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Feedback / My take on the XIM
« on: 04:52 PM - 08/02/14 »
Was able to finally try out my shiny new XIM4 this morning and wanted to give my feedback. Please note that this is my very first XIM.

The build quality of the XIM feels and looks very solid. The size is just perfect, only issue I have are with the cheap stick on rubber feet used. I actually had to dig around the box for two of them as they fell off during shipping, I would really consider a revision on this.

I had two major issues when first using the xim.

1. I had a very difficult time paring the xim to my windows 8 tablet... My tablet was able to see it, however it would only stay connected for 3-5 seconds. I did some reading around and was advised to completely turn off all the LEDs from my  orbweaver and g502. Once this was done I had no issues pairing/staying connected..

2. While setting up my keybindings, I noticed that I would randomly lose connectivity to all of my peripherals whenever I interacted with my DS4 (including the ds4). This issue occurred with both of my fully charged DS4s.

Aside from those two issues I truly love the XIM!!! Just wanted to say thanks to obsiv and his team for producing this piece of ART!

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