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Game Support / Black Ops 4 ST Issue (Solved)
« on: 06:18 AM - 10/19/18 »
Update: Just went though the download process again and it works now :)

Hey all,

I downloaded the ST for BO4 on my Apex via my PC. Have just tried to load this on my PS4 but as soon as I try this my Xim app crashes. I can got back to my PC and change to another ST which works but it's struggling with the new Black Ops 4 one. (Also on the app load game screen theirs no game picture showing on the left)

Any ideas?

Thanks! :)

XIM 3 Discussions / VID: Drive In HQ (D&B Edit)
« on: 10:27 AM - 08/26/11 »
Hope you like my D&B edit of a HQ match on Drive In!

Track: Box Bottom ft Babba - Bounce N Boom (Gutters D&B Mix)

As always feedback is most welcomed :)

General Discussion / Newport Shootings
« on: 06:56 AM - 08/20/11 »
3 women were shot yesterday in a hair dressers in Newport, this is on the road at the bottom of the street where my ex wife and kids live!!


Thankfully they were not at home and are fine, turns out this idiot has just come out of prison and found out that his girlfriend is seeing someone else, after shooting the women, all of whom survived, he then killed himself in a forest last night.

With the riots, this and the numerous conflicts and injustice, at times i do wonder what the fooks happened to the World!  :o

Lo all,

I've remixed 'Freak-a-Zoid's'  :)

Thanks for ya feedback on the original and I've tried to include those changes in this remix..including new clips with more first person shots! I've also learnt and used some new effects and re did the audio from scratch so it's clean, and to eliminate any out of sync game audio caused by bleeds from iMovie!

(This is the original)

As always feedback welcomed   :)


Hey all,

My latest montage is up!  :D

Get your FREAK on and TUNE into FPS 'TV' to watch 'Freak-a-Zoids' (Black Ops Montage)

This took a 'while' to make and I've tried to use peoples feedback re previous montages in this, including colour correction, and learnt some new fx in AAE / Vegas which I've tried not to over use!  :o

Hope you like it!  :)

XIM 3 Discussions / VID: FPS 'TV' Black Ops - Grid FFA
« on: 02:01 PM - 08/02/11 »
Thankfully no cheaters in this one  ;D

I had mixed response re my colour correction in my last vid so have tweaked it in this, please post ya feedback!

Hope you like it  :)

General Discussion / Ironic :/ (Cheats)
« on: 07:07 AM - 08/02/11 »
This is ironic, looks like the people that support lag switches / cheaters (Timmie & crew) have made a U Tube chann called 'CatchThaCheaters'

They've used this to report me for using an XIM!  :o

I had this message this morning:

"I reported you blackopscheaters
I reported you for using a unsupported peripheral device, the XIM3.

I already got a email back and they said they are looking in to it, and they are going to be posting a couple of your videos. It is in the pending stage right now, they said they have there escalation team looking into the issue."

I do find this somewhat amusing as people that openly admit to cheating are now using an anti cheating chann probably created by a cheater (on 1st Aug with 1 friend 'Timmie') to try and get revenge on me for reporting cheaters!! lol  ;D

This video is from a game i joined earlier, its sad that this @#$% in Blops now  :'(

Two people have already posted saying they use a lag switch also!! This sucks, please post your feedback on you tube and help shame these losers!!

I've posted my second vid with commentary in my Objective based series, this is CTF on Hanger 18

I'm using my new AT2020 mic so please let me know what you think of it plus I've dabbled in some colour correction, it makes the blues, reds etc stand out but the rest seems a bit bland, Do you think this is mainly down to the map being very greyish? Also any feedback on how to improve my commentary is most welcomed!

Thanks for ya help!  ;D

Thought I'd post this as I mention the Top Shot Contest / winners and XIM  ;D

I'm still new to doing commentary's so any feedback on how to improve is welcome, hope ya like it!  :)

XIM 3 Discussions / FPS 'TV' on Facebook!
« on: 04:29 AM - 07/07/11 »
Hey all,
I've made a face book page for FPS 'TV' this is to help improve interaction, post updates and promote vids / chann etc. Please add me as a friend at http://www.facebook.com/SoulXim
I'm also going to use this for some clan related stuff, I'm looking to make a clan with a group of like minded gamers, Im from Wales so my time zone is GMT and i play most evenings / weekend.
Hope to see you on Face book!!  ;D

XIM 3 Discussions / Crisis 2 ST sens problem (Fixed)
« on: 05:31 AM - 04/22/11 »

I've just installed the new Crisis2 ST's, (the game looks awesome) the problem i have is that both norm and ads sens settings seem to have no effect whatsoever on the game. The only way I can affect sens is via the in game menu, the only 'nearly playable' in game sens is 25, but then norm movement is to fast and ads is to slow, even tried ads at 160+ and norm at 0 but still no change  :o

I'm using the latest flash drop.

Any idea's?



