel.

I'm worried about spending $130* on a Koolertron only to find the same thing. Anyone here have any experience with one of these that they'd like to share?

*Yes I am aware black and red switches can be purchased for much less, but blues sell at a premium unfortunately and that's what I want!

By "action" I mean a button you need to press while your fingers are on WASD *and* one you use regularly, so not an auxiliary button or a toggle button or a button you never need to hold down and can just quick tap (e.g. so not games where grenades don't need to be cooked for example).

Mine would be B for grenades in Siege - I really need to stretch out my thumb to get to it cause I've used up all my other buttons for what I consider more important actions.


NOTE: this has nothing to do with the simulated analogue movement that was recently introduced in response to Fortnite.

I've recently made the transition to keyboards, and something didn't feel quite right but I struggled to put my finger on it, and now I've finally figured out why.

When using a keyboard, almost every game will prevent you from sprinting while you are pressing W+A or W+D. This is because it's physically impossible for an analogue stick to be fully pegged forwards and right or left at the same time. What is the result? While you are sprinting, the moment you try to circle strafe you will break out of the sprint and begin walking again.

Using a Titan Two, I created the following script to bring the experience closer to what you would expect with an analogue stick and in line with what you would expect on a PC.

I think it would be really good to have native support for this for keyboard users. Note that this doesn't affect all games (so some of you may be wondering @#$% I am talking about!), but Rainbow Six Siege is an excellent example of this. I was wondering why general WASD movement in BO4 felt so different from R6 and this is the reason.

Code: [Select]
// If you are using any button toggle flags add them here, so this code isn't executed in scenarios where you will
    // never be able to sprint anyway (e.g. you wouldn't want to limit strafe speed while ADS'ing for example).
    if(!get_val(BUTTON_8) && !get_val(BUTTON_5) && !get_val(BUTTON_7) && !get_val(BUTTON_4)) {
        // How to use - if you are using Easy Sprint, -50.00 should be replaced with your Easy Sprint variable.
        if(get_val(STICK_2_Y) <= -50.00) {
            // How to use - walk forward (W) and initiate a sprint. Then press A (strafe) - if doing so breaks you out of
            // your sprint, then adjust the two values until strafing no longer interrupts your sprinting.
            if(get_val(STICK_2_X) <= -50.00) {
                set_val(STICK_2_X, -50);
            // How to use - walk forward (W) and initiate a sprint. Then press D (strafe) - if doing so breaks you out of
            // your sprint, then adjust the two values until strafing no longer interrupts your sprinting.
            if(get_val(STICK_2_X) >= 50.00) {
                set_val(STICK_2_X, 50);


Wow! I just played BO4 and I discovered COD does have a similar issue, just on a different axis.

It only happens when you are ADS'ing, so try this.

While ADS, press W+A or W+D. Now compare this with just A or D. Notice how your strafe speed is affected by pressing W? Make sure you use a Stock attachment, as it amplifies the strafe speed so the effect is more noticeable and easier to test.

I'm going to script it up so that the W's Y axis value is halved while circle strafing, which will allow you to circle strafe at full speed while ADS'ing.


And here's the code:

Code: [Select]
if(get_val(BUTTON_8) && !get_val(BUTTON_5) && !get_val(BUTTON_7) && !get_val(BUTTON_4)) {
if(get_val(STICK_2_Y) <= -50.00) {
if(get_val(STICK_2_X) <= -50.00 || get_val(STICK_2_X) >= 50.00) {
set_val(STICK_2_Y, -50);

Hardware Compatbility / Logitech K780 works with XIM
« on: 12:04 AM - 01/02/19 »
Mist can you please add it to the compatibility list.

General Discussion / piiwii's guide to scissor keyboards
« on: 08:42 AM - 12/26/18 »
As you may know, there are three main types of keyboards (if we ignore the odd hybrid or exotic outlier) - in order of what most gamers consider best: mechanical, scissor (otherwise known as "laptop" style keyboards), and membrane.

Since mechanical is the best, why would I even bother with scissor? I juggle between both scissor and mechanical, because scissors are extremely quiet and sometimes I want to hide the fact that I'm using M&KB. I play in about a dozen different squads and I don't have the desire to defend myself over and over and over again, it's just too exhausting. And donít delude yourself into thinking cherry reds or silent reds are actually silent. They might not be heard in a chaotic game like COD but in a quiet game like Siege you still stand out like crazy. Anyway I don't really want to make this the focal point of this thread so let's not spend a second more on the "why", because that's a different discussion for a different day. You may have your own reasons for wanting scissors, and that's all we need to know.

