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Hi all -

Work has kept me away for more than I care to say and my posts have been limited for a while.  Sob story or not, what I'm seeing some folks doing here now is inconceivable.  In short, from the XIM1 days we all traded setups, standards, mouse info, deadzone modifications, etc. etc. etc. to help folks get their perfect feel.  Spreadsheets were created.  Threads went on for months.  And all anyone wanted was a "thanks" and the satisifaction of knowing they were helping others have fun at a hobby they shared. 

Period.  Paragraph.  End of story. 

Seeing all this crap about "PM me if you want the goods" or what have you is nothing short of insane.  There is no secret sauce, folks.  Watch the intro videos, read the forums via the search function, and have fun with it.  Start with the smart translators at 1:1, boost a bit, fiddle with your Y/X ratio, copy a curve from the *many* that are already out there, and tweak to your liking. 

Simple as that. 

I can't tell OBsIV or the mods what to do or how to handle this, but @#$% if it doesn't frustrate the hell out of me that someone new to the XIM forums could come across one of these posts and think that's what this place is all about. 


General Discussion / Wanted: dead or alive
« on: 11:47 PM - 12/01/14 »
Name:  Roads
Age:  43 1/2
Home:  Somewhere in Europe (Germany if memory serves)
Profession:  Many would say quackery, but he prefers "Doctor"

Seriously ... Where the heck is my favorite modern day Don Quixote?  Anyone know? 

General Discussion / Alert the media...
« on: 08:41 AM - 10/13/14 »
....we're done with our audit (came out smelling like a rose), and I can play with my kids, go out with my wife, coach some sports, and game once again!

Last thing I touched was Destiny right at release -- hit level 6 after a few hours and then hell came to breakfast at work.  Ugh. 

Looking forward to finally getting into that again if anyone else is still intersted in playing and will let a Destiny noobie come along for the ride!  I'm sure most of the crew has hammered through that Vault of Glass, but start another character and help a brother out!  =)

Can't wait!

Gents -- I need help finding a new game / addiction. 

I'm done with Killzone:SF and while I've loved every COD up until now, Ghosts simply didn't work for me at all.

I don't want this to be a COD bash fest because I've loved every version up until this one.  Ghosts simply disappointed me on a number of levels.  Killzone's #s are getting really low and finding a game with a good local connection to the server is getting harder and harder. 

I want to like/play Destiny but (as many of my posts have shown) being colorblind is killing me right now and I'm nervous about getting another game that makes it hard as hell to tell who is who.  (Force Mods / outfits on MOHAA used to make things soooooo much easier for idiots like me.)

I've never Battlefield-ed more than a few minutes here or there with the controller, but am willing to start I guess when the new one comes out if you all say it's worth it.  Evolve is the only other thing I think looks mildly interesting / innovative.   

TL/DR -- I'm PS4 and looking for suggestions.   

Looks much better than I could have hoped!

Nice subtle touch with the bumps for the different port numbers one, two, and three.

Beta / OMG the Killzone SF smarty is AMAZING!!!!!
« on: 10:43 AM - 04/01/14 »
Thank you Mist!!!

While not COD, it's certainly *the* best smarty I've ever used outside of COD for any other game.  To think how much untapped potential I always thought was there.  Whether it's them improving the look mechanic or the McLearnybot 2.0, I'm thrilled. 

It still gets slightly muddy in places, but overall I'm absolutely stunned how @#$% good it is.   Well done Mist.  I'm so happy you can't even know....

Beta / Upon startup...
« on: 09:08 AM - 03/30/14 »
...it flashes the XBox One green box in the middle underneath the new spinning / thinking animation you use.  Not sure if intentional or a hiccup.

....my ops guy had my PC the other day and now, after doing this update, I'm getting that response.  What am I missing / doing wrong?  I have Quicktime installed.  Do I need to delete and reinstall that abomination?


It started at $500, but is now selling at 3 major retailers for $450 with a $60 game included.  That puts the system at $390 using straightforward math. Now I know margins change in situations like this, but in the end the big sales bump XBone has seen in the USA with Titanfall should continue if they keep this up. 

According to this article, some of the other current bundle pricing also falls into this new category as well, so if Forza or Ryse is your cup of tea, you can go that route as well. 

OMG...I can't take this anymore.  I may simply stop reading 1/2 the threads that I normally enjoy.   Either of the following three options has taken over pretty much every thread and there simply is no more level headed discourse. 

1)  Everything re: Console sales, Titanfall, etc. degenerates into a "PS4 ruuuuuulz / XBone suxxxx"

2)  XIM4 won't work on PS4 evahhhhhhhhhhhh

3)  People just making wild suppositions re: OBsIVs plans and requirements for the upcoming product

Please guys -- talk about the substance of people's arguments / statements and don't go ballistic / personal with your console of choice if you don't like the direction a discussion is going.  Talk about the merits of each.

Both new gen systems have a ton of good about them.  Things don't always have to be mutually exclusive.  

Sad day. 

After trucking along from launch night forward with nary a hitch -- my PS4 up and died.  No odd light.  No grinding noise.  Just dead.

The wife was watching a Blu Ray of "The Little Mermaid" with my 2 year old daughter when the system flashed "You are no longer connected to the internet" and powered off for good.

Called Sony customer service and I'll have a new one in a week or so (with my treasured Mermaid disc back of course), but still...


My brother sent me this the other day...


Which led me to this.  Which made me smile.



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