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Today I received a notification that a new update is available for my controller (xbox one x). After I updated, it does not work with xim4. The xbox one x controller firmware number is, 5.11.3116.0

can anyone help? :-\

XIM 4 Discussions / Ps4 slim usb communication
« on: 02:14 PM - 08/28/16 »
Hello. I found this ps4 slim settings menu picture on the net. Is it good/bad to us?

General Discussion / ps now privat beta
« on: 10:47 AM - 06/25/14 »

I have a "ps now" privat beta code. I can not use it in Europe (the ps now have only US servers) because I have too high ping time. Pm me if you want this code.

XIM EDGE Discussions / one little problem
« on: 09:40 AM - 01/09/13 »
When i plug my keyboard to xim edge (xbox controller and mouse connected) work fine. But, if i unplug keyboard and plug again, get yellow light and xim edge not work.
Only one way to work again, if i unplug xim edge from the xbox and plug again.
I have this problem, since updated the new firmware.

(sorry my bad english)

kb/m = Logitech g510 and A4tech xl 747h

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