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What is the realistic probability of having support on XIM4 for PS5?

I know,I know there's not enough memory on the xim4 for both consoles to be supported, but is there any chance of offering it as an "option or a beta" fw to whoever chooses to have compatibility for the XIM4 on PS5 only?

Thank you.


XIM 4 Discussions / beloader
« on: 07:51 AM - 11/27/21 »
hey guys i just watched a video of this new adapter called beloader on XIM youtube channel.
it states that it also works with xim4.
So in my understanding, it will allow me to play on my PS5 the PS5 version of a game(say bf2042) with my xim4? If yes which controller will i connect to my xim4? dualsense?
if yes thats excellent news.
if not I have a beloader for sale!!LOL!!!
0bsiv any feedback?
Any instruction videos link?


Hi, i just updated my ps4 to the latest fw.
I also downloaded the games uodate for xim4.
The xim4 manager tries to connect to my phone but keeps failing to do so, therefore i cannot set my config for bf1.
I unplug and replug, repair etc and the xim4 plays with no problem but with the old game config file (bf4) while manager still doesnt load.
I can play bf1 but with the bf4 config setup but i need to make so changes for optimal performance.
I re-downloaded the manager from the play store and still the same problem.
Any ideas?

Even though my phone pairs prefectly with the Xim4, the app doesn't connect.  This is on Huawei P6 running Android 4.3.
Any Any ideas will be appreciated.
Please.  Tried reinstalling the app with zero success.

I ordered my XIM on the 28th of July. Today is the 1st of August and I am still on "processing"
Order number is : X-15243574
Assuming it started at X-15242200 as people say, I am number 1374. Not a huge number.....
So what's up with that?
Do they delay international orders for some reason?

I am so sad.....    :'(

Will you provide shipping/tracking number to orders through FedEx?

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