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Hi all, I know everyone's setup is a little different but I found a 2.0 powered hub that can power on an xbox series x controller automatically. Before I couldn't get my controller to initialise at all with out pressing the button, and sometimes that wouldn't even work and I'd have to replug. Here is the link below to the hub that worked for me...

D-Link DUB-H7/B 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub - UK Version https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0002AFZVM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_3M932E66H39D3T2WDQ7S?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

I hope that helps someone

XIM APEX Discussions / XBox Series X Controller Power On
« on: 11:01 AM - 02/14/21 »
Has anyone got there Xbox series x controller to power on with their XIM apex without having to press the button on the controller? Iíve tried it with different usb c cables with the same results ie it doesnít work. I have a Titan two in the middle as well but I have tried connecting the XIM apex directly to the Xbox and still the same result and I have to manually turn the controller on. Anyone have any pointers on how I can get the controller to power on automatically? Thanks guys

Hi Guys,

Anyone UK based that wants a Belkin Data Transfer Cable? I've never used it as I bought a Titan Two instead.
Let me know as I think they are quite hard to find. Just thought I'd give the community the heads up before I wack it on eBay.


XIM APEX Discussions / XBox v PS Aim - Night & Day
« on: 02:35 AM - 12/15/20 »
Hi All,

I'd seen a few comments about how the STs were better on Xbox due to the higher resolution sticks etc.
Well after being a long time PS gamer, I bought a XBox Series X and the difference is night and day.
I feel like the Xbox is so much more accurate, no more overshooting and annoyingly difficult micro movements that I encountered on PS. I would highly recommend the Series X for FPS games for this generation, as well as the fact Xim works out the box!

XIM APEX Discussions / New to Xbox, it's very lonely!
« on: 01:47 AM - 12/12/20 »
Hi All,

I recently made the switch from PS to XBOX for my Xim gaming but nearly all of my friends are on PlayStation. I do still have the a PS but it's been moved to the lounge for more casual gaming. My request is, as this is such a polite community, could some of you guys add me if you are open to some Call of Duty/Battlefield etc matches? Gamer tag is on the left near my avatar. So to sum up, I NEED SOME FRIENDS 😭😂

Thanks Guys

Hi All,

With the introduction of 120hz on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, for those with compatible displays are we going to get a different variation of common sync? I know that currently common sync is designed to sync with the 60hz loop, will there need to be another variation of this sync or will the 60hz common sync work fine with 120hz?


Game Support / Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) status
« on: 03:14 AM - 02/27/20 »
Hi All,

Been out of the game for a while here. Just wondered what was the situation with the translator on CODMW.
I know ST2 was created (which I presume is CoD:MW-Hip-P4.2) as people were complaining about the smart translator on ST1. But then i remember Obvs went back to ST1 or something like that. After I updated my manager I can only see ST2, has these been revised again or is it the old ST2, or should we be using ST1 (as I still have some configs).

Thanks for your help guys!


Bit of an issue here. Now I can't update my Xim Apex or even Factory Reset it. It works fine with my PS4 but this is a bit alarming. Now I have done all the necessary checks that people have proposed on other threads, I've tried mutliple PCs (the update manager just freezes) and even my friends Mac (which just hangs, or when i try and reset it says unplug and replug...which I did many times). The firmware i am currently on is 20190603. Please can someone advise on the next steps to take...

Many thanks.

XIM APEX Discussions / Logitech Lightspeed Charge Pad
« on: 03:48 AM - 08/09/19 »

Does anyone own the logitech wireless charging pad? Is it worth buying? I heard it had an inbuilt receiver so maybe it would improve polling and performance on my G502 lightspeed?

Hi All,

I have both of the mouses mentioned above. I have been using the G502 lightspeed ever since I bought it but I had noticed it wasn't tracking well at 1000hz. I play with Sync Off, max DPI becuase I hate AA. I then out of interest plugged in my old G502 proteus (the 12k without the Hero sensor) and it felt a lot smoother @ 1000hz and I could see from the polling tests, it was achieving 1000hz consistently when the lightspeed wasn't. Question is, is it because the lightspeed is wireless? It isn't far from the bluetooth reciever which I thought may be the issue. Should I take the lightspeed back and will a replacement be any different and be able to achieve the 1000hz consistently? Bit annoying as the mouse wasn't cheap and the old G502 seems to be performing better.

Thanks for your help guys.

