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Technical Support / COD Bug in Apex Manager
« on: 10:05 PM - 03/14/18 »
Not sure if this effects all CODs, but I'm guessing it does. I can confirm that on WW2, there is a bug in Manger.

I only use one translator to avoid issues with ads delay. What I do is set my hip to use the ads translator and then disable the ads activation key on the ads page, so that the translator never changes whether I soon from hip or go into ads.  The big I noticed is that even if you save your settings in Manger, every time you close the Manger, the next time you open it, it won't remember that you set your ads activation key to nothing. This causes me to go into a game, unaware of this, and try to ads and my sens jumps all the way way up to the default 40, which is way faster than the turn speed would be with the sens I have set for the hip page.

I've gotten sounds this by instead of remembering to deactivate the ads activation key every time I start manager, I just set the ads page sens to the same thing as the hip page, which is using the ads translator.

This obviously works and isn't a huge deal, but just letting you know if the bug in any event.

Using the latest 0306 beta build for manager on a Google pixel 2 XL.

Have the PS4 controller plugged into a Roccat Apuri hub, along with my g900 mouse and g13 keyboard. Plugged the headset that the PS4 comes with into controller but it isn't recognized as an audio device. Only the PlayStation camera is selectable.

Using 1000hz polling. Tried the XIM Apex hub but it won't power my g13.

Never had this happen before and I know that the game is just in Alpha, but figured I'd report it anyway.  Playing BF1 Alpha the last couple days, there were 2 occasions where I was pushing buttons and nothing was happening.  Looked up at the XIM4 to see if there were Purple Lights or something and there were no lights at all.  The mouse and keyboard still were lit up though.  Went and unplugged the XIM4 and plugged it back in.  After it rebooted, all was good.  Just had to reconnect with the Manager, obviously.

This happened 2 times over the course of about 4hrs or so of play.  Every single time it happened, was after a match had finished.  You now have to hit Triangle to continue or it leaves you looking at the postgame stuff even if the next round has started.  It was when trying to hit Triangle that I realized that nothing was happening.  It never happened while playing in the match and I've never seen it happen on any other game.

I know it's an Alpha and freezes and crashes happen, so I'm not really expecting a call to action or anything.  I'm just reporting a bug just in case it may point to some other issue and that the fact that it happened only with the BF1 Alpha in the same circumstance, is just a big coincidence.

General Discussion / Battlefield 1 Closed Alpha
« on: 08:06 AM - 07/06/16 »
Just an FYI.  For those that may soon get their invite to the Closed Alpha, the BF4 ST works very well, not surprisingly.  Not perfect, I don't think, but more than acceptable.  Something feels the slightest bit off, but that could be that I'm just not used to playing Battlefield with the new Steady Aim Beta FW.

Not supposed to talk about the game, but I have to say quickly that the graphics are pretty insane.  Especially considering it's an Alpha and DICE usually dials down the graphical settings in their Alphas and Betas.

Last thing.  I know that people have complained about the overabundance of graphical cues and icons in Battlefield, and especially with this being a WWI game, that they need to dial down the tech, but there is almost no visual information in the game, and I think they went a bit too far in the opposite direction.  Maybe as I learn the maps (well map since there's just one ATM) it will be easier, but I find it hard to see people in the game and that's during clear conditions.  The game has dynamic weather so the same map can sometimes be bright and sunny, very foggy, or pouring rain.  Definitely adds to the tension to not be able to have Doritos everywhere, but it's kind of frustrating too on a map this big.  Minimap is pretty useless as only people spotted are on it.  Not people making noise like shooting.  There doesn't seem to be directional hit markers either so it's hard to know where fire is coming from sometimes.

Liking the game so far, but I think it could use some more visual info.  Perhaps I'll get used to it, though.

General Discussion / G13 and Sugru?
« on: 09:09 AM - 12/24/15 »
I've seen a lot of people say that they replaced their thumbsticks with ones from other controllers, but has anyone had any luck with simply doing a nub on top of the existing stick with Sugru?  Does it dry hard enough for that to be viable? 

Never used Sugru before, but in the vids it looks kinda flexible when it dries.  I know people use it to mold grips on mice and things like that, which is ok, preferable even, in those applications.  For a nub, it would need to be as stiff, or close to it, as the nubs on say a DS4 or something.

Surface by Speed Aluminum Pad:

Edit:  Since I returned the Func pad and am all about the Surface by Speed Aluminum pad, I updated this thread.  Doesn't make sense anymore as it started as a recommendation for the Func pad.  I left the original info below, though, in case anyone that would rather have a large plastic pad, can still find it.

Original recommendation:

The Func F-Series F10s Hardpad at 17" is the only one that fits the bill.

