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Feedback / Shipping rates are rediculous
« on: 11:52 AM - 04/21/17 »
Im very torn, my Xim4 micro usb port has broken off the pcb after about a year of being loose. I have contacted the support staff and got an rma number and was informed that repairs will be around $45 which is fine, but shipping will be $59! I don't understand why you don't have more shipping options as I can ship this item to you guys with full tracking for $13 yet it costs $59 to ship it back. with fedex.

I love the product, you guys have made an amazing device that works great but you really need more shipping options than just FedEx international as its super expensive :(

edit: Changed my post as I mis-understood your support staff about a out of area fee

Technical Support / [Q/A] Return shipping on RMA orders
« on: 09:25 AM - 04/21/17 »
Is there a way to tell how much return shipping is going to cost? When I first bought the xim I was charged $50 for shipping which is crazy expensive to ship to Canada, now my xim is broken and I need to send it in for repair but was told its going to cost $40+shipping and I'm afraid I will be charged another $50 for something that could be shipped for less than $10 with a nice padded bubble wrap envelope and tracking.

And just to clarify while I don't agree with making a customer pay for return shipping its not a huge deal when its a reasonable amount and I'm not trying to dis or insult you guys, just want clarification on shipping costs.

The micro USB port on my xim 4 has snapped off the pcb unfortunately which render is dead now :( I bought the xim on 8/26/2014 so its far past warranty. I opened it up in hopes that I could re-solder it but its far beyond me, I'm very sad its busted as I loved mine and used it all the time on my ps4 and xbox one and up till now never had a real issue.

Hoping that I could have it sent in and repaired for a fee, do you guys offer this?

Feedback / just want to say thanks for the great product!
« on: 07:27 AM - 08/29/14 »
Got my xim4 yesterday and it's been a blast. This is the first xim I've owned and it is awesome, wish I would of gotten a xim 3 for my 360 back in the day. Followed the included instructions and the xim paired and worked great right from the get go, tested it out in plants vs zombies on my Xbox one and wow what a difference.

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