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Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Bf4 - Help
« on: 08:45 AM - 09/11/14 »
 I received my XIM4 yesterday . I set up everything according to tutorial and configure ST in manager according to video on you tube, vehicle setting according to the one described in a Forum here . I spent almost 2 hours setting up everything and button lay out . After everything first game I played was fine . But after that one game everything has been acting weird , one game movement will be so slow that I can barely play at all. so today started fresh and set up new config in manager and started over , the same thing . One or two games were fine and after that everything is extremely sensitive. I tried to reduce sensitive of HIP and ADS but its totally unplayable .
At some point I played with 0 sensitive with hip and Ads but same , i can barely aim at someone.
I have only one config in the manager.
I use G502 which I have updated in Logitech Software before I used it  with XIM , as well as I only have one profile with 12000 DPI and 1000 . 
I have tried different sensitivity but still same results.

After long wait , finally pulled the trigger today.
I was wondering which mouse and keyboard will be best to use with xim .
I was thinking of Logitech G700s or Logitech G502 . I have tried both in best buy but I felt G502 was more comfortable . Any suggestion .
Can I use any regular keyboard or Do I have to purchase the keyboard only from the working list ?
As I have a spare old keyboard sitting around in my office which I can use ?

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