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General Discussion / Cod Mobile ? XIM Androideus ?
« on: 07:12 PM - 05/16/19 »
Imagine a XIM for your tablet, pwning touch screen noobs all day.

In fact there would be plenty of games that would be much better and easier to play with a mouse and keyboard on android. Android emulators like Bluestacks are laggy pieces of garbage.

This movement meta is completely brought back to what it used to bad back in the older cods.

I don't want to see any sliding and ESPECIALLY cancel sliding. If you start sliding you should not be able to instantly stop and aim at the speed of light. Neither should you be able to instantly jump or any of that. I don't want characters to move as fast as they do in black ops 4. (black ops 4's movement system is completely broken btw. Characters move so fast and their feet don't match their speed at all - total embarrassment). I also don't want to see any unlimited sprint if all the maps are on the smaller side.

I thought about it earlier and realized that this movement meta that started with the jetpacks is one of the main reasons I've been hating on the series so much and barely playing it. All the tryhards - slide jump , sprint slide jump sprint. It is way too fast, unpredictable and the aim assist doesn't even follow it perfectly the way it should most of the times. I am absolutely sick of seeing people playing like this be on top - people who would smacked horribly in older cods where there wasn't so much emphasis on aggressive play and punishing people for not wanting to take part in that.

It's not even aggressive play though, it is bs play. All these mechanics are completely unrealistic and stupid. I shouldn't have a super fast reaction just to be able to compete with people moving as fast as they have been in the last few titles. How come I never had this problem back in the day ? LIKE NEVER. It was because people moved slower and the aim assist was better.

In other words, you know it's gone bad. if you're sitting somewhere aiming down your sight, you know someone is coming but you end up dying or almost dying because they slid around the corner, then jumped, and the aim assist barely even did a thing while theirs was keeping them locked on target the whole time. This is the definition of bias, unfairness, no logic and just the franchise going in the exact direction I despise.

General Discussion / LOLLOLOLOLOLOL
« on: 05:02 PM - 03/25/19 »
I waited for the no specialist playlist in BO4 and now they say No Specialists = YEY, No operator mods = whatever, NO GEAR (and by gear they mean acousting censor, stim shot etc.) = I'm uninstalling this game for good. There is no way I can play these newer cods without acoustic censor, I'm sorry. They'd have to also disable dead silence for me to do so.

Dead silence with no counter, plenty of routes and unlimited sprint sounds like total cancer.

These stupid idiots really can't get anything right. Not only did it take a month after it was announced but now, it was all for nothing.

General Discussion / Is my new TV bugged ?
« on: 10:17 PM - 03/18/19 »
Last week I bought a new TV I am planning to use it for both my PS4 and PC.

A few days ago, I connected it to my PC to test how editing in photoshop would be. I loaded up some pictures. First there were pictures of nature. I noticed that the sky was brighter than it was on my monitor while the land was darker than it was on my monitor. I then loaded some pictures, this time it was people and their faces were brighter than their bodies and arms.

I tried messing with all the settings and nothing. Then I realized that my TV is slightly brighter on the top then it is on the bottom. I took a photo of the screen with notepad window while is fully white. I then lowered the gamma and I'm pretty sure I got my answer. Here are the photos:

This darkened area that the arrow is pointing towards is exactly where the brightness is lower and exactly why I was saying that people's faces were brighter than their body and the sky is brighter than it should be compared to the horizon.

Should i return / replace this TV ?
It is a 75 inch NU7100

I haven't owned a new TV in like 7 years. All I used to have is some old piece of trash that I never used but I figured why not buy a giant TV and use as an extra monitor. Anyway is this how TVs are supposed to be now ? I kind of want to return it to be honest.

General Discussion / Does anyone still play Black ops 4 ?
« on: 12:25 AM - 03/11/19 »
I personally quit that game months ago. In my eyes it is the worst implementation of all time (at least from the ones I've played. I skipped IW, and played WW2 for just a few hours before going back to Black ops 3 which was a much better game).

