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XIM 4 Discussions / BF4 and "switchers"
« on: 12:24 AM - 03/30/14 »
Ok, I have not, in the past, owned a XIM 3 or Edge, when I do get my XIM4 in the future, it will be my first time actually using an adapter of this nature on a console.

I was reading about switchers in the support forum, with the example of using killstreak turrets in CoD. How does this work out in Battlefield games, especially BF4? Is it necessary to do constant switching based on every non-infantry thing you want to do (boats, choppers, jets, tanks, etc.)?

I know in BF4 on the PC, you can set different in-game sensitivities for different vehicles and mounted guns. If it is like that on console versions, does this mean the smart translator kind of 'plays nice' with these different vehicles, or does it still require the manual switching?

Reason I ask is just because the way I play Battlefield games, I do pretty much equal amounts of infantry combat and jet/chopper piloting and it is not uncommon for me to clear an area in a chopper and then later bail out for infantry mode. The idea of needing to constantly remember to hit an additional button everytime I do this is a little bothersome, but I can adapt to it.

I get the feeling it will not be simple as it is on a PC and that's fine if that is just how it is, I just want to know for sure how this works with a game like BF4, since it has so many different roles outside of basic grunt gunfighting.

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