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XIM 4 Discussions / Cant get 2014 firmware to work
« on: 08:32 PM - 11/21/15 »
For some odd reason, after downgrading from the newest release candidate to the older 2014 firmware, my xim wont register inputs and refuses to connect to bluetooth. Im gonna keep trying and report back.

If it helps, I continuously get an "unable to communicate" error with the xim4 everytime I attempt to connect using bluetooth.

Edit*: Good news, managed to solve my bluetooth problem, but now I have a new one. Im using a dynex usb to mini usb cable to connect my controller to the xim4. With the old manager and firmware, everything is recognized except for my controller. Im not sure why. Any help would be appreciated.

Not sure if this has specifically been asked before; is there any possible way to create a sort of emulation (ie. using another config slot in your xim) to trick the controller into believing it has a controller keyboard plugged in? For example, could I have my black ops 2 set to F1 and "Keyboard emulator" in F2. I used to have a mini keyboard for my controller and it made typed messages that much easier. Unfortunately, I had to forego that experience thanks to my headsets bluetooth adapter. Whilst I am proficient in using 'wasd' and simply clicking as fast as I can to each letter, I'd figured I'd ask about a feature such as this. It would certainly make typing infinitely faster.

Just as the title says.

For some strange reason, the XIM4 twitches incredibly fast when im making micro movements with the mouse. If I'm making large sweeping movements, however, the motion is completely smooth. Has anyone else had this problem, its making battlefield 3 completely unplayable. I have tried to replicate results with other configs and it seems that it is just the battlefield 3 config thats causing this. The mouse is behaving perfectly fine as well.

Hey guys, so here's the down low. I've definitely fixed the problem I had earlier with the Xim4 and not being snappy periodically. But it seems something new had started happening that is rather odd. When I'm playing BO2, it seems as though the sensitivity drops randomly and it returns to its not so snappy state. I'm almost certain this is an issue with the xbox, though, because unplugging the xim4 doesn't help one bit. After experiencing this a few times last night, I decided to pick the controller up with the xim still running and the controller has the exact same delay and sensitivity drop that I'm experiencing with the mouse. I'm thinking this has something to do with in-game lag or a faulty controller and/or controller port. Any thoughts?

I had put up a post on here a few weeks back about the xim 4 not feeling as snappy as I usually like it. I experimented with @#$% near every option there was. I felt I had finally found the solution in setting the hip and ads numbers rather low. The issue I then ran into was that, being i high sensitivity player, i couldnt turn as fast as i could in the small amount of space that I have. I then ramped up the sensitivity and even though Im not hitting the turn speed limit, it feels almost as if its lagging behind my mouse movement. I know some of you may be thinking its me, but I plugged in my xim edge again the other day and with my g502 at 12000 dpi and my hip sens at 26, it felt as though i was playing on pc. I mean absolutely zero delay. I was wondering if a few members that use the g502 could post some of their xim4 settings (high sensitivity players) so that I could better get a feel for the issue at hand. Much appreciated. For now, I may just have to use the xim edge.

Edit: I just played 5 matches of black ops 2 solo and managed to get 2 nuclears just now using the xim edge. Im starting to feel like ive got a faulty xim4. I wish I had caught this sooner...

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4 Input Lag vs. Xim Edge
« on: 12:10 PM - 12/10/14 »
Hey there gang. So I've had the Xim4 for some time now, roughly a month, and I have noticed some input lag that seems even higher than the xim edge's. I had the xim edge for a while and loved it, but one day I decided to un plug and re plug the edge back in before starting a match of black ops 2...and I was blown away. It was just like playing on a PC. There was zero delay; I mean ZERO. After that one match though, I noticed I would have to unplug and replug the xim edge in after every match to get the feeling again. In fact, it was so noticeable, I could never go back to playing normally until I performed my little pre-game ritual. I noticed that someone else on here had made a similar post. I link it here:http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=22281.45

I tried doing just the same with the Xim4, but it doesnt seem to affect anything. Don't get me wrong, the Xim4 is very precise and is consistent, but the way the Xim edge was performing after each unplug was godly. Any help would be nice.

I currently have an IPS monitor with 8ms of delay, but I havent tried any other modes than default; I'll try that tonight. I use a logitech g502 at 8000 dpi and a hip and aim sensitivity of 19.75 and 12.75 respectively. My keyboard is a cm storm quickfire with brown siwtches. Any help would be appreciated.

Just to give an idea of how good it was, I was able to drop 10 nuclears in a night, with 5 in a row. This was just with one other person.

Just as the title states, I would like some input from users of these current mice and from the xim community in general on which of these mice I should go for. I do enjoy more traditional shapes, but the naos looks interesting from what I can tell. As a side note, I have a g502 already, but it just doesnt suit me for the weight of the mouse (little too heavy). If someone could recommend a light mouse similar to the ones above, that would be great as well.

Hey community, so I bought a xim edge a little while ago and ever since the beginning, I noticed that after each game, I have to disconnect the XIM edge every time to make  it feel 1:1. I never noticed this before because I simply got used to it. However, after I was having issues with my mic one day, I unplugged the XIM right before a game of capture the flag and plugged it back in. The mic was working again and I noticed right away the difference I had made. It was literally night and day. I was moving the mouse 1:1 no problem and Im afraid it just wont be possible for me to look back. With the being said, every intermission after a match, once a new game starts after a countdown, I go right back to what I had before. It feels very weighty and not as nimble as it is after a quick unplug and replug back in. To help with the problem solving process, Im using a Razer Deathadder 6400 DPI ergonomic mouse with a CM Storm Quickfire TK keyboard with MX Brown switches and an HP IPS 5ms monitor. Ive noticed that some other users have had this problem as well.

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