The biggest surprise for me was learning: scissors are near extinction. They "feel" pervasive because Apple and MS Surface scissor keyboards are everywhere (more on this in a moment), but until you start searching around you realise that if you ignore the two major players, it's a dwindling pool. This is why I decided to write this post because hopefully I can save someone a ton of time and money in the future.

So what choices do we have?

In terms of the gaming brands, there's literally only one I know of: the Cougar Vantar, but there two huge caveats - it's wired and more importantly, only the main gaming cluster of keys have n-key rollover. If you have a unique mapping, or use more than the regular gaming cluster of keys, you might have issues. The latter was an instant deal breaker for me.

In terms of the big brands, we have Apple and MS Surface - but wait, they don't have dongles. There might be third party dongles that we can use to bridge it to XIM, but for $150-$200AUD + the price of a dongle, I wasn't willing to spend too much effort testing this. The Satechi range also fall into this same bucket. I confirmed via email that they do support third party dongles so you might have a better chance of getting these to work but again, for the price I wasn't willing to experiment. Also because I use mine in the living room, these keyboards are more likely to be dropped and scratched, so I kind of don't want the chamfered bezels and polished bits and bobs that these Apple / MS keyboards have, cause they're bound to look scruffy after not very long. I wanted a tough plastic shell.

What about the regular run of the mill office brands like Dell etc? Ok this is where it gets tricky. Most companies don't really see scissor keys as a selling point nowadays, so you need to search long and hard because a lot of the time, it's not noted anywhere in their marketing. You need to dig deep through reviews and around the internet to identify them. I finally found one after looking long and hard, the Dell KM714. But then again...there are more caveats. Firstly, you'll find many of the non-gaming keyboards have really weirdly placed left Alt buttons, due to the Function key. Great. If you use Alt, then it can be near impossible to get used to. So as a general rule of thumb, if you aren't buying a gaming keyboard pay super close attention to the position of the Alt key because it's not always the same. Next? N-key rollover. These are office keyboards, so they're not going to be as interested in this sort of thing. The KM714 didn't have it, so I found some buttons didn't register when I was moving around. No go. I was extremely lucky that the shop would even accept the return. I found another Dell keyboard that had scissor keys (KM717) but it's even more expensive and given it's the same brand and possibly even the same circuit board, I wasn't interested in exploring this any further.

Finally after searching all over the web I found this old Logitech technology called Perfect Stroke, it was their spin on scissor tech, but that was from about 10 years ago. I didn't find any trace of this in their recent keyboards. But I kept digging and found it was being used in a few of their current line up! As I said earlier, scissor keys are just not a marketing point these days so it's not always advertised. So here are the four:

The K800. This is about a decade old so stock is harder to come by. For this reason alone I gave it a pass, because I'm sick of getting great tech that is impossible to replace and I end up bent over a barrel a few years later buying them for crazy mark ups.

The K380. This has unadvertised Perfect Stroke tech, but this is just like the Apple and MS Surface keyboards - no dongle, so it can't be used with XIM. The same applies to almost all of Logitech's K-range of keyboards. A few more of them have Perfect Stroke, but no dongle support (which I confirmed through Logitech themselves).

The Craft. Also an unadvertised Perfect Stroke. I have a good feeling this will work with XIM, but given the $300AUD price tag, it was just too high for me to consider.

Finally comes the K780. The only one with advertised Perfect Stroke. This has a dongle. It's wireless. It even has a numpad, which I find useful for living room use (I need the extra length to bridge the gap between my thighs, the tenkeyless ones are too short for that). I've been using it for a few months now and it's fantastic. The only downside is the directional keys are miniature, but beggars can't be choosy.

So there you go. After many, many, many hours of researching, I found literally only TWO good candidates, and potentially a third but with a ridiculously high price tag. I wasn't exaggerating when I said they're a dying breed. I guess because visually they look so similar to membrane, consumers struggle to justify the added cost. The good news is the few that exist are Logitech - I'm a huge fan of their products. Thank your lucky stars the only options don't come from someone like Razer. There are probably a few more wired options out there but I figured I'm already wired with my mechanical so I want wireless for my scissor. And yeah you could probably find some cheap Chinese brands out there but I've had way too many bad experiences with this rubbish that I refuse to spend another cent testing them.

