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XIM MATRIX Discussions / smoothing 0-0-0 vs others
« on: 08:21 PM - 08/26/23 »

I've been testing smoothing presets with beta fw [20230809] and i thought synchronous (equivalent to 5-0-0) was really good coming from my likes of default from Apex but 0-0-0 values feels great too in every FPS game, like more accurate, responsive and faster in my opinion. Maybe i'm a bit sensitive but i notice some latency putting values in precision.

Can someone, OBsIV, Odin? tell me and explain if these parameters are similar (not the same) to smoothing off from Apex but without jitter? Also am i losing something in terms of AA using these values?

Thank you very much.


I'm on XBOX (Series X) for the first time in my life, coming from PlayStation i cant believe HOW WELL XIM Apex works due to the higuer stick resolution of the Xbox controller.

Well, i see Xbox controllers have AA batteries to work not like PlayStation controllers. I dont know if its placebo but is it better to take off batteries when connecting Xim to the controller as the batteries could lose energy when using the controller itself? Could they affect in some way?

Also, is it better to use the new controller? What about Elite or Xbox One controller in terms of latency or smoothess?

Thank you.

I am very happy with XIM APEX but my problem is i can't connect to my phone ONE PLUS 2 (up to date with android) no matter how hard I try. With XIM4 there was no problem using the same phone but now it is impossible to make it work, it connects and recognizes APEX but when I change any variable through manager (for example sensitivities, it disconnects and i have to unplug APEX).

One plus forums says the phone supports Bluetooth LE, i cant change my phone because of this.

Is it possible that something has changed from XIM4 in terms of bluetooth connectivity? is it possible to improve compatibility in future beta updates? I'm not the only one who can't connect and it's really embarrassing to have to cable connect the APEX to PC everytime we need to change one parameter.

XIM APEX seems to do OK the sequence of lights that indicates bluetooth works and it connects but then any change disconnects it and i have to replug APEX.

I would appreciate any help.


XIM APEX Discussions / New XIM APEX and questions
« on: 04:42 AM - 01/02/18 »
Happy New Year.

As ObsIV has created the updated XIM APEX that REALLY looks amazing and promising i'd like to know if that response rate of 1ms compared to the XIM4 8 ms would improve something in PS4 or Xbox systems. I read none of our consoles support that low values?

Anyway if 1 ms feels better i would be happy.

Smart translators would be the same for xim4 and xim apex? Right now we are at V2.


XIM 4 Discussions / PS4 PRO and XIM4
« on: 07:33 AM - 11/05/16 »
Hello all,

Will buy the new ps4 pro next week and would like to know if it will be compatible with the actual xim4 hardware and firmware.


XIM 4 Discussions / Benefits of PS Nav over kb?
« on: 01:18 PM - 05/31/16 »
Hello all,

I'm an old school PC gamer and always played with kb and mouse,  thanks to XIM i could make my dream come true of playing FPS on console.  I'd like to know what are the benefits of changing to the nav instead of kb,  all i know is can't play without a mouse but i read some people that tried the nav never returned to kb. 

The problem is i don't know the reasons,  specially when you always been using kb.  :)

Actually im using mechanical kb and G303

Thanks for your answers.

XIM 4 Discussions / Uncharted 4 ST
« on: 06:55 AM - 05/16/16 »
Hello mist,

Just tried the Uncharted 4  ST and it works well but i have a few questions, 

I'm a high sens player and even lowering sens a lot i'm reaching the turn speed limits as i see red flashes. I don't have this with Doom (awesome with the ST) ,  COD  or Battlefield.  Is it normal due to the specific look mechanics of Uncharted 4 ?  Im curious about it as even red flashing a lot i dont feel deceleration at all and play quite smooth. Is it bad this red flashing in this game?

Second question is if you are planning to make a second ST for single player or we are talking about the same look mechanics.

Thanks for your work


I dont really know if it was my cheap normal keyboard (Dell)  but i finally decided to get mechanical Zalman ZM-K500 keyboard and my experience has totally changed.  Now if i feel a lot of more response, even mouse (G502) seems faster interacting with the mechanical keys.

Does anyone know why is the whole experience better and smoother now?  I also feel faster response time and like less lag in general

Thank you

XIM 4 Discussions / about type of keyboards and XIM4
« on: 07:03 PM - 10/16/15 »
Hello all,

I have been using a normal keyboard for quite time along with the XIM4 (DELL => http://www.amazon.com/Dell-Enhanced-Black-Keyboard-SK-8115/dp/B00496FELQ)

Never tried a different keyboard and would like to know if theres any type of real benefit using another kind of keyboards, would you recommend me a better one, a mechanical one, any other kind of keyboard with better responses than stantards or it makes no sense?

Thanks for your help

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