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XIM 3 Discussions / Can't upgrade firmware in Xim 3?
« on: 01:58 AM - 03/29/13 »
Trying to upgrade firmware in xim 3 to play judgment translator.

The button to upgrade firmware in greyed out. I set xim 3 in pc mode, disconnected xim 3 from Xbox, disconnected all cables, connected xim 3 to PC, connected to Xim 3. Upgrade firmware greyed out.

Selected one of the configs to edit it, changed the translator to Judgment. Closed, asked me to save, I pressed yes, said it was writing to xim 3. All successful.

But when I plug xim 3 to xbox translator doesn't show up. What do?

By the way using 1.00.20120824

I can't believe theres no threads on this yet? So I finally just got the over run early access.

Ill get straight to the point because I'm pissed off at PCF.

They changed the mechanics in this game, so the smallest movements ( which I use VERY OFTEN playing with high sensitivity ) is impossible! You don't move! At all! Not until you reach a certain velocity jump!

I'm basically playing and being absolutely frozen 80% of the time. I can't hit any shots.

LOL. Kinda funny tho right? At first I thought it was the translator, but nope, barely touchin the control stick does no movement either. Like they removed that part. Why? Seriously why ? Makes no sense

I'm really hoping Mist can somehow bypass this. I know you can do it mist !!! But knowing the issues in the past with velocity jumps and gears I don't know not having my hopes up .. All that practice with the mouse for nothing. Haven't used the controller in a year and no I'm just a noob again in the

I'm downloading age of empires online, maybe ill get into it and not care about playing Xbox / Gears. Thts all I even played ..

Mist if possible, perhaps do a quick tweak on gow3 translator, have aiming begin on second velocity jump, leave all else the same ? Just a minor tweak, shouldn't take too long right ? If you can do a quick tweak by tomorrow, I'd really appreciate it :) and Id like to be a beta tester too obviously :)  Thanks

Strangest thing, everytime I customized my sensitivity for Gears of war 3 on xim,  my accuracy has always been JUST slightly off center where I aimed, either to the left of right. And when I lowered the sensitivity by one decimal, it would make a difference of 1 feet.  It was slightly just off by half a feet. It's always been that way for  me for some reason, .01 decimal change makes a huge difference for me, I need that .001 customization for it to be perfect and achieve that half a foot difference that I'm trying to land on . I don't know if anyone had this problem with other games, but maybe in the future firmware if in advanced, it would maybe be possible to customize sensitivity 0.000 values . I believe it's very necessary for those who want true precision.

Sorry but I don't hVe the patience to look around Anymore what on Earth is xim edge ??? I haven't been on the forums in a while .

XIM 3 Discussions / confused about new xim manager
« on: 08:41 AM - 01/25/12 »
So I upgraded my xim to the latest firmware by downloading the latest xim manager when it first came out.  Fast forward to now and I was reading thru the previous updates and I notice things like boost jitter nob etc. And I don't have any of that ?

Should I have it ?? Do I need to upgrade firmwares in order or something ?

My current xim version reads 1.00.2011031

So I was going nuts over the look speed so much and I've noticed this issue but didn't pay too much attention to it all until lately .

Turns out when I first start up a game and I move my mouse left to right just small movements  the speed is slower than it should be and doesn't match settings on xim. But when I begin to move my mouse left and right across the mouse pad  long strokes and start black dotting its almost as if it realizes the speed it should be going  and the speed changes . Because after i do that and I begin moving my mouse left and right again with small movements the sensitivity is a lot faster and stays that way . So now  I take it upon myself to do this at the beginning of every match when I first start the game or if I don't touch my mouse for a while because it goes back to a slow speed if idle for too long . It's very  strange thing

Any ideas why it does this ? Is my xim some how defected or is this just a bug in the translator or ??

XIM 3 Discussions / simple question for OBsiv
« on: 04:18 AM - 12/24/11 »
My game is gears of war 3. There's only one translator and its far from pc feel. Now I understand gears of war 3 will never be able to be like pc because the look mechanics of the game but  the xim 3 is capable of anything and can input any speed it desires and  can obviously replicate certain speeds when the mouse is moved very slow but why not very fast ? Now I've been tweaking my config for hours... And hours ... and hours ... and days ... And weeks ...... And months...... I actually don't even need smart advanced it makes no difference . Well actually I do use -1 clamp that keeps me from ever black dotting.

Its nice that when I move my mouse really slow the game moves real slow . And when i move it a little faster so then it does move a little faster . But when I begin to move it  faster it doesn't move very fast, actually moves SLOWER than it would if I just moved my mouse a regular speed which makes no sense . It's like the xim tracks the mouse movement JUST FINE to a certain mouse speed the mouse is being moved of slow to medium pace  mouse movement keeping that 1:1 feel but when I begin to move my hand faster ( which really isn't that fast ) to do a very fast 180 it moves slower and even gets stuck at times ( only when I move it very fast)  . It actually moves a lot faster when I move my hand a certain speed instead. And if you remember my last post yes I fixed the problem I did flash my xim its fine . This problem has always been here for me and I've seen other complaints of it from other people and their solution is to always maintain the same mouse speed but why is that really necessary ? It's hard to stay on the borderline and not getting past that point . Like when I get passed that 1:1 tracking movement it begins to lag more and more the faster I glide my mouse.  Obvious flaw in the translator . It's like it completely doesn't care how fast the mouse moves past a certain speed it gives up and just moves real slow instead, forcing me to get used to always moving my hand a certain speed and in intense battles which is just too hard I'm a pc gamer and I can't get used to that .

