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Tutorials / Hycarus gaming keypad : HELP
« on: 10:54 AM - 07/07/21 »
So I came across this gaming keypad on Amazon and it reminded me of the Logitech g13 but with mechanical keys. So I figured I'd give it a try and fortunately I was lucky to obtain one as they are currently sold out. Received it a couple days ago and plugged it into the XIM Apex. The Xim recognize some keys but not all of them. So I decided to install the software for this keypad. I was able to rebind the keys on the program and then plugging it back into the XIM. Some keys I rebinded did change but the weird thing with this device is that the wasd keys and thumbstick is somehow locked to movement even after I binded them to something else for example the thumb stick to arrow keys. This seems like an internal thing where it is somehow locked to each other and can't be changed. My question is, is it possible or are there any programs out there that I can use to bypass this issue. Or can I somehow reflash this board and use a firmware or program like what tuff rabbit uses for his modded orbweaver,Tartarus and his very own keypad. Looking forward to your ideas or suggestions. Below is a link of the device for reference.


Been getting this error all night when opening up xim manager on my phone. Never had this problem. Only noticed this issue after adding the new PUBG translator but in only started happening yesterday. What seems to be the problem here?

So, I want to know what does turn assist exactly do, like adding boost and increasing sensitivity and whatever, this because I want to make an AUX that is basically turn assist and it will give me the possibility to add activation delay. Looking to create one for dialed menus.

H1Z1 is coming out really soon and I'm sure PS4 ximmers are looking forward to it. Unfortunately an official ST won't be available upon launch but I'm sure we can find one and maybe find a game translator that we can make work for the meantime. When PUBG released on the Xbox , the community was testing numerous games to find that translator that worked well. It wasn't perfect but it got the job done until an official was created. We all thought the day would never come because the game made it difficult for our MVP mist to even try an attempt to create one because the game did not have a mode where he could stay in one place and focus and work his magic. His hard work and dedication made it a possibility however.

So while he does his magic when he gets the opportunity, we as a community can work together and find a temporary solution to make the game payable and enjoyable. So with that said I'd ike to invite the community, the gamers, and the hated by the controller users to our XIM community discord. With over 1k members currently, it's a place where you can discuss anything!

Here's the link and we hope to see you soon!


I'm trying to hook up a Behringer 802 mixer to use with my PS4 and X1X. In addition I'm also using a Astro mixamp to pair with the mixer. I was successful getting it to work with the XIM4 and PS4 previously , but this time around is a bit tricky as my set is sort of complicated.

I have my PS4 and X1X usb cable that leads to the Apex via an USB switcher which leads out to a single USB cable to the Apex. This next part is where I'm stuck on as I'm trying to use a 4 port USB hub before the Apex. It's a 2.0 USB hub which I read should work with the Apex.  On one of the 4 ports on the hub, the Apex is connected and another port is the mixamp.

When all connected I can't get the Apex to work ( MnK and controller is not responsive) with also no audio coming out of the mixamp.

I am at lost. I'd like to ask the community help brainstorm this with me so I can get this thing going.

Most streamers use a mixer so I'd like to know if any streamers on here have any sort of knowledge on how you have your set up running, assuming you use a mixer.

Thanks for the time guys and I look forward to some suggestions.

Trying to get my PS4 and Xbox to work via one USB cable to the Apex. Using a USB hub but can't seem to get my mouse and keyboard to work. I'm wondering if I need a powered USB hub or maybe one of those KvM type switches.. The controller works when connected to the Apex but the MnK just doesn't. What do you folks suggest?

My set up goes like this.

PS4 USB-------
            USB hub ---Apex --Apex USB hub
XBX USB------

I can get the controllers on both to work while connected to the Apex but the MnK are not responsive even though they show up on the xim manager.

Now if I go the normal route without the usb hub before Apex ,it works as it should.

I can get controllers on both to work while connected to the Apex but the MnK won't work.

Now if I go the normal route without the usb hub before Apex ,it works as it should.

Windows seems to install drivers and recognizes it but when trying to map buttons on padstar and other programs it does nothing. Buttons when pressed in the program does not do anything. What am I missing here?

I've tried 2 Nav controllers and both do nothing.

Wanted to ask the community if they can give me an answer to my question. Maybe the man himself can answer as well. I've used STv2 and I hate it. Tried the SA beta's and somewhat liked v3 and v5 but they just don't feel the same as STv1. Even with some tweaks they just don't match up. I've been using 20151120 FW and it just feels great. I've noticed my aim/ play (Destiny) to be so much better. No curves no boost just flat line. I'm going to need to make a decision at some point due to hardware compatibly so I thought I'd get some info on here. Looking forward to y'all replies and thanks in advance.

So long story short my Western Digital external hard drive went bad. Something in drive went corrupt. Thus my Mac doesn't recognize the drive.  So I data recovered the drive via "test disk" program. The problem I have now is the drive is now locked ( never set up a password etc. ). I can't get passed this and it's getting frustrating. I don't wanna lose any files. So erasing is out of the question. I've googled for some answers but the suggestions I've read has not resolved the issue. So if anyone in the community has experienced something similar please help a brotha out! I'm stumped and don't know what else to do.

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Hardware Compatibility / Foot pedal/board ?
« on: 12:14 PM - 06/07/16 »
I wanted to find out if there are other foot pedals that will work with the xim4. I have this Stinky board but it's just massive for my small feet and I'll be returning it. Any suggestions?

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Been waiting for this for almost 2 years now. Seemed like it was gonna take off but it looks like something is holding it back. The fact that it's XIM4 compatible makes it just more interesting. What happened?

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So I currently use a Philips Fidelio X1 and was wondering if this is just as good  or way better than the X1. I think for $99 that's a steal but I'm not convinced enough to buy it. What do you guys think?

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So I have two routers and wanna set up the second router to extend my home network. The main router which is upstairs gives me poor wireless signals  on my devices when I'm downstairs. What I wanna do is set up the second router as an additional access point to my home network. I'm not sure what is the best way to set it up as, either a repeater or bridge. I also wanna be able to have some devices [ Xbox, WiiU, second PS4 , and my smartTV ] wired to that second router. So my question is which of the two is the best option to achieve what I want? Lastly my ISP provider's modem/router combo is set up to bridge mode as I can't really have it as a "modem" only unfortunately. So I don't know if it'll have any impact on the setup. As always, looking for suggestions from the y'all. Thanks in advance.

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If keyboards can go wireless shouldn't it be possible for keypads as well? Looking to see if anyone on here ( Tuff, W11CE,Roads,RML,Yeesh ) know of any Adapters,receivers,transmitters,etc that would make it possible. Would it be a good thing? Bad?

So I've been looking at the stinkyboard and read a few threads on here. So far I've read of an issue of key bindings with the XiM.  So I wanted to find out if any owners in here have found a fix and/or the issue still exist. Also I'd like to get some feedback on it, like if its a good investment or just a waste of money. Y'all opinions would greatly be appreciated. Good or bad.

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