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XIM 4 Discussions / BF4 Xim4 Heli gunning
« on: 01:06 PM - 02/24/16 »
Hi guys feel free to stop by my stream in 30min il be gunning or piloting in chopi thanks :)


XIM 4 Discussions / tv missile bf4
« on: 03:06 AM - 01/05/16 »
Anybody got good setting for the tv in bf4 cant get it to move very well!

Game Support / Rainbow Six ST
« on: 04:17 PM - 11/20/15 »
Hi lads would it be probable to get ST for game release this beta ends 1 day before game comes out so the game in finished and they just want people to try it out. So it will give you guys a week to get the ST out there for release thanks :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Rainbow 6 Xbox One
« on: 11:07 AM - 09/21/15 »
Got new code for stress test for rainbow 6 anyone know whats setting i should try out before any ST come out
thanks in advance  :)

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] connect failure 10055
« on: 12:30 PM - 08/22/15 »
trying to connect to laptop with bluetooth using 20150816 for PC and firmware

XIM 4 Discussions / Xbox one 360 compatibility
« on: 09:06 AM - 06/16/15 »
So just tried a game and my xim started flashing blue and half the buttons not working on controller
will we have a fix for this or did i just i just need to change ST to 360 haha as i dying to play bf3 on my xb1 when its ready :)

Commander / Commander
« on: 09:58 AM - 04/14/15 »
Might be in wrong part of the forum if so im sorry, Using sony nav through commander is this possible?

XIM 4 Discussions / Battlefield Hardline Rescue
« on: 12:49 PM - 03/30/15 »
Live stream come on over and have a look :) http://www.twitch.tv/xtremehabbitz

XIM 4 Discussions / Mouse pull down mid shot
« on: 02:18 AM - 03/03/15 »
So im using a g502 with 12000dpi i Hip 18 ADS 9 seem to be having trouble was wondering if anyone else is getting this or knows a work around,
When im holding left mouse button and shoot the pull down seems very slow or unresponsive but when im not holding to left mouse down its very fast, even turning while holding mouse down seems slow but soon as relese its back to normal.

Any ideas?

Beta / Firmware 2v <<
« on: 11:00 AM - 02/14/15 »
Why can't i find the download :(

General Discussion / Please Vote
« on: 04:45 AM - 08/19/14 »
Don't know if we can get the xim community behind this but this would be a wicked feature, as not been able to hear others from the party while broadcasting sucks for the viewer's  https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251646-apps/suggestions/6029481-twitch-app-broadcast-party-chat

General Discussion / logitech g502 proteus core
« on: 06:27 AM - 08/15/14 »
So just placed a order for one of these bad boys should be here tomorrow for when i finish work, my question is has anyone else got one of these mice and what you think about it with xim4?

XIM 4 Discussions / X1 controller on 360
« on: 11:57 AM - 08/13/14 »
Like the topic says is this possible if so how do i do it tried plugging it in on every post on xim lol

XIM 4 Discussions / Xbox One XIM players
« on: 05:14 AM - 08/13/14 »
If you play BF4 and going to be playing destiny when its released leave your GTs below :-) my gamer tag is Xtreme Habbitz feel free to add me also send a message and Il add you right back IM a uk player that's always got a full party of mature gamers just tearing shhhhh up

XIM 4 Discussions / Delay when clicking mouse
« on: 03:43 AM - 08/13/14 »
Anybody else getting a slight delay when firing in bf4 x1? When i got the xim4 yesterday did it need a firmware update or is it already up to date i ask this as my laptop just broke on me and i setup via tablet. Im using a Sony nav and a A7 Tech bloody gaming mouse


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