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Beta / How do i change my old config?
« on: 05:41 AM - 12/08/15 »
So i updated the firmware without doing a clean install.
Ive used the beta iOS app earlier, but now when i connect with the new appstore app i dont seem to find my old config at all.
Can i get that back some how?
Really annoying that is gone since i dont remember what sens i was using :/

Beta / Destiny and V2 translator
« on: 09:58 AM - 08/18/15 »
So i just got my XIM.
Ive been playing destiny with a Titan one since realease and its been working fine.
But i thought id try out the Xim and hope i get even better response when using mouse.

Now to the question:
Should i start out with the standard software/firmware for playing Destiny. Or might i as well go to the new release candidates from 2015/08/16 immediately ?

Is the V2 better for destiny?

A quick answer is much appreciated!

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