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Hi guys. Finally got everything working with my mouse at 4000DPI, but I'm noticing that movement in Far Cry 3 seems really sluggish.

I need to bump the Xim sensitivity up past 100 to get the quick "spin and shoot at an enemy behind me" feel that I like.  :o

So do I need to buy a new 8000+ DPI mouse?

Or is there some ballistics curve that can get me closer to the "PC feel" I'm looking for?

Thanks for ANY help or suggestions!  :)

EDIT: There was a mouse firmware problem with my CM Storm Recon. It does work with the Xim4 after all. But I'll leave this in case someone else is having the same problem and looking for things to try.

I think maybe the CM Storm Recon should be removed from the compatibility list. I bought one just a couple of weeks ago to use with the Xim4. Today, when my Xim4 arrived, I plugged it in and no go - even the left/right mouse buttons wouldn't work.

Even worse, when I plug in the mouse, my Logitech K120 keyboard stops working too. (Could possibly be a conflict with this particular keyboard and mouse, but that seems unlikely)

When I plugged in a cheapy $10 mouse - everything worked fine(except for horrible performance ;) )

The CM Storm Recon is plugged into the preferred USB slot. I've tried EVERY possible fix suggested on the forums - I've tried
  • two different firmwares for the mouse
  • having only one profile other than default
  • having ONLY default profile
  • and I've even tried disabling EVERY button on the mouse but left and right click.

So unless someone knows of some other workaround that I'm missing- the newer CM Storm Recons are not compatible with the Xim4 and should maybe be removed from the list to save someone else the headache :(

Otherwise- loving the Xim4 so far. Even with the POS $10 mouse, I'm better than I am with a controller ;)

Okay, sorry to complain, especially since I'm new here... but I'm in the US and I just paid $16 for Fedex 2 to 3 day shipping????

That was the fastest shipping available, but isn't Fedex 2 to 3 day usually a bit cheaper?

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