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General Discussion / Black Ops 2 matchmaking
« on: 08:27 AM - 02/11/13 »
Does anyone know how this really works yet? Does it filter by SPM or by Prestige and rank? I've seen a little bit of both online but does anyone actually know?

Test Area / testing
« on: 03:14 PM - 01/02/13 »
Testing.. check.. check.. mic. check.. testing. 1. 2. 3. 4. test. test. mic. check. testing

General Discussion / BO2 - Southeast
« on: 10:36 AM - 12/26/12 »
If anyone else is in the Southeast add me CaptSackJparrow.

General Discussion / Minecraft - PC
« on: 09:00 AM - 12/10/12 »
Would anyone be interested in getting a server up and running? I wouldn't mind running as host or we could pay for a server host.

General Discussion / The Walking Dead Thread
« on: 08:36 AM - 12/04/12 »
I'm pretty sure just about everyone watches this. If you don't, I do not know what it is that you're doing with your life. Do you guys think there is going to be a new leader for Ricks group? I vote Daryl.

General Discussion / Best Black Ops 2 Weapon Poll
« on: 08:58 AM - 11/30/12 »
Just curious what gun has the most use for us XIM guys.

I had hoped to be gaming tonight as I lined up buying an xbox (slim-250gb) and Black ops 2 off of craigslist today. I come home, plug up my XIM (thanks to TuffRabbit) and played for about 15 minutes when I start getting these vertical lines in my screen. I messaged the guy and he says "Yeah bro... it's normal for that to happen, all xbox's do that when they get hot". I replied with "well my room is about 65 and the unit is very cool". He replies "Welp sorry bro, I already spent that money shopping today so I can't help you out". I do not have this guys name or address. I do have his phone number. I know $200 isn't worth going to small claims court over so I guess I'm just going to have to take this loss. Anyone know a fix for this? Also, does anyone know of any websites I can enter a name and cell number to get all kinds of free offers and specials?  ;) If I can't get my money back maybe I can at least aggravate him with spammed text.

General Discussion / Black Ops 2: Zombies
« on: 08:47 AM - 11/22/12 »
Anyone else play zombies? Looking for others who really enjoy it. Grief mode is the shiiiiat.  ;D

General Discussion / Hi
« on: 01:50 PM - 11/14/12 »
Hi  ;D

General Discussion / no more gaming for me....
« on: 06:48 AM - 03/06/12 »
Hey guy's..

I have some family things going on and I won't be gaming much anymore, at least for awhile.  I have some things for sale if anyone is interested. I'm not sure where or if we can post these anymore but I have my turtle beach x41's, XIM3, razor mamba, Hauppage HDPVR for sale if anyone wants to message me.

Just wondering if I should turn in game recording off. If it is actually worth it.

General Discussion / RC Airplane
« on: 01:24 PM - 01/04/12 »
Just posted 3 new videos of my old 1/3 scale Piper j-3 Cub flying if anyone is into Radio Control.


General Discussion / EWIX Clan - MW3 and BF3
« on: 08:38 PM - 11/21/11 »
Think you got what it takes to be a team EWIX member? Show us what you got! Talk to captsackjparrow or beezles. If you're good enough, you'll also be showcased on the clan's youtube channel!

General Discussion / Need pictures of Xim3 for modeling
« on: 05:50 AM - 11/08/11 »
Can anyone post several pictures from different angles of the xim3? I am going to start working on a 3d model today. Also if you could get the height (front and back), width and length that would be great. I forgot mine at home today and had hoped to get started on the project. Thanks

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