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As the title says i am using the latest beta firmware ....the xim manger detect that an xbox controller is attached but doesnt receive any input or accept to assign any button

Just like the cronusmax mod here


XIM APEX Discussions / XimApex & corsair K63 compact
« on: 12:26 AM - 12/20/18 »
I have this Mechanical keyboard (corsair k63) & it was working fine and every thing but now all of sudden while i was playing the xim is blinking and xim manger pops up a message its consuming so much power?i know its the lights on the keyboard but this is the first time to happen so i installed the software from corsair website & turned it off(actually dim the brightness to maximum until its off) but the issue still exist but this time its instant when just plugging the xim . . .i have played with the lights on before and nothing happened now its refusing although i turned the lights off

PS:I didnt update the Xim firmware or the manger its the beta one which have SA,Synch & simulate analog behavioue 

XIM APEX Discussions / can i run macros on xim apex?
« on: 05:26 AM - 05/07/18 »
just like the title says..it will be awesome but if not which should i go with titan one or titan 2 in this case?

I am a xim user looking forward to upgrade to apex,i want to know its release date & if it support macros this time(not via belkin cable because xim commander was so slow) & wheel crossover compatibility in other words can i use my driving wheel G29 on xbox one s?

XIM 4 Discussions / PS PRO & STV1..
« on: 05:45 PM - 01/01/18 »
I use XIM mainly for COD & over the past two years i found STv1 works best for it with all respect to the efforts made behind STV2 & SA's & all of that,It's just my personal opinion & it makes me a better player,I upgraded my PS4 to a PRO & now i cant get STV1 to work with older firmware installed as it was before the upgrade , it seems it doesnt recognize the controller , if i bought an older controller(not a pro one) will it work or still the same?if not is there anyway around away from buying an standard PS4 again??????????

I need a compact one with length of 30-32cm & compatible with xim,i am not looking for a half keyboard that made specially for gaming i will be using it for other stuff & off-course i dont want the numbers keys on the right side so it can be short...

thanx in advance

as the title say ,recently i bought a racing title game(GT sport) & i wander if i can get the the wheel to work?

as the title say,I didn't feel comfort with Sony's Nav or the normal large(Relatively) keyboards with NUM buttons @ the right i was wondering if there small keyboards supported by xim & not too expensive & I wander also if the Logitech PRO Keyboard is compatible or not?

As the title say,how to connect Xbox one S Controller on a Ps4 standard? i need this to play racing games on my PS4 with xbone controller because is much better to hold & i want to if the vibration in the triggers(lb/lt)will work also ..?


i have been away from the forum for while & i was on STv1 2015 firm for call of duty mainly it feels better/accurate with it at least for me & now its the time to update because recently i bought an Xbone S & i know that its controller is not supported on the older firmware & i am disparate to use xim manger from mobile again so i was wonder what is the closest thing to it from a configure perspective should I use SA or not or which one 1,2..5 any suggested curves & sensitivities just for COD off-course?is there any difference from Ps4 to Xbone when playin COD on both firmwares STv1/2?

More than a year now & still BO3 STv1 is better than STv2,I promise you that,Guarantee it ,tested more than 385327 times ,there is something else ,Steady aim is not the solution to this it feeels worse with it,i tried lower the dpi ,use other sensitivities but No ,i even changed the mouse-pad ....
& please dont tell they are the same if you do this then you are lying or you are call of duty player to sense that .

As the the title say,you know its cyber monday today & i need it to be small,compact & on budget
 there is some on sale & i need help to decide fast before the offers end,here is a list of Keyboards:-

1-Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

2-TOMOKO 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard

3-Mpow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

4-Corsair Vengeance K65 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

5-LINGBAO JIGUANSHI Mechanical Keyboard

6-Mechanical Keyboard Gaming

7-Redragon K553 USAS LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

8-MechanicalEagle Z-77 87 Keys Mechanical

9-E-Element Z-88 RGB LED

10-Redragon K552

any help would be appreciated

i have two scripts one for rapid fire & the other for recoil but when i assign one key like middle mouse for toggling on/off one script of the both it cant be be seen by the xim for switching weapons although it was assgined for switching in the first place in the xim manager  ...
 it seems once its a hot key it cant do anything else?is there any thing to get around ?

Commander / thanx
« on: 04:22 PM - 08/30/16 »
I just want to say thanx for the awesome effort providing us such a great tool like SandhawC to fully utilize the xim...

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