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Technical Support / [RESOLVED] D-Pad Issue
« on: 11:40 PM - 04/30/22 »
I tried using Nexus to play Rogue Legacy 2 because the Xbox Series controller felt laggy on my PC and while Nexus feels a lot better in every way except I think I got a wonky D-Pad. All other directions work fine but Right button has to be pressed all the way in and with some force compared to the other directions to register. 

Basically, is there a 1:1 ST of a native mouse PC game so you could use the Nexus instead of mouse on pc with some remapping software like ReWASD?

Game Support / Powerslave Exhumed ST
« on: 03:20 PM - 02/15/22 »
I'm probably the only person on here who cares for it so I can totally understand it not getting an ST but would like to hear a definitive response from Mist one way or the other.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Extremely Important Tip For Noobs.
« on: 02:29 AM - 02/15/22 »
From a centered Nexus position make all movement between left and centered with your right hand, only using your left hand as a base for support. Make all movement between right and centered with your left hand using your right hand as a base for support. You have a much larger range of motion with the wrist going in rather than out. This allows you to lower the sensitivity and have more precision.

Bonus Tips:
Start out by lowering the vertical sensitivity ratio to something like 30% or 35% (COD specific) for hip aiming. Once you feel like you're getting the handle on smaller more precise movement work your way back up to 50% which is 1:1 circular motion.   

Lower the activation deadzone on Triggers to something like 15% or 10%.

Would it be possible to add an option that allows motion control to be deactivated when you're manipulating the aiming stick and then activated when it's not in use?

Also, I use Left Trigger to fire and Right to ADS so would it be possible to turn off the ADS activation light for Left Trigger?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Can you play Platformers?
« on: 11:10 PM - 02/08/22 »
Ordered Nexus yesterday and it just hit me, if you can assign the gyroscope to the left stick then wouldn't it be possible to play 2D platformers with it?

I play metroidvanias and roguelikes more than anything these days so this gets me more excited than even playing shooters if it's possible.

General Discussion / Is a crash coming?
« on: 12:32 PM - 12/06/21 »
Drift0r hits the nail on the head.


I've been feeling this sort of ennui for a while now but in the past year it's been turning into actual disgust with mainstream gaming.

Bullet Points

- Overpromised, overhyped, games that aren't only not ready for release but wouldn't even qualify as alpha a few years ago.

- Lack of content even with the poor state of the game.

- Publishers spend less on QA and are embroiled in controversy leading to low morale high turnover teams.

- Higher price despite all this.

- Current market situation means people can't buy this generation of consoles or PC parts so devs have to develop with old hardware as the foundation. 

- Indie game have more tempered expectations, better overall quality/creativity and fairer pricing leading to less disappointment.

That tickled me so much.

I don't really think this is going to make a big difference as the math of one of the best shooters twelve years ago and one of the worst five years ago doesn't really make quality prediction easy but it's still pretty funny to see.

General Discussion / Rogue Lite/Like FPS
« on: 09:16 AM - 10/31/21 »
I've been playing a lot of Rogue Lite/Likes lately and quickly realized the massive issue of grind fatigue that a lot of them have. Some are good at throwing enough content (Hades) or freedom at you (Rogue Legacy) for it to not be a problem but most don't do a good job of disguising the fact that you're replaying the same levels and fighting the same enemies ad nauseum for too little progress.

This is where if any of the major shooter developers like Dice, 343, Bungie, Trasharch/Infinity Ward/SHG figure out how to mix their content into a rogue lite mode they could create something that feels fresh and give those of us who want something that resembles the MP experience but don't want to deal with Lag Comp and SBMM anymore something to sink their teeth into. 

Game Support / Will Quake 1 get ST support?
« on: 03:04 PM - 10/09/21 »
They recently updated Quake with a lot more options to customizing your aim mechanic. Before this update aiming was terrible and the game was unplayable but with the new options you can make a really solid aim mechanic so I was hoping it might get an ST.

General Discussion / BF 2042
« on: 04:21 PM - 06/09/21 »
Cool trailer but I gotta admit, I actually loled. People are shitting themselves with hype over it but I think we've been around long enough to know that all those sick shots of dudes mopping up other dudes by the dozens and jumping out of jets to rocket launch a tail and jumping back in is what the majority of players are going to be on the receiving end of not dealing out.

If anything, I actually like the honesty of the trailer that it's shot from the perspective of the team that's absolutely getting dunked on. Because it's funny how after all these year Dice still hasn't figured out team balancing, not even in their own trailer. LOL!

The one thing the trailer doesn't show is the reality of the gameplay. Which is: spawn, run for five minutes, get sniped by some dude in a bush five miles away with a 100x scope wait 15 seconds for a medic that will neve come, lather, rinse, repeat.   

General Discussion / XSX Gamepad Firmware update
« on: 03:53 PM - 05/13/21 »
There's a new update. It could be the one they promised to release around this time that added some of the XSX input lag cutting measures to the Xbox One but I can't find notes on it. I did notice that Black Ops 4 feels better as that is one of the worse feeling CODs but I haven't tested it with other games. 

