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Since yesterday my xim 4 is having problem. For example I start a game, everything is going fine and all of a sudden the mouse movement are bumpy and glitchy. Kinda freeze for like 2-3 seconde... I have a hard time moving the mouse... and then after 30 sec its back normal again everyting is working... and then a minute later same thing... freeze (not completly) for like 15-30 sec... I have a hard time moving the mouse... its jumpy.... Really weird.

Any help ? :( Thanks

I already hard reset my xbox and replugued everything... same problem

Technical Support / [Q/A] Xim 4 bad usb connexion
« on: 05:13 PM - 04/15/17 »

I bought a xim4 on release day. It's been a couple of month now that the main (power) small usb connexion has bad connexion. But now every 1 hour I get disconnected because the connexion (etheir cable or the xim connexion) is too loose :(

Anything we can do about this?


XIM 4 Discussions / NEW H5 ST
« on: 07:07 AM - 11/04/15 »
With the new H5 ST is there a way to deactivate toggle aim? Since Ive updated I always have to click instead of holding right button

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM 4 and WINDOWS 10 PREVIEW
« on: 09:31 PM - 03/23/15 »
So I have a fresh installion of Windows 10 preview on my PC. First thing I install is XIM manager since I do not have a android phone. So the pc and the xim 4 is properly paired together via Bluetooth. But each time I try to startup xim 4 manager it loads forever and then crash (does not respond).

Any help?


XIM 4 Discussions / Help please my XIM doesn't work
« on: 08:38 AM - 08/02/14 »

My XIM4 won't connect to my XBOX ONE. I have watch the instructionnal video over and over, following every step, yes my controller is fully charged and turned off when pluging everything in.

Nothing works, the rainbow sequence goes on forever.

Thanks for your help.

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