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Beta / Beloader help
« on: 08:18 AM - 03/03/22 »
Hey so I got my self a beloader the other day. I tried plunging it at the back of ps5 and to a extension lead,  but after a while it seems to get disconnected,  anything need to be done to  solve this issue ?

I am waiting on a lan cable adaptor to test it that way incase that's the problem. Should get that tomorrow.
I'm running it at 1000hz both mouse and xim, it does the purple flash but don't seem to be affecting the performance (please so not doing quick moves, will teat in over, that's where I grt to see if there is delay properly)
Think dropping the hz down will solve the disconnection issue?

Beta / manager and firmware link not working
« on: 12:58 PM - 12/04/21 »
Hey, it looks like the link to download manager and firmware is not working. I tried to download the pc one but nothing happens.
Not sure if its me or for everyone, tried on three laptops.

Technical Support / New batch of apex
« on: 04:36 PM - 11/29/21 »
Is there any update on when a new batch of xim apex will be available? It says sold out everywhere and second hand is over 200.
I lost my old one due to a house fire sadly and trying to get my gaming setup back slowly.

Hardware Compatbility / keyboard/mouse recommendation
« on: 10:31 AM - 01/20/21 »
Hey guys,

Could anyone recommend me a silent keyboard and mouse to use, so when im in a party its not making loud clicking noises while i play.


General Discussion / A new XIM for next gen?
« on: 11:21 AM - 10/16/20 »
will there be a new XIM when next gen consoles are out? I'm not talking if current one doesn't work so you make new, we don't know if it does or not yet. i mean when the new gen consoles are out will you make a new model to go with it. just asking so i can hold from buying the ps5 and wait for new XIM to come out and buy it together lol

Technical Support / [Q/A] xim4 comfigs
« on: 03:41 PM - 09/07/20 »
hello guys,
i been using xim4 from day 1 of its release and i see that there is a xim apex. all the config i see is for the apex now and i cant seem to use it on my xim4. is there a way to convert them so its comparable for xim4?

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Xim4 not connecting
« on: 02:58 PM - 03/24/16 »
hey everyone, i have been using xim4 since the release day, haven't had this problem before.
basically i deleted xim app from my phone and re downloaded so i can get division update. after  i reinstalled it i can no longer pair my xim with my phone. i keep getting the error, connect failure (read failed,socket might closed or timeout, read ret: -1) [-1]

im sure im being silly and forgetting something to do because  this is the first time deleting the app off my phone lol  thank you for the help! :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Sound Card Problem
« on: 02:46 PM - 08/14/14 »
i got the Sound card for PS4, i can hear people talking through it but they cant hear what i am saying :/ anyway to fix this?

Clan Clash / OWIX
« on: 04:28 AM - 08/13/14 »
hello everyone, i made a clan called OWIX for ximmers to play together on ghost ( PS4), nothing big just or fun. Come and join us! :)

XIM 4 Discussions / small problem with dpi
« on: 06:44 AM - 08/05/14 »
i changed my dpi to 8200 only on my mouse but when i plug it into xim it goes to the default setting with 4 dpi settings :/  i cant change it for some reason. im playing on 105% hip on xim to make it move normal lool

XIM 4 Discussions / Today is the day!
« on: 11:41 PM - 08/04/14 »
Its 6:30 am and on royal mail it says

It's on its way
Your item has reached the delivery office and is out for delivery.

 :D :D too hyped !!

XIM 4 Discussions / Email from ADZ
« on: 03:51 AM - 08/01/14 »
just got this email from them

We want to let you know that your order ****/******/** status has been updated to...


Thank you for your Xim4 order! We thought you should know we have received an estimated delivery time of our first batch of Xim4's for this coming Monday the 4th.

You will receive a Xim4 from the first batch we receive, depending on the time we receive our shipment we hope to get the majority of orders out on Monday and the remainder Tuesday. We will be preparing the packaging, booking couriers etc over the weekend and will be sending out dispatch emails in preparation.

Please note... if you receive a dispatch notification with a tracking number over the weekend this will not mean it is on it's way! We will not be dispatching orders till at least Monday. We are simply trying to get ahead of ourselves and preparing in advance so we can get as many orders out as possible on Monday.

Thanks again for your custom and enjoy your new Xim4!

( it was a weird email with like 30 pages of blank space lmao)

XIM 4 Discussions / sensitivity question
« on: 12:16 PM - 07/30/14 »
so to get the best out of Xim4 i need to put the in game sensitivity to max, mouse sensitivity to max and also rps to max ye? but what if want the sensitivity to be lower in game bemuse it too high? do i change it on my mouse or in game? 

General Discussion / problem with registering an account
« on: 05:04 PM - 06/05/14 »
hey everyone, I tried to create an account using my Hotmail because thatís what I use the most but it never gave me an activation email so I resend activation and Ii still got nothing, so I created another one using my another Hotmail account and the same thing happened. Today I tried it with Gmail and it worked.
Please fix the problem with creating an account using Hotmail so I can change my email address to from Gmail to Hotmail here :)

Thank you.

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