Xbox / Rankings?
« on: 07:36 AM - 04/05/11 »
Just wondered if these actually mean anything?
I normally never check these and when i did yest, was surprised to see for FFA, I was 25th in the World!  :o


Hi and welcome to FPS 'TV'  ;D

Here you will find a selection of video's focusing on First Person Shooters all showcasing the amazing XIM3

Most of my vids give you the option to watch either a 'clean' non edited version with no music or effects..just gameplay! OR my funked up 'edited' versions WITH music! I'm also adding some 'Mini Clips' which are just for fun with various themes, effects and audio samples.

'Edited' versions are marked as [Edit] & clean 'non edited' versions are marked as [Clean] and vids marked as HQ HD are recorded in full 720p on my Hauupage HD PVR.

I play offensively so if ya into 'running & gunning' style gameplay, then hopefully you will like some of these, if you do then please show your support by subscribing and rating etc.

I've just made a Face Book page for FPS 'TV'..add me for requests, updates, vids & for better interaction etc

FPS 'TV' - Facebook

Thank you  :)

Latest Vid Added: 21st June 11

FPS 'TV' - Black Ops - FFA 'Nuketown' 30-0 (With Commentary) 

Mini Clips

FPS 'TV' - Black Ops '3 Nasty Dwarves' [Mini Clip EP 04]

'Operation Care Package' [Mini Clip EP 03] HQ HD

'Crysis 2' - 'Buzz Vs Zurg' "I AM your FATHER!!" [Mini Clip 02] HQ HD

'Hanoi Jumpshot' [Mini Clip 01] HQ HD

'FPS TV' Video List

FPS 'TV' - Black Ops - FFA 'Summit' 30-3 [Clean]

FPS 'TV' - SoulXim 3 'Tough Kids' 'Top Shot Entry' III

FPS 'TV' - SoulXim 3 'Top Shot Entry' II (Black Ops)

FPS 'TV' - SoulXim 3 'Drop Shot Entry' HQ HD

FPS 'TV' 'Black Ops Unleashed' (Multiplayer Montage) HQ HD

FPS 'TV' Domination 'Stockpile' 30-3 [Edit] HQ HD

FPS 'TV' Domination 'Stockpile' (With Commentary) [Clean] HQ HD

FPS 'TV' 'Firing Range' 49-18 - [Clean] HQ HD

FPS 'TV' FFA 'Discovery' 23-3 (Half Match) [Clean] HQHD

FPS 'TV' FFA 'Stockpile' 30-3 [Clean] HQHD

MW2 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' [Hack / Boosting] (With FIRST Voice Com) HQ HD

'Crisis 2' 'Multiplayer Montage' HQ HD

'Crisis 2' FFA 25-8 [Clean] HQ HD

'Havana' FFA 30-2 [Edit] HQ HD

'Havana' FFA 30-2 [Clean] HQ HD

'Hungry Dogs' FFA 30-1 [Edit]

'Hungry Dogs' FFA 30-1 [Clean] HQ HD

'Summit Stakeout' [Edit]

'Summit Stakeout' [Clean] HQ HD

HD PVR test & new 3D logo HQ HD

XIM 3 Black Ops Montage

'Jungle' - FFA 30-6 [Edit]

'Toma Town' (RMX) [Edit]

'Toma Town' Tomahawk Montage (Nuketown) [Edit]

'Stadium' FFA 30-2 [Edit]

'Firing Range' FFA 30-3 [Clean]

I'm new to editing and have been watching iDueli and love his style so am aspiring to that. If you can offer any tips or feedback on how to improve the quality, editing or style of my vids please say!

The music in my edited vids is generally DubStep, House or D&B so if ya into that then check em out!

Please rate / comment / sub  ;)

I'm using..

XIM3 / XBox 360 Slim / Belkin N52te / G 500 / AX Pro / 22" Samsung LED HDTV (UE22D5000)

Studio / Gaming Cave

Have only just bought the monitor so it's not in the pic, it rocks! Amazing picture, no input lag, 100hz and 2 ms refresh rate. Highly recommended!

Keep checking back here as I'll update this post with new vids as their done..



XIM 3 Discussions / Soul's XIM Vids!
« on: 04:45 AM - 03/20/11 »
Yo all,

I made my You Tube chann in honour of XIM 2 and now, I'm pleased to say, am including XIM 3 vids  ;D

I'm using XIM3 / XBox 360 / Belkin N52te / G 500 / AX Pro

Just uploaded my latest Vid 'Launch'

Please comment / rate / subscribe and post some feedback ;)

I'll update this thread with new video's as their done.

I hope you enjoy them! 

Launch - FFA 30-7 - HD

Jungle - FFA 30-6 - HD

XIM 3 Black Ops Montage - HD

Toma Town 'RMX'- Edited Tomahawk Montage on Nuketown - HD

Toma Town - Tomahawk Montage on Nuketown - HD

Random Tomahawk Kill - HD

Stadium - FFA 30-2 - HD

Firing Range - CTF - 6-0 - HD

One In The Chamber - Rank 1 with 25k - HD

Firing Range - FFA 30-3 - HD

Thank's!  ;)


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