General Discussion / A tip for calibrating displays
« on: 04:08 PM - 05/02/21 »
A lot of displays by default are set up with too much blue in the image because manufacturers think this makes the image more vibrant. Often times if you try the "vibrant" setting on a TV this adds even more blue to the image. The problem is that blue has a shorter but higher wavelength frequency than other colors which can strain your eyes faster and this makes it hard to turn up brightness on a monitor.

So if you really want a more vibrant, higher contrast, easier to read image try turning down blue while turning up the brightness. I can't say what the ratio is for every display to keep blue at a certain level of vibrant while making other colors brighter but on my monitor it's basically 1:1 from the default color setting and a brightness level that doesn't burn my retinas. So for example, I ended up with a brightness of 35 and color of R:50, G:50, B:30. This makes the image much better overall and easier to differentiate different elements on screen.

Also, don't try this and expect the image to be instantly pleasing because your eyes will need time to adjust. Of course it will look off at first with too much green and red but give it a few minutes and you might start noticing the improvement.     

General Discussion / G Pro X Superlight impression
« on: 02:37 PM - 04/28/21 »
Physical Feel

I got this mouse a week ago (the white one cause it's sexier) and after spending some time with it I came away with mixed feelings, especially when compared to the Razer Viper Ultimate. Spec wise the big advantage of the G Pro X over RVU is that it's about 13 grams lighter and can do 5600 DPI more. To cut weight it gets rid of a bunch of features like dedicated DPI/Profile switching buttons, fancy LED, and ambidextrous design. If not for an on/off switch to conserve battery, a compartment for the bluetooth dongle, and a small battery state indicator it would be as basic as a mouse gets.

My first thought when I took it out of the box was that I'm not feeling the weight difference between the RVU and G Pro X. Partly because I don't know if you can consciously feel 13 grams of difference but partly because of the way G Pro X is balanced. It feels like all the weight is loaded in the back where as the RVU feels perfectly balanced. Additionally, RVU has rubberized side grips which do their job well to keep the mouse sitting comfortably in your hand. G Pro X has some deliciously smooth feeling plastic that does a terrible job of making you feel secure about how the mouse sits in your hand.

One of my favorite things to do with the RVU is to pick it up when I got lag comped and mouse in hand point an accusatory finger at the monitor and decree "BULL @#$%!", never having to readjust when I put it back down because it melds with your hand and disappears in it so well. Can't do that with G Pro X because even lifting it off the mouse pad for necessary camera adjustments I feel the booty drop from my palm all the time.

Sensor Performance

Getting it set up and using it in game for the first time also resulted in some confusion. I thought higher DPI would mean smoother performance, not the case. I was surprised by how jittery and actually broken it feels with Xim set at 1000hz polling rate. The judder is one thing but some swipes felt like they just outright dropped registration or cut out half way through.

I was trying to understand why this was, guessing that it might be the fast swipes that are the issue but that wasn't the case. It seems like a random occurrence at 1000hz. Using smoothing only helps so much with judder but not with the cut off swipes.   

With the RVU I can play at 1000hz with 3-5 smoothing depending on how high the game requires sensitivity to be but 1000hz with G Pro X is off the table as it requires 5-7 smoothing for jitter and still has serious issues.

At 500hz polling rate, though, the 5600 DPI does make a big difference. In fact, 500hz with G Pro X and about 4 smoothing feels more snappier - faster 180s - more responsive, and smoother than RVU at 1000hz. It makes aim assist melt.


When I got the RVU it was love at first sight. It was definitively better than any mouse I've used before in both feel and performance. This isn't the case with G Pro X, it was the opposite. Despite how nice it looks and the texture of the plastic, it's not ergonomic at all. RVU disappears in your hand, I'm always conscious of how bottom heavy G Pro X is on lift off.

RVU's superiority of the sensor was instantly obvious. It took me a bit to set up the G Pro X to see the advantage of 25600 DPI with Xim.

Ultimately, I'm going to use the G Pro X but it feels like I paid $150 not for a better mouse but for 5600 extra DPI and the difference does matter. However, the moment Razer drops a Viper or Deathadder with more DPI I'll be happy to throw $150 more at them.   

A couple of other notes: G Pro X is a hand sweat magnet. Only after a couple of hours of gaming there was already some hand cheese on the side buttons. The RVU looks relatively clean after more than a year of use despite having textured side grips.

Oh, and the G Pro X doesn't even come with a charging station, @#$%?

Here's a theory I have based on what I've observed playing Free For All. Black Ops Cold War has an insane host advantage. Probably worse than COD4 and the reason I think so is that I've never been picked host in BOCW when I was playing with an ideal setup but I was picked host often when I was doing things to my connection to try and get rid of good connection disadvantage. And when you're picked host it's like being given God mode.

 I thought CW was poorly optimized because the frame rate is often janky but what I've found is that when you're host it's smooth as butter. So what you're possibly experiencing when you see frame rate issues is actually the host's garbage jittery connection. It's weird that they don't pick the most stable quality connection for host.

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