Black ops 4 from my experience is the worst all around FPS I've ever played. The game was broken. The hit registration and lag were awful. The manual healing and 150 health too, the specialists. The way Team Deathmatch was setup so that regardless of how good you are, if you have a bunch of idiots on your team there is no way you can do anything. The guns were boring.The strafing was extremely overpowered and broken if done by someone who knows what they're doing. There was (not sure if still is) a way to completely block the other person's aim assist by using a diamond camo , combined with going left and right really fast.

Just.....  idk what to say. There isn't a single positive thing I can say about black ops 4. The whole game felt awful - every aspect of it.

Really hope they're making MW4 this year. The whole gaming and movie industry has gotten really really stale.

Level up the SG12 and unlock that flashlight operator mod.

Once you get it, equip it along with lightweight and just troll people all day long. You wanna flash it in their eyes move left and right etc , they cant kill you lol

Not only can you trigger someones epilepsy or whatever its called, not only can they not see you because of how bright the flashlight is, but their aim assist is ALSO lowered significantly.

LOL now this is fun. Some many angry kids and tryhards .

General Discussion / Back Ops 4 is now EVER WORSE
« on: 12:05 AM - 10/28/18 »
Re-downloaded the game yesterday and was wondering why in the world was I doing so bad until I realized that those piece of trash nerfed the aim assist.

NOW whoever strafes to the side first (stock or no stock, doesnt matter, a slight movement is enough) in a gunfight, ESPECIALLY if they are behind cover has a HUGE HUGE advantage of killing you even if you shot them first.

The  aim assist no longer tracks moving targets perfectly THE WAY IT SHOULD.

I don't like moving when I shoot and I defiantly dont believe anyone who does should have even a 1% advantage, Assuming both ppl are even a little decent, it should ONLY be about who shot first and how close to the head those shots were.

I might be using a mouse and keyboard but 1 thing that I've always had a problem with in treyarch games is predicting movement simply because the legs dont match the body, so people look like they are sliding on the ground or teleporting + the movement in this game is so fast that there is no way you can predict it and react to it in time unless you're taking aderol or are some kind of a freak and I like to relax when playing.

Another uninstall and another F U to Treyarch. Call of Duty = cancer

I don't care what anyone says or thinks because you're opinion is absolutely irrelevant compared to the FACTS I speak of. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is the WORST Call of Duty game ever made, worse than Advanced Warfare, worse than WW2, worse than Infinite Warfare PERIOD.

This game is completely illogical, un-balanced and boring.

They took away jet packs but what did they do instead ? Make the specialists twice as OP and annoying.
They brought back some maps, most of which do not play good in this game because of all the specialist stupidity all over the place and unlimited sprint. Even the big maps are too chaotic.

That's because of the way they are made. They have open, long range, spawn points for both team and then right in the middle of the map it is a close range cluster-****.

Doesn't matter how good you are, if you have 2 or 3 bad teamates and you don't play like a COMPLETE COWARD you are getting STOMPED.

Once again they took away jetpacks and decided to change another thing for the worse, increasing the health and making it manual. Many of my deaths in this game were when healing myself after reloading my LMG which already took too much time and healing just made it worse.

No flow, terrible map design, ABSOLUTELY boring guns. I've never been so bored with the weapons in a Call of Duty. Idk what it is, all the guns and everything in this game fealt generic.

Killstreaks also VERY boring and useless.

The only 2 other Cods that I quit in the first few days were WW2 and IW. They both, just like BO4 had this generic feeling and didn't feel like Call of Duty. Black ops 4 IS NOT a Call of Duty game at all.

Uninstalled the game after day 1 or 2, re-downloaded, played for another day, day and a half and by level 55 I was just done. There is nothing this game can do to make me want to play it. I know the most OP gun in the game which gets very boring to use every match and that's about it.

Everything I say is an absolute fact. I've played every Call of Duty since CoD4, I could even play Advanced Warfare for 6 months or so. The game itself with those jetpacks was very annoying but it did have some interesting combos and stuff you could do and not get tired of too quickly.

People supporting Black ops 4 are brainless Treyarch fanboys

Call of Duty = DEAD
Maybe Infinite Warfare will revive it with MW4 but I'm fairly certain they will screw it up as well. Gaming and online gaming in 2018 is terrible and has been since 2013 I believe. There've only been 2 or 3 games in the past 5 years that were actually good, everything else is trash, generic garbage.

