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Technical Support / [ACTIVE] XIM 4 freezing
« on: 08:47 AM - 10/28/14 »
Using the lastest beta rc firmware with a g400s and a tt esports knucker keyboard.

After around 20 mins or so the xim4 freezes and I have to replug & reset it to get it to work again.

Should I reset and go back to older firmware?

Hardware Compatibility / KBP V60 Mini keyboard
« on: 12:46 AM - 10/28/14 »
New keyboard I got:

KBP V60 Mini.

Works with xim. You can add it to the list.

Just picked up a second hand xbox one, works perfectly fine except for a weird buzzing sound.

Did some research and apparently it's due to coil whine. http://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/2fwtx7/technoise_from_xbox_one_is_a_defective_coil/

Apparently it's only an issue on the kinectless model due to extra power going to the console instead of the kinect. I've noticed it happen on my PC GPU sometimes when I get ridiculously high fps in a menu.

The console is still under warranty so I can get it repaired for free. Or does coil whine not really cause any issues?? I've read around and apparently it doesn't really cause any damage but some more opinions would be good.

It's honestly not too loud, and during gameplay it pretty much goes away due to that extra processing power being used. (obviously not being used on the dashboard, hence the whine)

Hardware Compatibility / CM Storm Mizar
« on: 10:14 PM - 08/14/14 »
Anyone using the mizar or even the alcor?

Considering picking one up but would like to know if anyone is currently using it/tested it with xim4.

General Discussion / Zowie FK is amazing.
« on: 05:19 PM - 12/04/13 »
Just picked up a Zowie FK, Probably the best mouse for PC I have ever used.

  • Sensor is flawless unlike alot of other mice.... No acceleration, jitter, prediction or smoothing built into the sensor.
  • No software just works straight out of the box. Perfect for LAN's/tourneys ect ect
    • Extremely low lift of distance, maybe lowest in the industry without the use of the tape trick (something like 1mm-1.5mm) Great for swiping on low sense in CS.
    • Amazing for claw/fingertip grip with small to medium hands. Light as a feather too.
    • Great build quality, even though it's super light It doesn't feel cheap at all.

    Only negative is it has 3 preset DPI's which you can't change obviously due to no software. 450, 1150 & 2300. It's not really a huge problem though because you just compensate with in game sensitivity if you're used to like 800 dpi or something. The scaling is varied enough so anyone should be able to adjust.

    Also Not ideal for xim due to the low dpi & lack of features but if your looking for a competitive gaming mouse for pc I highly recommend it.

    edit: It's also blessed by the CS god Neo himself, so it must be good :P (He assisted in the design & It's named after him)

General Discussion / Mouse Pads
« on: 05:04 PM - 07/05/13 »
So my shot was off lately and my aim was feeling sluggish, couldn't work out what it was. (both on xim and pc)

‎Decided to switch out my Razer Goliathus which I have used for over a year for some crappy plastic one.  And it feels 100x better. Not sure what it is, maybe the razer cloth mouse pad had worn out? It's seen some pretty heavy use over the last year. It looks fine aesthetically but feels like crap when I use it.

What do you guys use? Anyone had similar issue to me?

Also looking to get a harder surface mouse pad, anyone got some recommendations? Would rather not use this crappy plastic one even though it feels good.

Currently using a g500 but it is falling apart. Looking for a new mouse that can set up on board profiles then proceed to switch those profiles on the fly. The g500 can only have 1 custom profile loaded on the mouse at a time, so I'm looking for one that can have multiple.

Would prefer one that has a similar shape & size to the g500 or mx518/g400 style if possible.


Bit off topic compared to most BO2 discussion. Anyway just finished the black ops 2 campaign.... and as much as I am an MP guy, I dont mind some SP stuff.  And this definitely delivered. It was amazing.

Easily the best in the cod franchise, it created a great villain from just 1 game (not like makarov in MW series which took 3 games). It actually gets you emotionally involved because you want to take this douchebag out for all the @#$% up crap he's doing.

MUCH more choice in the game. A lot off options to let targets live or die, accept or decline missions. All of which affect later missions with certain characters and end game cut scenes. (heaps of alternate endings). It was also pretty sweet to have in game cut-scenes compared to the mission briefing crap like usual.

I don't think I have seen this much choice in a modern day fps, i mean it's no rpg but compared to other fps games and especially the cod series linearity... it's a great change of pace. 

ps: Recommend  playing through black ops 1 campaign first, it has a lot of tie-ins as it is a direct sequel.

Just got a black magic intensity pro, awesome cap card. except im having alot of issues with the media express software. if anyone else used a black magic/media express.

1. With the file formats to record in it only gives me 2 options avi 8 bit yuv or avi motion jpeg, both are really big file formats.... why cant i choose any others? My video format is hd 720p  59.94.... because that's the only recording format that works. also watched some tutes on youtube, it seems to be the only setting you can use on xbox.

if not is there a 3rd party capture program that will work with any cap card that has smaller file formats it records in?



So apparently windows 8 is going to have xbox live integrated into it.

Might have misinterpreted the article but it seems that they are bringing back cross platform gaming between the xbox and pc?

XIM 3 Discussions / International orders today?
« on: 10:44 AM - 02/16/11 »

Never mentioned if there was going to be international orders avalable or not in the update.

Honestly I haven't made one complaint post + disrespect for XIM team and I've always had total respect for  obsiv and co. in the 2 years i've been on here.
All I need to know if Theres going to be enough stock to go around based on the current traffic, no numbers... just a yes or no?

I feel like sh*t to be honest, i've been sick all week waking up early and checking on here from the early hours of the morning as I dont live in the US, so I'm forced to wake up around 3-4am to check. I'm not fussed on how long it takes to post, id be willing to even wait 2 weeks for it to arrive.. I don't care.

I'm just sick of checking this website and feel like absolute crap as i imagine alot of other people are. I'm also going interstate tommorow morning my time which means im going to miss out on thursday and friday opportunities for release. I can probably get access to a computer, but not instantly like many others would be able.(maybe within a few hours of notification, if that)

 I would be extreemly dissapointed doing this all week and missing out.

Once again, I have the utmost respect for the team. As i Always have.


General Discussion / Aussie/NZ XIM players
« on: 02:12 AM - 10/02/10 »
Never seem to see any australian ximmers out there but there must be some around!
Anyway Looking to hit up some xbox live with some aussie players, sick of joining up by myself.

let me know, my GT is: FacKeddx

XIM 1 Discussions / Is XIM1 good enough?
« on: 07:50 AM - 10/04/08 »
im kinda new to the whole mouse/keyboard on a x360 but ive done a fair bit of research on XIM and XFPS.

my main question is, the combination of XIM1 and XFPS still ok to use(good enough)? i've read that theres  massive waiting lists for builds on XIM2 and i would be terrible with a DIY kit + im from Australia anyway and need to buy everything on ebay.

also in conjunction with a XIM, will a Maxshooter do the same job as a XFPS 3.0 sniper plus? even though the maxshooter is considered much worse than a 3.0 sniper plus.

thanks for your time. :D

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