OBsiv why does it do this behaviour ? Can't you implement somethin so when the mouse moves fast so does the movement ? Because I can set the movement to a 40 and there's that fast speed . So its not like its not possible to reach that speed. Just to get that speed to match the mouse speed when the mouse moves  fast . Can you fix this or is there something I'm missing ? I know the xim tracks very fast mouse movement so  is there a ny way you could just set a boost when the mouse moves real fast so it matches the speed ? I want to be able to have 1:1 feel always . No matter how fast I move the mouse or how slow . I want the same length of movement across the mouse pad no matter how slow or how fast . Like I said it drops the ball when I move the mouse too fast and it doesnt make sense seems like a simple fix becausr I know xim can track the speed but it doesn't try to match it or boost the speed . It matches mouse movement just fine up until a certain point and I know its possible to fix because xim is able to do insane speeds on this game .

Can you please fix this ?? I'm telling you I've been going crazy for months and it just seems like a simple fix I would really appreciate it !!!!

Can you please make it possible ? I know xim 3 can make it possible . I'm not asking for it to be perfect pc like . I just can't stand the fact that xim tracks the mouse movment to a certain speed and after just begins to run slower down and lags , and if too fast it doesn't even move at all .  sorry for the long post I really do appreciate your time and help .

The GOW 3 ST was working great, and AMAZING for the ADS. Now the ADS is horrible and it just doesn't work. It alternates between going slow and moving fast when aiming. I never had that problem before.. Before my mouse movement distance would match the screen movement. Now when I move my mouse somewhat slow, it drags, going higher sensitivity does help it somewhat but when I start moving the mouse faster It jumps somewhat fast now. Its just not working right at all anymore like it used to. Ive been playing with the Primary mouse settings for a couple hours now and I got it decent I guess, but no matter what I try ADS just isnt working like a charm anymore.

BTW Im only touching the sensitivity like youve suggested. I've only ever touched sensitivity in ADS before, and still am, and it's really bad now, and it seems like I had to rid the boost from primary all together, doesnt seem necessary anymore I dont think with the new firmware....

Can you please check it out and see what I mean? I would really appreciate it because I don't even play MW3, Gears is my game, and now Its just hard playing. Seems like the new firmware matches the acceleration in the game A LOT better, which is fine I guess, but  Before the movement of the distance of mouse across the mousepad would match very well to the game, and now for both primary and secondary is seems like it takes a lot more advantage of the acceleration of the control stick and it kinda jumps between the two, especially ADS.

Well Thanks if you do, I really don't wanna be using old firmwares so in the mean time ill keep playing with it try to get it best I can.. And if that never happens how do I make my own ST? Im willing to put whatever time I have to into it.

I've been searching google and these forums for a while I just can't seem to find it.

Can someone direct me to a thread where everything in smart advanced is explained? Boost, acceleration, etc...  Trying to get my Gears of war 3 config as "best as it can be". I know it can never be perfect though.

edit: NVM I found mist4funs thread. Just curious whats a good number for acceleration? The game turns fine like I want it but when Im in a shotgun battle and I start wall bouncing and turning the mouse to look around sometimes itll start going faster than usual and do a full 360... would .75 acceleration mean that when it gets to 75% of look speed it wont accelerate passed that?

Thanks, btw if you play Gears of war 3 and you wanna play a couple games maybe go private and mess around 1v1 drop your GT ill add you.

XIM 3 Discussions / couple questions about xim3
« on: 08:25 AM - 06/26/11 »
What's the difference between acceleration and boost? How do they work? and when does each begin to kick in? And what is the difference between boost and sensitivity? Been trying to figure it out while configuring my gears of war 2 config for about 4 hours.

Before I had 15 sensitivity 25 ads no boost no acceleration .

Now I have 12.5 sensitivity 200 boost and 2 acceleration.
20 ads 200 boost 2 acceleration .

So far it does seem a lot better but I feel like it could be better if I knew exactly what boost and acceleration did.
If you have a real good config of gow2 feel free to share and ill try it out as well.

Using g500 5700 dpi or whatever is highest .125 bit rate and 5 sensitivity no acceleration in setpoint


Update. Found out my problem is confusing configs with smart translators.....still a bit confusing, so thru any translator i can change to any config? how does it work..

Hi guys just got my order of xim 3. I love it. But i have an issue, on the xim 3 it says 10/10 translators i believe, but not too many are available. One thing is for sure is that Gears of war 2 translator doesnt show up. I just flashed the Xim 3 with the latest firmware earlier, said it was successful, but still Gears of war 2 doesnt show up. I even went and "upgraded" the smart translator, it says its already installed....I even deleted a few translators and downloaded the other gears of war 2 translator and installed, then when I went back to xim 3 it says I could install gears of war 2 translator and I did and it still wont show up :\ please help.....

btw, I went to settings did the pc mode, then i unplugged from xbox plugged into pc, but i never bothered to disconnect the xbox controller from the xim 3 while i did the flash, am I supposed to?

Update...Ok I put it in PC mode and this time disconnected from xbox, then disconnected control, then to pc, flashed it again, still not showing up. I repeated the step and this time went to factory defaults and plugged it in took a look at it. Im guessing 10 translators should be appearing but only like 5 show up....the ones I previously deleted trying to add gears of war 2. I put it back to PC flashed it with the upgrade, then tried adding the Gears of war 2 after plugging it into my xbox, then plugging it back to pc, and it keeps saying gears of war 2 already installed in device, but it wont show up......did i get a defective Xim 3 :(

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