It is 17" wide and 11.5" tall.  It is the same thickness as the steelseries 4/9HD hardpads.  The surface of the F10 is smoother than the 9HD, but has a tiny bit of texture.  Still has good control, but a better glide.  Might still prefer the 9HD surface  a bit, though my mouse feet will probably prefer the F10s lol.  They make it in an F30r variation which is rougher and probably closer to the 9HD, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the 17" version, only the smaller one (13" I think).

I had been using a mouse bungee for my cord, but the pad comes with a cord clip, and I actually prefer it.  Kept the cord out of the way and not dragging, but still had enough slack.  Even the slack is kept away.


XIM 4 Discussions / Razer Tartarus Thumbstick
« on: 03:34 PM - 12/22/15 »
Is the Thumbstick recognized instantly by the XIM4, or does it need XIM Commander so you can keep Synapse running?  About to purchase one, but if I can't use the Thumbstick to move my character, then there's no point for me.

For PC, is it recognized by games automatically, or do you have to bind each direction like WASD?  How does that affect 8-way?  Is it even analog?

Beta / XIM4 Firmware 20150525
« on: 11:39 AM - 05/28/15 »
Sorry.  Didn't see a feedback thread for this version and wanted to ask a question related to it.

In the list of new features it mentions improved aiming fidelity.  Is this a reiteration of the STv2 that we already had in the previous FW or has it been improved even further in this latest release?

I can't test it myself since the wireless Sony Nav is still broken in this version, so wanted to know if there were more aiming improvements.

While on the subject, any ETA for the wireless Nav fix?

Game Support / Game Updates Suggestion
« on: 10:19 AM - 10/08/14 »
Might I suggest that a closed and stickied thread titled something like "Game Updates" be created and stickied in this forum (or a more appropriate one if there is another) that has the game(s) that is/are a part of a given update.

This way, Obs can go in and add a post that so and so game ST was included in the update and all can easily see what is in the update.  The post would have the date, so there is no confusion about when it dropped or what game, and forum users can easily see if there is a new game update by visiting this sub forum and seeing if the Game Update thread has a "New" next to it.

I think this would be beneficial for a few reasons.  Obs wouldn't need to create a new thread for every game ST release.  It would also solve the confusion some are having with the BF4 update where people aren't sure whether a new ST was released for the new Advanced settings in the Fall Patch.  With a single thread, they could easily see the date for multiple entries of the same game and know that if they haven't updated after that point, that they are out of date.  It could also help in terms of them knowing that an update is out before they get home, so if XIM4 Manager doesn't auto pull it for some reason, they know they need to restart, because an update is definitely there.

Just think this would be a good addition for the community.  Let me know XIM Team if you think this is a good idea, or even if this should be in Feedback as opposed to this sub forum.

General Discussion / Artisan Hayate
« on: 03:03 PM - 09/15/14 »
For those that love their Hayate's that I've heard so much about.  Are you using the Soft or the Mid version?

It's pretty pricey but still thinking about getting one.  Currently using a steelseries qck Heavy and steelseries 9HD.  Have a Razer Goliathus Speed also, but it's seen better days lol.

XIM 4 Discussions / Aim Jumps Occasionally
« on: 03:40 PM - 08/21/14 »
For lack of a better word, that's what happens.  I don't even have to be doing anything.  I have left the mouse alone on Test Range (BF4) and seen it do this as well.  BAsically every now and again the crosshairs will be pointing somewhere and then they just jump up or over a a couple inches randomly.

Happens every now and again.  No rhyme or reason.  Throws off my aim every once in a while when playing.

Don't know if this is known or if others have the same issue.  It happens so infrequently that it isn't a deal breaker by any stretch, but if it can be fixed, I figure I should make it known.

Thought it may have been my mouse or something at first, but I was previously using the G700s and recently got the G502 and the same thing happens.

Didn't see this listed on the bugs/fixes list, though it may be related to something else like the power drain issue.

Feedback / ADS Delay Simplification
« on: 08:51 AM - 08/20/14 »
First time XIM owner, but I've been following the forums long before I even created an account.  Heard about XIM a few years ago, but missed the boat on the Edge so wound up getting a FragFX Shark.  It was cool, but I could tell the XIM would be better, so I still followed from time to time in hopes of getting one.  I say this just to illustrate that even though I'm a first time owner of XIM4 (and extremely satisfied by the way... ecstatic might be more apt lol) I have been reading up on it for a very long time.

A lot of first timers are not as well versed on the XIM though, and I've seen a lot of confusion on several aspects of the XIMs many features.  Nature of the beast and not at all unexpected, but there is one area that I think some of the confusion on one aspect of the device could be eliminated, with a subtle tweak.  That's ADS Delay.

I've seen a ton of threads asking about ADS Delay.  Though I never created a thread, I had questions about it myself.  Through the course of reading said threads and seeing the answers to the questions, I learned that there are extremely few games (pretty much just COD?) that actually have an in game mechanic of delaying ADS until the sights are up.  COD is obviously the king of shooters, so there definitely is a need for this feature in XIM, even if this is just about the only game that needs it, but it creates some confusion for the rest of the games that don't like Battlefield, which isn't as popular, but is the next most popular shooter series out in terms of sales numbers.

