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I just bought an elgato hd60 and i have no idea what im doing lol, i have no idea how to get game/party chat to record along side the gameplay.

I use this setup; with AD700's, DSS2, Modmic. Im on PS4.

i saw on their website you can get an elgato chat link, but that says to plug the chat link into my ps4 controller and into the elgato hd60 and then plug in my headphones into the other end of the chat link cable, but considering that im using a dss2 and a $2 sound card and a modmic lol i have no idea if that'll work or even where to plug it in...

i already have a blue yeti so im good to record once i can get the party chat as well.
do i need the chat link cable? if so how do i connect that?
does anyone else have this same setup or a similar one?

Also if the elgato chat link cable is all i need is there a cheaper alternative? because i cant find anywhere in Australia selling them so id have to pay $30 on ebay for one lol.

-Thanks in advance if anyone can help, much appreciated!

XIM 4 Discussions / How can i promote xim4 positively?
« on: 05:01 PM - 01/26/16 »
I only have 86 followers on YouTube and like maybe 5 following me on Twitter so i can't get the word out that way.
My Internet is not good enough to stream yet so that's out.

The only way I've been able to do it is via forums but on the destiny forum if you discuss xim4 you get your post deleted and a temp ban for a week or two.
I've had a ninja tell me that the use of xim4 in game is allowed but the discussion of xim4 on the forums is bannable. DaFuq?

I just received my third temp ban from the destiny forums for discussing xim4 again lol.
I don't want to stop making these posts because every time i do i get several people asking me questions about xim and saying their highly interested in getting one.
But discussing xim4 on the forums keeps getting me banned.
How can i get info out about xim and help people interested in it if bungie is pulling dick moves like this.

this is the video i posted of me using my xim4 in destiny that got me temp banned...

and this is the discussion i had with a ninja about past bans where i was told discussing xim4 is bannable lol.
(One of my bans is because i flamed some troll... ignore that part)

What are we supposed to do about this?
We shouldn't have to be silent about our choice of peripherals and nor will I... but @#$% me bungie is pissing me off to the point they're glad i live in Australia and i cant go to their HQ...


A discussion i had with a bungie ninja today on why i was banned previously.
(My first temp ban was for derogatory remarks)
Second one, for creating a topic discussing xim4...
Apparently discussing it on the forums can and will get you banned from the forums but using it on game is fine... how @#$% stupid...

General Discussion / testing something. ignore this.
« on: 02:52 PM - 12/11/15 »

Getting a lot of hate... but educating a few people at the same time.
had a couple of people saying they didn't even know it was a thing and that they're going to look into one, so thats awesome.

If anyones interested in commenting in it aswell and educating some of these kids feel free,
dunno if anyone here even cares... just thought i'd throw it out there as i like to believe in transparency.

Hey guys, thanks in advance, so i've been using this setup lately with a modmic 4.0

but recently my brother gave me his old usb mic, its a Blue Yeti, how do i set up a usb mic with the DSS2? sorry im useless when it comes to this @#$%, but i can WTFpwn a noob any day of the week in FPS lol.

Greened0ut is streaming right now if youd like to watch us
its Green Myself (T3h_GrayWo1f3)
and Rappo000

aussie xim4 players, all top tier players.

General Discussion / Resolved, thanks guys ;)
« on: 07:26 AM - 06/18/15 »
So i have a quickfire TK with cherry reds, which is my first mechanical keyboard and i absolutely love it, i even love the clicky clicky lol but apparently the guys i pair up with on PSN partys dont... seems to be coming through my mic quite loud.
I remembered reading about o rings when i was looking into getting the keyboard, my question is- is there any in particular i need? is there anything specific i need to either look out for or avoid?

a quick ebay search found this, http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/125-Mechanical-Keyboard-Keycap-Rubber-O-Ring-Switch-Dampeners-Cherry-MX-Key-Cap-/111568764130?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item19fa043ce2
which is local for me, i want to get something from australia so it doesnt take 10 years to get to me.

edit: found these, they seem to be 0.4mm which is what i think i want? really dont know,
can anyone who has these enlighten me?

Never owned one, didn't see the hype but every year on my birthday the wife insists on buying me something even though I never want or need anything -this year she's decided she's buying me a mechanical keyboard to replace my $10 k120

Back lit sounds cool as the majority of my gaming is in the dark though not a necessity as I know where all the keys are lol.

Cherry Reds sound like what I'd want. Easy to click and silent.
(My son sleeps 2 meters away from me while I game)

I live in Australia so needs to be available here or shipped relatively cheap.

