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Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Huge delay for Halo MCC
« on: 11:37 AM - 01/08/21 »
Trying to play Halo MCC CE anniversary.
Mouse delay is very bad. The game is unplayable with this mouse lag.
Using a G502 dpi set to highest (16,000) poll rate at 1000.. XIM apex.
Game setting are what the XIM forum suggested of course.
Iíve noticed this delay is more or less depending on the game. For example Call of duty war zone is really bad as well. How can I fix this mouse lag?

XIM APEX Discussions / USB extension cable question
« on: 01:31 AM - 12/05/19 »
If I use a USB extension cable thatís is a ďRepeater cableĒ will that add any latency to the Xim Apex??? Or is is better to use because it amplifies the signal??? Or is just a regular extension cable better to use???

I wanna buy this mouse and use it wirelessly but am concerned the dpi isnít sting enough to work accurately with the Apex. Thoughts and/or experience with this mouse???

I bought the G502 because it seems best for XIM. In general, what are two or three good DPI settings to have on this mouse for most games to get the closest feel to a PC? (playing fortnite,Overwatch,Halo,COD) ((trying to eliminate any stuttering))

Also the generic Cloth mouse pad seems to work better than the hard one I have. Should i buy the Logitech MP? Will it actually make a difference?

Thanks for all the help. I love this community and this product is amazing.

Why does my roccat laser mouse stutter a lot in 1000hz polling rate but seem much better when itís at 500?

I always change the PR in the software on the mouse and always restart the Xim after I change the PR there too...

Does anyone have suggestions how to set up this mouse for best accuracy and fastest response? Playing games like Gears of war UE, Fortnite, Halo and COD WW2. Canít seem to get the Apex to respond well with this mouse. Does anyone use this mouse or think that Laser mice arenít as good as optical Mice for Xim products???

XIM APEX Discussions / Apex vs Xim4 ADS issue
« on: 05:40 PM - 03/20/18 »
Using a Logitech g400s have dpi set to highest (4000) and in game sensitivity set to highest (30) on Xbox One Gears of war: Ultimate edition Xim 4 ADS works very well. Mouse moves relatively smooth and fast. Going on to the Apex the ADS will not move the mouse as fast even when the Apex is set to highest number on ADS.  I tried changing the mouses polling rate to 1000 but nothing helped. Why does it work so well on the Xim4 but terrible on the Apex? What can I do to fix this?

Hardware Compatbility / Roccat Leadr compatibly issues
« on: 10:41 AM - 03/15/18 »
The Roccat Leadr doesnít work with Xim4 in wireless mode. In wireless mode it looks up and spins left. Is this issue solved with Xim Apex? I really like this mouse and need to use it in wireless mode. I have already bought two Xim Apex for a few friends and I am hoping to buy another for myself hoping the firmware supports this mouse. Thanks for helping.

ive updated the XIM4 and tried unplugging the dongle several times also restarting the XBOX 1X many times and cant get this KB to work. Please help. Thanks

Are all wireless KBs that run on 2.4 ghz going to perform the same? I am wondering because of potential Latency issues.
For instance will the corsair K63 keyboard work just as fast as Logitech K350? They both run at 2.4 ghz.



does anyone have knowledge of this??? 

It seems to be a problem that using a USB extension cable wont give the Xim4 enough power to operate the mouse and keybaord. Is there a USB extension cable that can power it correctly? maybe someone put a link up that will work for sure? Thanks !!!

I have already factory reset the xim4 and then updated it. Ive tried different key boards and mice as well as different wires/cables. this xim4 wont map. I have two xim4s. the other one works just fine with any configuration of hardware/cables i connect to it. the xim4 wont even let me change the color of the LED lights for that particular game. This is for Xbox 1. please help ..thanks

Technical Support / [Q/A] Gears of war Ultimate Edition!
« on: 11:38 AM - 08/27/15 »
Just wondering when the smart translators will be out for The new Gears of war game on the Xbox one will be available? ..... I just bought 2 xim4s and can't wait to use them with this game....

XIM 4 Discussions / Can I use two xim4s next to eachother?
« on: 12:57 PM - 06/28/15 »
I tried searching this first but could not find the answer so I am making a new thread. I am about to purchase two xim4s. One for me and also I have friends that come over and like to also use a mouse and key board. So can I be using two xim4 devices next to eachother at the same time ? Will there be any conflict between them since its hooked up Bluetooth ? Will need two different android devices? How can this be done? Thanks...

aiming with my logitech g400 mouse is jittery. the horisontal is not so bad but the vertical is really jittery. i have the dpi at the highest setting but even if i lower it then its still not smooth. Can anyone help me smooth out the aiming so it feels more like a PC? thanks

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