Many people are asking what they should set their ADS Delay to on BF4.  Some are using ADS Delay when they shouldn't be, because they assume that all shooters have it, since it's talked about so much.  Not knowing that it's talked about so much, not because every game uses it, but just because COD is so popular that it becomes a hot topic just because of that one series.

I know that there are a lot of things on the plate for XIM in terms of fixes and features right now, so I know that there are bigger fish to fry, but my suggestion to the XIM Team would be to consider greying out the ADS Delay option in XIM4 Manager, for games that don't have an in-game ADS Delay mechanic.  That way people will know beyond a doubt when they should use it and when they shouldn't and then they only have to worry about what the delay number is that they need for the games that actually have one.

Not saying it is the end of the world, but I think it is a subtle tweak that wouldn't be too terribly difficult to implement and it would prevent people from not only being confused, but using the device the wrong way, unknowingly, which could lead to them thinking that there is an issue with how the device works in general.

Apologize for the long post.  Just wanted to articulate the idea fully and to offer some feedback that I think can help the community and alleviate potential time wasted on support with a tweak to the interface.  Extremely happy customer and thank the XIM Team for their efforts and for delivering a fantastic product.

Game Support / BF4 ADS Delay
« on: 02:29 PM - 08/14/14 »
I am starting this thread, because another thread sparked the question, which I never got an answer to, and I doubt that I will, because said thread has devolved into an internet bragging/tough guy fest.  So hoping I will have better luck getting an answer here.

I may be the wrong person to judge this, based on my playstyle, but I don't see any difference in the way Hip transitions to ADS in BF4 with a delay of 0, and the way that Hip transitions to ADS on BF4 PC.  Both of which I play a ton.  I'm pretty confident about that statement.

Here is the qualifier though.  I ONLY play Recon and I ONLY play with bolt action rifles with an 8x scope (once unlocked anyway, as a couple of bolts start out with 6 or 7x, but but it's like only 3 or 4 at most), and I ONLY play aggressively.  The reason why I make that clear is to say a few things:

1- I only play with bolt actions, so they are obviously the same weapon class.  I only play with 8x, so they are all the same scope and likely all have the same ADS delay behavior.  Because of that, I can say that I have used them enough to know that it's performing pretty much the same on PS4 with XIM4 as on PC.  However, because I only use the same weapon types with the same scopes, that could be why I don't notice any ADS delay issues, because I'm not seeing any variation, not to mention the way that I aim, I may not anyway.  More on that.

2- Because I play Recon aggressively with an 8x scope, I may not notice an issue with delay because I'm not shooting from the hip first and then transitioning to ADS mid gun battle like I would if I was using an AR or SMG or LMG.  I spend all my time pre-aiming in Hip and then going to ADS, seeing how far off my aim is for a split second, and then quickly drag scoping to correct any initial error from hip, or to hit the head.  Or, pre-aiming with Hip and then going to ADS, seeing how far off I am, and after seeing that I actually pre-aimed perfectly, firing a split second later.  Essentially a quick-scope.

So again, while I'm confident that I see no difference in aiming on PS4 with XIM4 set at ADS delay of 0, and aiming on PC, the reason I don't see a difference could be because there is none, or it could be that the way I play, I wouldn't see the difference even if there is.

So my hope is that mist or someone else that really knows, can chime in and clear up if ADS delay at 0 is recommended, and if not, what should it be set at?  Also, I've seen it mentioned that Symthic has specific ADS delay stats listed, but I couldn't find it.  Can anyone point me to where they are if they have them?


XIM 4 Discussions / Sign for Delivery?
« on: 10:19 AM - 07/23/14 »
Will the XIM4 require a sig or it won't be left?  I ask, because I will be on vacation starting 8/1 until 8/9, but I was still going to order on the 28th.  If it doesn't require a sig I will have it delivered to my front door and it should be ok until my in laws stop by to feed the cat.  If not, maybe I will wait to order till I get back and hope that they are still available.

Also, in your Dev Blog you say that the XIM4 will ship no later than 8/1, so that leaves open the possibility that it could ship before 8/1.  How likely is that?


XIM 4 Discussions / Razer DA Deal
« on: 01:36 PM - 06/24/14 »
For those that are looking for a new mouse to go with their XIM4, figured I'd post this deal in case it helps anyone, since I've seen this mouse recommended often.


"An excellent gaming mouse, the Razer DeathAdder, bundled with a $50 Steam gift card, in the middle of the Steam Summer Sale, no less. That makes this mouse basically a $20 purchase and a total no-brainer. This is a today-only deal, so grab it before it's gone."

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