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I have recently fallen in love with this game.
 Swat  is frig-gin awesome , i was playing this morning and almost won a match after the rest of my team quit.
I was so into it my left hand was trembling , i looked and had 35 kills  lost by 4 at the end.
Only started playing it a week ago after receiving a free disk .
 What are your favorites i need some suggestions?

  At think 47 i may be the oldest player in Halo  , any other aged gamers here?.

General Discussion / Anyone ever have broken Jaw teeth.
« on: 11:00 AM - 03/31/11 »
I have two broken teeth on my lower Jaw, and the nerves are exposed. And to top it off they are infected and cannot be numbed . So the dentist has put me on infection medicine and Tylenol 4 until  monday.
  Still playing with my xim2 but i feel like really slow slow, codeine makes me camp. :o

 Anyone else experienced this or something like it?

After a month of game play and testing various configs.
 I feel this is the best for me, it works with Sniper and Assault class plus its fairly good with vehicles its a balanced config .
  My secondary sensitivity is bound to my right mouse button, it helps a tad when firing at runners.
  I have the pc version of BFBC2 and tuned this to get as close as possible to the pc feel.
 Useing the same mouse  settings .
  Any questions feel free to ask.
 In-game sensitivity is turned all the way up.
Mouse Microsoft Habu 800dpi polling rate 1000

Dead Zone 40
Dead zone type circular
x/y ratio 1.6
Translation Exponent 0.50
Sensitivity primary  12.50
Sensitivity secondary 18.25
Smoothness 0.175


General Discussion / Gamefly Blows
« on: 01:21 AM - 12/30/09 »
 What are your opinions of Game-fly ?
I have a have had 2 games on my que for a week and they still have not shipped.
 Customer service gives me a song and dance saying people who have been waiting longer have priority.

 Netflix on the other-hand never a problem two days from the day i send in a DVD i have my next selection in my mailbox.

In mw2 i usually play team death-match , but thought i would try a little free for all today

I heard a unusual sound and went to investigate ,and found a little boosting party.
 Three guys were lining up for another player for head-shots.
I threw in a flash-bang and crashed the hoe-down, one was apparently one short of a nuke when his life was ended.
  And he was none too happy, it sounded like a rapist had just broke up a slumber party from all girl-like screaming i heard.
 After breaking them up once more time they gave up on the boosting and came after me in a frenzy.
It was my proudest moment in MW2 i ended up winning the match, and enraged  a group of boosters.

   I am sure alot of you have run into this, lets hear some story's.


    Modern Warfare 2 update 1.06 fixes Javelin glitch, infinite care packages, geography  exploits.
    *  Fixes the Javelin glitch (thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster!)
    * Fixes unlimited care packages glitch
    * Fixes areas where players could exploit geography (e.g. hide inside rocks in Afghan)

 Read about it here.


 Sup par config please delete this thread sorry.


polling rate = 500  set in Habu Razer  settings
x/y ratio 2.0
Win pointer speed = 8.5  set in Habu Razer advanced settings
Dead zone=28
Dead Zone Type=Circular
translation Exponent 0.37
Sensitivity primary 12.75
Sensitivity secondary  13.70
Smoothness 0.0

 12-6-09   I originally had this at a 1600 dpi con-fig , but now its at 800 just feels better.

12-12-09 i bumped up my win pointer speed in the Habu software.
 Also lowered the sensitivity from 13.50 to 12.75
 Secondary is now set at 13.75.
  Last match i went 32-4 not bad for a Grandpa.

I read on the general forum that xfps are no longer working, after the Oct 28 update.
  Can some give a update on the status of the Blaze pro and the Xconverter 360 ?

I Play mostly with a MX518 but have a Habu mouse and a second 360/
 I can"t seem to get the Habu dialed in does anyone have a good config for it ?

Configurations and Requests / Halo 3 mx518 1600 dpi
« on: 09:56 AM - 04/12/09 »
Been useing this config in team slayer, and out BRing nearly everyone i encounter.
 @#$% good sniping config as well got a, Rampage medal using it in the last game i played this morning.

 Display Acer 22 inch lcd monitor
 Set point pointer speed 7 seven clicks from the left.
Mouse mx518 1600 dpi
in game sens= 10
Deadzone= 7120
Xy ratio 1.7
translation exponent 0.36 updated from original 0.35
primary sensitivity= 4115
Secondary sensitivity=7500
diagonal Dampen=0.33 updated from original 0.35
 update rate rate=60
 Updated config  04/16/09


  I think i have gotten myself addicted to playing [email protected] Hardcore team death match.  I played for nines hour strait last night.
 But i need some tips on a a good weapon layout, and perks that work well in hardcore mode.
  I been useing
G43, Camouflage ,slight of hand, Second Chance.
 Either i was getting tired or the longer i played the worse i got it seemed.
  I am using a XIM 1 with Ub3rn00bers cod4 config.

I am working on a config for GRAW2 it looks promising .
 But when i  move the mouse while zoomed in it wants to zig zag a little, my guess it has a square dead zone.
What do i need to start tweaking to cut down on the zig zaging and get it to move in a true strait line ?

 here is what i have so far.
 Dead zone 33
 DZ  square
 y-x 2.15
 trans xp .65
 sens primary  8.5
 sens  sec  4.75


Configurations and Requests / COD4 logitech MX518 1600 dpi
« on: 06:56 AM - 03/09/08 »
 user -- Biskit64
in game sensitivity set at insane now

Mx518 1600  dpi
DeadZone                  = 30.0
DeadZoneType              = Circular
YXRatio                   = 2.25
TranslationExponent       = 0.49
SensitivityPrimary        = 3.9
SensitivitySecondary      = 6.9
Smoothness                = 0.15
MouseDeadZone             = 0
MouseUpdateFrequency      = 1


Technical Support / What the heck am i doing wrong ??
« on: 11:25 AM - 02/26/08 »

  I am useing a Microsoft optical mouse and a Microsoft keyboard  both plugged into the ps/2  plugins.
   First question are my keyboard and mouse recommended?  If not please point me to a list of one that are.

Also i have two issues and they may be related, I play cod4 and when i first start playing everything   works great .

 But after a while my mouse will snap to the left or right suddenly.
  Heres the other issue i have the, XAE2411  program running on the desktop of my computer while  gaming useing the XIM.
How the heck do i keep my mouse from clicking on other things on the desktop while im playing, It will change my wall papers and open up other programs while i am in ::)game.
  Maybe i am running it incorrectly how do you guys have it running without doing that ?
Sorry for being such a nube.

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