Basically just something good to go with my xim4.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated,  thanks ;)

XIM 4 Discussions / Okay to leave xim4 on 24/7?
« on: 04:41 AM - 09/10/14 »
When my xim4 is connected to xbone it turns off when the xbone turns off and stays off.

When it's connected to my ps3 it turns off when I turn the ps3 off but then turns back on and turns the ps3 back on as well.

When connected to ps4 it turns off when the ps4 turns off but then turns back on and the turns the ps4 back on as well.

So two questions. Is it okay to rip the usb power cord out every time I turn off a console.
And/or is it okay to leave the xim4 on 24/7?

I've never gamed on my Ps3 except for the destiny beta and now I'm just starting some bo2 so I'm a bit noob when it comes to all things playstation.

When I turn my Ps3 off it turns back on about 5 seconds later...
When I look at my controller it's constantly flashing a light saying it's controller one... and when I turn my Ps3 off it will flash all 4 lights then turn back on and continue flashing controller 1 light.

I dunno if I've set anything up wrong... I literally just ripped out the usb from my xbone and plugged it into ps3. Pulled out the xbone controller and plugged in the ps3 one. Should I maybe be turning it on a special way?  Or connecting things in a special order?

Lastly,  is there any way to get chat on Ps3? I use a DSS2 modmic and AD700's

EDIT: I cracked open my xim4 box and followed the setup guide, and that didn't change anything.
Initially when i turned the controller on it was a solid light indicating controller 1 but as soon as i used my keyboard it started flashing again.

The only way for me to turn my Ps3 off is to unplug the xim4...

Ive also checked the controller is fully charged, and I've turned off the rumble.

XIM 4 Discussions / static with mic connected.
« on: 07:44 PM - 08/25/14 »
EDIT: all working now, new 3.5mm 4pole y-cable fixed the problem.

I know this is a known issue, and there's an apparent workaround and a new beta firmware update to fix but for me it hasn't worked.

So my modmic 4.0 arrived yesterday and my DSS2 arrived an hour ago, I hooked everything up as instructed
DSS2> xbox one (optical for sound, USB for power)
Headphones> DSS2
Modmic> (pink)3.5mm 4 pole y-cable> headset adapter> controller
3.5mm cable from(Green) 4 pole y-cable> aux in(DSS2)

As soon as I plug the green side to the DSS2 I get loud static in my headphones.
I read somewhere here that the workaround was to power everything up without your mouse connected to the xim4 (I did this and there was no static), then to plug the mouse in once everything is on (I did that and static was back). Took mouse out, still static.

Surely there's nothing wrong with the cables if there's no static without the mouse in???

I did the beta firmware update too which supposedly had a fix for this in it... and no changes. Still static.

My controller is updated.

Using G500s and k120 keyboard.

AD700,  DSS2, modmic 4.0

I'm on my way to work now  >:( but can give additional info if needed, can test more once home.

Dunno if I've done something wrong or if it's just an issue with xim4... Hopefully we can fix this.

as title says, Dick smiths Ebay store (.au  i dunno about the rest of the world just us aussies sorry :P ) has 20% off everything

This offer commences at 10:00 (AEST) on August 17th, 2014 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on August 21st 2014 (“Offer Period”).
The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the total purchase price on up to 5 transactions (including postage) on the Dick Smith store on eBay.com.au during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction.

definitely worth a look, this outlines the deal


XIM 4 Discussions / What exactly is needed for a mic?
« on: 06:39 AM - 08/13/14 »
So I've finally ordered a modmic and an xbox one headset adapter (literally 2 minutes ago) I use AD700's with a DSS1.

Do I need to get anything else? How does it all connect?
AD700> DSS1> xbox one
Modmic connects to AD700> headset adapter> controller.

That it?

And with Ps4 do I need to get a usb sound card like this one or can it be plugged into my DSS1?

sorry I'm a little confused by all the @#$% cords lol. Wish everything was simpler.

Just wondering if I need to order anything else and how to hook it all up once it arrives. I won't get my Ps4 until destiny is released as I pre ordered the white one so no rush.

Thanks in advance for yet another frustrating sound question lol. I know these pop up alot ;)

XIM 4 Discussions / Would this cheap mic work?
« on: 04:39 AM - 08/11/14 »
Would something like this cheap @#$% work (xbox one atm but also ps4 in sept)
Considering I have to fork out 30-40 bucks on an xbox one headset adapter and I have literally next to no funds at the moment I need a cheap but not useless alternative to the only thing being recommended - modmic - which looks like $60 Australian to get one of those.
I don't mind spending a little but $60 for a modmic seems a bit much...

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