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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Cyberpunk 2077 ps5.
« on: 03:06 PM - 02/22/22 »
I have updated the St and deleted the old one but I have very strong drift problems. Can someone help me?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Issues fixed with Nexus.
« on: 08:14 AM - 02/19/22 »
After several attempts I have solved it and now I am playing quietly with the nexus and I am very happy with it. I was convinced that it was not necessary to connect the DS4 to the stick in the beloader and instead it is necessary. I have connected the DS4 to the stick in the beloader and now everything works perfectly. I also updated the firmware of both the stick and the joystick.
The only problem encountered was in Cyberpunk ps5 which is really unplayable with the nexus and I also encountered drift problems.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Nexus on ps5 with Horizon.
« on: 08:16 AM - 02/18/22 »
ok i understand and accept the fact that nexus with beloader and ps5 does not work well, there are continuous interruptions of aim gyro and i hope that in the future something will be resolved. but now something strange happens: I would like to use it as a normal joystick and use it to play horizon then I connect the beloader I turn on the joystick and I connect the stick. If the joystick is used in normal mode everything is fine as soon as the gyro aim is activated, the beloader connection is interrupted ... can you tell me more about this problem?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Xim Nexus + Beloader Lan + Ps5
« on: 12:05 PM - 02/08/22 »
hi guys i got my nexus today and i'm very happy about it. Today I connected it for the first time and I noticed the following things:
1)with or without dualshock 4 nothing changes apparently
2)the motion sense of the nexus gets stuck very often. Do you think it is for the connection with the beloader?
Do you have any suggestions to help me?

Hardware Compatibility / Have a problem help me.
« on: 11:03 AM - 06/08/16 »
Ok guys i have this problem after few minute my xim4 turn off.The first things are mouse and keyboard then xim.
I have the last firmware.
Until yesterday worked....whats happen now?! Pls help

Inviato dal mio SM-G935F utilizzando Tapatalk

I have installed this firm on xim4 but now all bluetooth communications are interrupted,on android and pc.
So i have installed the old firm 20141114 and it's ok.
pls help i want play cod bo3!!

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