XIM APEX Discussions / Polling on Mouse and Apex
« on: 02:34 AM - 07/31/19 »
Hi Guys,

Thought Iíd start a new topic on this. I use a G502 lightspeed and (like many) are looking to get my aim as comfortable as possible.
I have a question regarding polling. I use my mouse @ 16k DPI (to cut through the AA). I have always used the Apex @ 1000hz as well as the mouse.
However I have recently moved to ĎOff Syncí to further combat the dreaded AA. I have a bit of jitter on the G502 @ 16k 10000hz (too much to be acceptable).
I moved the XIM Apex to 500hz and the jitter was way better, only had to add small values of smoothing (e.g. 3-4).
I did leave the mouse @ 1000hz polling. Is there any problem with this? The aim felt very pretty good to be honest, only played BO4 30mins game against hardened bots but got a K/D ratio of 5.7 (this is decent right?)
Now my question is, for aim fidelity would it be better to keep the Apex and Mouse at 1000hz and add smoothing to combat the jitter or put the Apex to 500hz with less smoothing needed?
Also if I do move to 500hz permanently should I also move the mouse to 500hz (I havenít tried this)? I could move the DPI down and keep 1000hz but I am aware this will increase the AA.
Quite a bit of information here, thanks for taking the time to help.

Game Support / BO4 - Granular and Gradual
« on: 06:45 AM - 07/30/19 »

I've seen a lot of people talking about these ballistic curves improving accuracy and easy AA hitbox entry/exit.
Anyone give any feedback on how smoothing and steady aim affect the use of the curves?
Should I turn both off? I am using a G502 lightspeed but get jitter on 12k dpi Off Sync without smoothing?
Any help would be appreciated...

Currently using...
12K DPI @ 1000hz Polling
Off Sync on Both Hip and ADS
Hip - 48 Sens, 7 Smoothing / 0 Steady Aim
ADS - 48 Sens, 5 Smoothing / 0 Steady Aim

Thanks guys

XIM APEX Discussions / Monitor 4K Issues v OLED TV
« on: 01:39 AM - 07/22/19 »
Hi Guys,

This really sounds like a first world problem but hear me out  :o. I have been playing my XIM Apex on a PS4 (lying on my bed) with a NAV and a wireless g502 lightspeed. I have a OLED LG 55b7v (which is a great TV by the way, I highly recommend it, good response/lag as well) however being an old PC player, i really missed sitting at a desk as I think you are more in the game and have better control with arms on desk/supported etc. With this being said, I plumped up the cash to buy a LG 27UK650 27 inch 4K monitor with HDR, but when it arrived, the picture was rubbish compared to my OLED and had severe back light bleed. This was meant to be the most highly reviewed 4K monitor. Have I got a duff unit? Have I been spoilt with my OLED and can't really expect the same picture on current monitors (that are a reasonable price)?

Also, as I have returned the monitor, can anyone recommend anything different? Better monitor? Or should I stick with my TV. If I stick with the TV, how can I get my arms supported etc so I feel like I'm more at a desk?

Thanks for the help on this guys!

Hi All,

I am mainly a COD player (XIM4 on PS4). I was using the latest GOLD firmware release but recently updated to the new BETA 20181019 which I think is definitely an improvement in terms of breaking through the AA boxes. I do hear that SA3 firmware is the best to use for COD, could someone please elaborate why? I don't generally use curves, just want the best firmware for COD.

Using a Sony NAV paired with a G502 Lightspeed (4k DPI - 1000hz polling)



I've been with XIM since release and although not an expert, I do believe I know what i am doing in terms of configuring to get the best out of the product for the intended game. Now I have mostly played COD over the last few years but this year decided to also try a bit of BF1 as the review where so good. I have tried many peoples config, Zombieguy for example, and used many other curves etc from knowledge that I have used in previous games but something seriously seems to be off with the ST in my opinion. For reference, I am playing on pS4, I have a G502 and yes I have cycled through the DPI's, changed the pollination etc etc. I created a private server just to test a few things and when i try and track a static object with the mouse while strafing around said object, I get quite a lot of jitter from the mouse. Now the COD ST's have always been butter smooth in my opinion and have given good results, but I feel there is something quite off here. I have heard people saying the look mechanic is quite floaty etc which could be causing the problems. Also, especially with Zombieguys setting, he talks about maintaining the look sensitivity through the Hip and ADS by having the same numerical values. However, despite being new to Battlefield i was under impression that there was a smooth transistion. One thing I haven't tried is using a progressive delay? This is standard now yes in the current new firmware? It worked well with COD so maybe this needs a go. Just for reference, I am a mid-high send player, on COD i like a 12k DPI, HIP approx 14-15 and ADS around 8. If anyone can help me or post a config that suits my play style I would be very grateful. So many bloody in game settings on BF1 also...ARGHH! Thanks guys

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