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Iím just curious why this doesnít happen. To anyone else replying Iím not interested in a discussion on whether this is cheating or not etc I just merely want to know the reason. Respawn already told one streamer theyíre aware of it happening with the xim and they donít really care. I donít plan to play against pc players with my aim assist anyway.

I want to play modern warfare on my and all my friends are on console, they donít want to play in PC lobbies which is understandable and since the game matches with input type I plan on using the xim to get matched with other console players but the STs donít feel right since deadzones seem to be different with controller input on pc.

With more games becoming cross platform I was wondering if this would ever be an option. 

I just noticed itís blank on the game settings page. Please could someone advice on what settings to use in game

Recently started playing siege on PS4 and hated the current aiming very excited for this update

Hey guys

Game recently came out was wondering what people are using?

With the new update you can now adjust your sens for ads or even whilst using a sniper. Settings feels different

XIM 4 Discussions / Black ops 4 blackout sniping help
« on: 08:38 AM - 11/12/18 »
Hey guys

I canít seem to get my setting right for my sniping. I created a new sniper profile in my configuration and used The ads translator but the setting donít feel the same as my ADS settings with a lower value. It just feels very weird. I need some help

XIM 4 Discussions / No game support tab for xim 4
« on: 02:34 AM - 03/15/18 »

Whereís the game support section gone from the website for the xim 4? I only see one for the apex

XIM 4 Discussions / Bf1 aim assist Fight
« on: 12:24 AM - 12/19/16 »
Hi everyone

I can't tell if it was before or after the update but I'm feeling like I'm fighting the aim assist quite hard. If I aim on the target around the edge the first time I can't change my aim to the middle while firing because of the aim assist it keeps me on the edges of the target and I end up losing the  gun fight. I have steady aim turned on and changed the deadzone but I'm having issues still.
Any ideas?

Hey guys

So basically just like the topic says I'm looking for some lads to party up with online. I play titanfall 2, killing floor 2, overwatch and battffield 1. I'm a fairly decent player on all those games. Just looking for some other players to party up with and dominate the lobbies. I don't play competitive but I wouldn't mind getting into that as well. Just drop a reply and we'll go from there.


Anyone use a G502 mouse and know of good setting to make good use of aim assist, something like how it is when you're using in game sens of 5 with controller.

XIM 4 Discussions / Mouse tracking HELp
« on: 07:38 AM - 07/01/16 »

My G502 suddenly stopped registering small movements when using Xim. If I move the mouse slightly sometimes my player in the game doesn't move. This hasn't happened before. I run at 12000dpi with 35 hip and 15 ADS. Any help would be appreciated.


XIM 4 Discussions / Black ops 3 quick scoping
« on: 04:55 AM - 06/23/16 »
Hi guys

I have a ps4 and use a Logitech G502. Does anyone know of any good setting or tweaks for quick scoping ? I find I'm also over shooting. Tips are welcome as well or any advice.


Hi guys

So I've been really interested in getting the Xbox one elite controller and because it's so expensive I just wanted to ask a few questions about its functionality using the xim for ps4. Any input from people who have actually used it and obsiv or mist  would be GREATLY appreciated. I've read nearly all the posts and I do know as of now it's compatible but I'm still unsure of a few things.

1. I don't have an Xbox can you configure the device with the windows computer ?

2. Will the movement be 1:1 and the same as using a ps4 controller  also in terms of sensitivity ?

3. Are all the buttons usable ?

4. Is there anything specific worth noting in terms of functionality that may be buggy or not working correctly ?

5. Is there any approximate date at this point when it will be able to work wireless ?

Thank you in advance for your time and replies

XIM 4 Discussions / random xim player online
« on: 09:57 AM - 05/09/16 »
played with player white wolf 11 on uplink and he has clan tag xim4 good promoting  and absolutely destroyed 100-1 kd :). dunno how to uploadIMG_0596.JPG

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