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Im just wondering why I have to unplug and plug in xim apex 3 to 4 times before it works. I have 2 xim apex's that both do it. I've tried different controllers and different USB cables. Its getting pretty dam annoying, especially when I'm in a full lobby and they are waiting for me to get my Xim working. I use a ducky TKL  keyboard and glorious model o minus mouse.

XIM APEX Discussions / Extention Cable USB 2.0 or 3.0?
« on: 09:49 AM - 05/16/19 »
Extention USB cable 2.0 or 3.0 which is better? Im going to buy either a 4 or 5 foot extention USB cable to better position at my PC desk.

XIM APEX Discussions / No Boost setting Xim Manager
« on: 08:19 PM - 05/14/19 »
I've been using the Xim4. I just got my Xim Apex today updated the firmware and then installed xim apex manager and in my mouse settings on fornite I had the boost feature on Xim 4 but I'm not seeing it on the Xim Apex. Has the boost setting been removed?

General Discussion / Looking for FORTNITE XIM Friends.
« on: 11:54 AM - 05/14/19 »
Not sure if this is the right spot. Looking for Fortnite XIM Friends to add and play with, compare settings etc. I have Xim4 and Xim Apex. Just received the Apex today. If I should have posted this in another section let me know. I haven't been on the forum for awhile. ;D

my sister prefers to game with the xbox one controller. i've tried every configuration possible to use the xbox one controller with the ps4 but i can't get it to work at all. i need some help here. anyone know how to get it to work?

XIM 4 Discussions / PS4 Evolve Game input lag
« on: 09:56 PM - 05/09/15 »
Well i've been playing alot of Evolve on PC. I also bought it for ps4 and have it on the way on xbox one as well. love the game. I'm good on pc and was hopin to beat some noobs on ps4 but i suck with the controller. I have 2 xim4's so i decided to try one out on Evolve on the PS4. I can't really say much besides its just plain horrible. Feels like alot of input lag. its no where near 1:1 ratio. is it the game mechanics? is there a fix for it? i noticed that even with the controller,  the game controls suck but i was really hopin that the xim4 with my g13 and g700 hooked up to it would make it close to pc feel. i havent used my xim4's much as i've been playing alot on PC lately.

hey i play cod ghost on ps4, xbox 360 and pc... i'm looking for an active clan to join... i'm currently in EWIX but they have gone inactive and have not particpated in the last 3 clan wars...

i want to join an active clan that plays all the clan wars preferably a xim clan... i still enjoy playing the clan wars i think they are fun... thats actually the only thing with call of duty i look forward to playing them... i like ewix, i'd stay if they were actually active but they are not... hit me up here or on pm...

i'm pretty good if thats any concern.. usually top 3 player no matter what team i'm on

You read it right..Since there is no Halo or Gears of war for Xbone I went PS4 FTW!!! there are actually games out for ps4 that i want to play and there are games coming out this month i'd like to play with better graphix PS4 and PC

the games i want to play on xbone dont come out until christmas this year and into next year... so why get the xbone?

also for your xboner lovers (i'm an ex.. still have 3 of them in my house) they are changing the hardware in it soon... if you dont believe me do some research... after hearing about this there is no way i'm wasting my money on a xbone this year.. i'll wait for the hardware revisions there going to do, and wait for a kinectless version at that..

oh and titanfall... i'm gettin that on pc... it blows the xbone out of the water...

given i have 2x gtx evga 770 OC edition on a 4.3ghz cpu =) ... bring it titanfall PC FTW there

General Discussion / just to be sure about the xim4
« on: 07:04 PM - 12/19/13 »
ok just to make 100% sure... the next xim4 is OR is not going to use the xim edge box... just want to make sure cuz i bought 2 xim edges and i still have my xim3 and also my xim2... but i was thinking about gettin rid of one xim edge and the xim3 if they are not going to be any part of the xim4... thanks

i need some good ximmers to play some hardcore cod ghost with... it would be fun to whoop up on some analog boys in hardcore

xbox gamer tag x_iinifamous_x

XIM EDGE Discussions / xim edge wont update
« on: 11:44 AM - 12/30/12 »
xim edge wont update... i plug it in connect to the xim and theres no update option on one of my xim edges... this happened the update before last... i own 2 xim edges and one updates fine atm and one is not

its stuck on 20121016... even though i open it up with xim manager 1212 there is no way to update it to 1212?

ok i've been using sony nav and g700 mouse wireless bad lag problem.. i thought it was my connection at first but i have 3 other xboxs in my home and the users use controllers and they dont get this jittery lag problem that i get when moving my mouse... like i try to turn around and its like the mouse gets stuck or somethin and i can't turn around i mean i do but i have to swipe the mouse acroos the mouse pad 4 times when it should be a slight action from my wrist... its almost like i've been hit with a concussion granade on black ops  but i wasnt... so i was thinking the 2 wireless dongles were clashing and causing the lag... well i hooked up the mouse to the cord and i havnent seen it since....

the problem is though i do not want to use a corded mouse... i have the g700 set at 5700 dpi i dunno if that would be a problem for the wireless part seeing that i dont see the issue when its corded... i dunno what to do, hopefully someone else has experienced this and fixed it

i dled and put the l4d ST on my xim edge... went to play the game tried to set the hip to move faster and its just plain horrible... its real sluggish and not very responsive at all... like really is halo and cod the only games this device works well with? i play l4d on PC but wanted to play it with my son on the xbox thought that would be fun... its not even close to PC on the xim... not at all... i've spent good money on the xim, (own 4 of them) why for it to work with one game? its horrible with gears of war too... also it seems when i raise or lower the hip or ads nothing happens it barely raises or lowers.... def a good cod device but for other games it fails...

if theres a way to get it 1to1 on l4d let me know...

XIM EDGE Discussions / sony nav controller wont charge
« on: 05:09 PM - 10/13/12 »
im tring to use it wireless but when i hit the ps button it wont power up the red light wont flash... so i went and bought a new one and it does the same thing no matter what cord i use, no matter if i plug it into pc, or usb wall outlet... i cant get the red lights to flash

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