Simple, there MAY NOT be a solo blackout mode. Stupid treyarch is so focused on teamwork that I guarantee you the blackout mode will be team vs team, which is something that I absolutely cant stand.

I DONT WANT TEAMATES, i DONT LIKE TEAMATES, I DONT NEED TEAMATES. Teamates are the one thing that can make me rage quit and aggravate me the most when playing an online shooter. I despise player collision, I despise the sounds they make in the background, distracting me from my true targets. Honestly I've had plenty of games back when I played TDM where teamates got my blood to the boiling point one minute into the match.

So yea, if there is no SOLO Blackout this thing will be a 0/10 for me and I will not touch it. Just like in Multiplayer, if there is no Core and Hardcore Free for All, I will not even touch it.

Screw teamwork.

You know those so-called android boxes ? (Which you connect to your TV, pretty much like a gaming console)

Imagine having this connected to your TV / Monitor , connecting a controller to that Android Box, they should work with the Xbox and PS4 controllers and connecting a XIM to that controller and playing with mouse and keyboard.

Even if the Fortnite devs dont want people to use controllers on the mobile game, there are still those android emulators for PC like Bluestacks which I promise you will add Fortnite support on day 1 when it is available for everyone.

Although I despise fortnite, the sheer ownage would be really satisfying. Playing with a keyboard and mouse vs touchscreen LOSERS HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAAHAH


General Discussion / How do I do this ?
« on: 03:45 PM - 08/27/18 »
I want to make it so that when I click the thing goes PEW and then kaboom. And then when I click again the thing goes KAPOW.

Is this possible ?

General Discussion / What's happening with Trump LOL ?
« on: 10:56 AM - 08/22/18 »
Im Candian and dont know much about politics. All I know is that SJWs and sensitive people have no place in this world.

Anyway, I just looked at trumps twitter and the comments he gets are insane, people just trashing on him all day and calling him a criminal.

One question though, if he truly is a criminal, why is he still your president LOL ?

As I said, I know VERY LITTLE about politics, I don't even remember what democrats, republicans and all that means. Though 1 thing is very obivous, people, especially non-americans hate Trump so much that they turn the smallest error he makes into somethin HUGE, exaggerating as much as possible, same thing with news providers.

Is it really that bad or are people just haters ?

Im not a Trump fan, but I would defiantly take Trump over any SJW left side I think it was president haha.

General Discussion / I am a true Troll
« on: 04:09 PM - 08/19/18 »
I love myself so much because of how triggered people get even when I'm not trying to offend them or say anything bad to them. It is the same in real life and on the internet. Me being serious means people get legitimately angry. Me trying to be funny = people think I have something against them. Me being negative, people want to kill me. Only my closest friends and loved-ones can distinguish between my serious and my funny side.

This and my twisted sense of humor which makes the thing above comedy gold, means I always feel positive and in great mood.

The only thing that can change that is me losing in an online game for some reason. That's when I get warnings here and reports on every social media site for owning, annihilating and destroying illogical SJWs.

Then I feel good again :)

General Discussion / How many warnings to get banned ?
« on: 01:21 PM - 08/12/18 »
Just checked my inbox and realized I have 2 of them. One for offensive language and one for insulting people.

My guess is that the third one will make it so that my posts have to be manually approved like back in the day.

Please don't LOL

I use ARs and the LMG. Any time I go up against a SMG no matter the range I just can't keep up. It seems like the aim assist is way too weak, it does follow the person but it follows behind them and honestly there is no way to react instantly to a lightweight SMG with stock, it is just not humanly possible unless you're some freak. I never had this problem in black ops 3 as the aim assist followed people pretty good for the most part.

I dont know but if it is left like this, rewarding people for moving left and right I will cancel my order, this is even more annoying than the exo suits.

If I am on the guy and he starts strafing the aim assist should remain right on the guy regardless of how fast he moves period. I am so sick and tired of this annoying SMGs ruining call of duty with their ridicolously fast fire rates and even faster movement speeds while being able to shoot perfectly.

Movement during a gunfight should give you absolutely no advantage whatsoever. This is why I play on console with aim assist. If I wanted to play against a bunch of ballerina losers I would play against PC players.

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