I hope someone can find this of use one day.

UPDATE: I believe the Logitech K600 might be compatible with XIM too since it supports the Logitech Unifying Receiver dongle, although I really can't find any documentation about whether it's membrane or Perfect Stroke. I'm almost positive it's PS though because visually it looks identical to the K780, but on the other hand why would they put this more expensive tech into something designed for casual living room use (the K600 is a couch surfer, whereas the K780 is designed for proper office typing)? So if you decide to buy a K600 you should see if you can get it from somewhere that will accept returns if it's just a crappy membrane. Regardless, as you can see all your roads lead to Logitech at this point.

General Discussion / Question about BO4
« on: 06:36 PM - 12/09/18 »
I've never really joined aim assist discussions as it never bothered me, so excuse my ignorance on the topic.

I routinely see threads about reducing AA in BO4...but there's a setting to turn it off in the menus (called "Target Assist" in this game instead of AA)?

Isn't it as simple as just turning it off? Why are people creating curves to offset something that can just be turned off? Does the game still retain a small amount of AA even with it turned off? I'm a bit puzzled by this.

With a decent amount of time now to reflect back, was it worth it? I'm about to spend a small fortune on it, with a weak local currency, shipping, and the extra switch packs...I could buy 2, maybe even 3 very decent keyboards for what I'm about to pay for this sucker. With the benefit of hindsight now, are there any Wooting One users who can comment? I've seen a lot of first impressions on YT but I've learned you don't really form valid impressions of any product until after a few months of use.

NOTE: I am aware that it's very subtle and for the first few days or weeks, I may not even notice it is analogue. So expectation management wise, I think I have that covered. I'm not expecting this to be a 1:1 replacement for my analogue stick!

Use case: you have an auxiliary profile set to toggle, sometimes it can be easy to forget the state it's in.

It would be good if for example your profile colour was purple, if it switched to orange (or a color of the user's choosing) while in a toggle state.


I had two USB hubs die, and so I thought I'll buy a high quality branded one. I purchased a Belkin one recommended by some people here, and that has just died too!

So I'm finally using my Xim Apex hub, and I'm curious whether this one will die eventually as well. Is this a common issue with hubs that undergo a lot of use?

(to be clear, I'm not blaming XIM at all, I'm talking about USB hubs in general)

MS has been talking up M&KB support for ages now, this is not news. But according to the latest IGN podcast, the current rumour is that they are really taking it seriously this time, partnering up with Razer.

Firstly I should address why I think XIM will always have a place - developers always seem to create unusual aim mechanics. A lot of devs can't accept plain-jane aim mechanics and seem to have this burning desire to try to be "creative" when they don't need to be. I don't believe for a second concepts like aim acceleration will disappear even when a game has native M&KB support. Also developers are always terrible when it comes to offering button mapping options, so your ability to remap keys on a per-game basis is always going to be a point of difference with the XIM. Lastly, XIM offers more integration options - JoyCons and Sony Nav's for example.

Now in terms of why I'm excited:

1) Greater range of console-specific peripherals. Right now if you're using a Sony Nav, the only option you have is a G502 mouse because of the need for more buttons. I bet native M&KB support will drive more creative mice designs aimed at the console market. It will also drive more Nav style controller options.

(on a side note - I think XIM should amp up it's peripheral support to combat native M&KB...look at Titan Two, it pretty much supports everything under the sun!)

2) More developers will understand what a good look mechanic is. A bad look mechanic is amplified when using a mouse instead of a stick. Once they are testing their games with a mouse as well, a bad look mechanic will be even more obvious and end up benefiting us all, even non-mouse users.

Cliffs notes: XIM will always have a place in this market, and official (proper) MS support will not hinder XIM at all, but improve it overall. XIM fans should be excited if the platform holders decide to embrace M&KB.

I found it just didn't work as smoothly as I wanted it to in Rainbow Six Siege. Recent updates have brought the game from a solid 60fps to an inconsistent 50-60.

However once I bought a PS4 Pro and performance went back to a locked 60, then COMMON was working perfectly smooth again.

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