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Technical Support / Need HELP ! PS3 XIM / YOBO ADAPTER.
« on: 09:48 PM - 06/02/09 »
Okay I am using Windows XP HOME... I downloaded the latest software in the software section... After I install XIM, it keeps giving me a 401 error saying my keyboard and mouse are not detected.... I have pressed up and select and it seems my Yobo is working becuz it says 62 updates or whatever...  I just can't get it to detect my keyboard and mouse, can't even get past the calibration screen. It just says "LOOKING" and never changes.. What am I doing wrong ? please help...

Configurations and Requests / SOCOM CONFIG !!!
« on: 08:47 PM - 12/01/08 »
Somebody post a good socom config, please. The game has been out awhile nobody has a good playable config ? PLZ POST.

PlayStation / Config for SOCOM ?
« on: 12:44 AM - 10/17/08 »
Anybody have a descent one ?

General Discussion / Need Help, XIM for ps3
« on: 01:42 AM - 10/11/08 »
I have the yobo adapter.. i pressed up and backspace.. But i dont understaND how to make it work... Do i have to configure it ? i have socom beta and i dunno @#$% im doing.. some pointers on how to setup it up plz thx.

I will sell them for what I bought it for. Anybody need one ? I can get it to you in 3 days.

Anybody got a legit site, that sells  them ?

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