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Configurations and Requests / Overwatch Config
« on: 07:58 PM - 08/10/16 »
Well, I got bored and hatched an idea, how about I take advantage of the xim4's controller crossover support and use my xim2 on the xbox one, as I hate crawling under my desk to unplug my m+kb for the xim4 just to play a couple rounds of Overwatch or Halo.  So I did that and came up with a config for Overwatch.(I mainly play the pc version, but my xbone was collecting dust so I got Overwatch for it)

Here it is:
DZ on xim4: 0
UR: 144
DZ: 6000
Type: Circular
Sensitivity: 3000
DD: 0.75
TransExp: 0.35
XY: 1
Smoothness: 0

Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Core
1000 HZ polling rate
2400 DPI

Hardware Compatibility / Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike
« on: 12:44 PM - 02/27/11 »

Probably the coolest controller ever, got it for free with my Force Feedback 2 joystick.  I plug it into my XIM3 only to find that it in fact does not work(or maybe it does and im doing something wrong).

Edit: I will give it another shot later along with the FF2 joystick to confirm if they work or not.

XIM 3 Discussions / Here's my story
« on: 04:29 PM - 02/18/11 »
Woke up this morning, got ready for work, but before I left, I booted up my laptop(desktop takes a good 2-3 minutes to start up) and checked to see if the store  would be open today, and what a surprise, its open when im at work(I live in the Eastern Time zone).  I asked my boss if I could use his laptop to order something, without any hesitation he said yes.  @#$% YEAH, I have an awesome boss, so I log in at 11:28(8:28), work for another 2 minutes, come back, spam F5 for about 25 seconds, then BAM!  I got one coming in, however, I chose the cheapest shipping, so judging by how long my XIM2 was in transit(2 weeks), it's safe to say I'll be enjoying this by early March.

But I don't care, it's worth the wait!

Xbox / Halo HD
« on: 04:36 PM - 02/04/11 »

XIM 2 Discussions / Just out of curiousity
« on: 03:57 PM - 01/16/10 »
Well, my xim2 has been collecting dust(no im not selling it) mainly because i got a new TV and it would be awkward to sit at my desk and play with my head turned at 180 degrees, so I was wondering, would the xim software run on windows 98SE?  I ask because I have an old pc that I rebuilt a few months back and could hook that up by my TV so I could use my xim2 once again.  I might try it later anyways, but In case someone replies before then I wont bother.

All ingame sensitivity options set to high

Mouse:Logitech G5, 800 dpi

DeadZone=10088(based on the aiming mode)
SensitivitySecondary=3500(no need)

Took me a while to get to this, I started with my halo 3 config and worked down, works great and seems fast enough.

on a side note im gonna be working on some classic xbox game configs in my spare time

XIM 2 Discussions / here's a new vid
« on: 09:12 PM - 06/24/09 »
From team snipes, idk how long ago but I used bungie's render to video thingy to get it


XIM 2 Discussions / sooooo
« on: 06:08 PM - 06/07/09 »
Is the Cross battle adapter worth getting if i want to use my xim360 on ps3 games like killzone 2 and socom?  seeing as its $70 im a little cautious considering what it does.

This is the config i have been using for the last week or so, works very well for out BRing kids and unintentional noscopes(not trying to get one), Ive also tried this in Halo 2 and it works like a champ.

using Logitech G5 at 2000 DPI, speed slider to the middle and "Enhance pointer Precision" is disabled

Ingame Sens: I haven't tried anything other than 10, so I recommend that, but whatever your little heart desires I guess.

InputUpdateFrequency=75 (Seemed a bit more accurate than 60, and my monitor refresh rate is 75 hz)
SensitivityPrimary=5250(updated from 5000, feels alot better)

edit 5-18-09: or instead of using this config you can use the new smart system, as they are almost identical

XIM 2 Discussions / here's a vid
« on: 10:05 PM - 02/18/09 »
Very poor quality and audio syncing errors, but here yah go, 19 and 1 in v-day massacre.


all done with a xim360

XIM 2 Discussions / This thing works very well!
« on: 02:54 PM - 02/17/09 »
Ive realy only tested my xim360 with Halo 3, and I played with a few buddies in Cod 4, and I've got to say, it works about as well as I had expected now that I got a well rounded config going, my br is much steadier and I got mad hops ^.^

Only problem for me is that there is a noticeable amount of lag, I remember reading the main advantage over the first xim was a 7 ms input lag vs 35 ms caused by the xfps, but i am feeling a bit of lag, Ive played on my pc with a 125Hz(8 ms input lag) mouse and barely noticed a delay, but im noticing the "7 ms" with the xim360, could have been faultily calibrated or what?  Or am i supposed to get this lag.  Or can it be because Halo 3 only runs a 30 fps which leaves less headroom for mouse updates?

But like I said, other than that the thing works very well, worth my Benjamin and 4 Jacksons.

I'll get up vids within a week, a got a few killer clips from Halo made with this puppy.

XIM 2 Discussions / BIG Problem
« on: 04:18 PM - 02/14/09 »
Ok so i just got my xim360(order 265), i do that disable integrity checks thing and it doesnt do anything, im just stuck at the plug in your cables step, and i tried unplugging the xim cable and plugging it back in and i get a very weird, ddddddduungk, different than the normal, dedunk, and yes im using vista 64 bit, so can someone lend a hand here.

XIM 2 Discussions / Just a few curious questions
« on: 11:45 PM - 01/02/09 »
After I get my paypal account set up and everything I plan on pre-ordering one of these badboys, so I have a few questions.

1. I saw the videos of it in action in Halo 3, and it looks like it works well, but does it work well in Gears 2, because it dont offer crap for higher sensitivities, but will the xim2 work around that of something?

2. What does it look like, just a box or something?

3. I've bought a Max Shooter for the original xbox a few years back, and it was sorta good and sorta bad, like it was responsive, but sometimes the aim will just randomly jerk around, much like Halo 2 pc without vsync at over 100 fps, but worse.  Does the xim2 do that once set up?

4. The most perplexing question, why only paypal?  My life would be alot easier if I could just use my debit card.

Also let me take this moment to say hi to everybody here. ;D

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