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Any questions ? XIM4 Manuals are now up if needed!    ;D

General Discussion / Arrg. Just got Pb BANNED on BF4 (PC)
« on: 12:29 AM - 06/21/14 »
Rank 115 stats reset to 0.   >:(
W00t.... RESET HardLine beta stats too.
" We are investigating a recent unwarranted PunkBuster ban. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. "

Maybe I should have took the time to read the home page in Battlelog. Doh ! I wouldn't recommend playing anything with Battlelog on Pc or consoles until there is a known fix out.

..now to start the ban appeal process ... again .  ::)

General Discussion / The COUCHMASTER ?
« on: 04:18 AM - 05/19/14 »
Anyone tried this thing yet? It's made somewhere in Germany. Looks promising but lacks the places to mount things. They have several different versions out.
- Hmm.. could be a project to mod after though.  :P
Gimmick ? Thoughts anyone ....  ;D
This is their Facebook page :

Just found a USA retailer.

 - I admit it does look comfy for long gaming sessions.

General Discussion / New XB1 update rolling out ...
« on: 08:13 AM - 05/17/14 »
Everyone should have it by days end.  ;D
This should be a good one . Includes performance enhancements in system apps , audio mixer controls etc.



oops topic posted already .. sorry !

Heh ..

We knew this was coming .. well not ALL of us .. but some of did anyways. Might be old news. If its been posted here already I apologize. Been buzy with many new Pc builds and a new job .  ;D

Verified insider’ issues massive Xbox One leak

..."Microsoft plans to launch a cheaper $399 version of the Xbox One..." -PREDICTED IT !

..." The cheaper Xbox One might not include an optical disc drive..." -NEVER SAW THIS COMING

..."White Xbone incoming" -PREDICTED IT !

Lucky for me, this year I get my longevity check from work on the same day of  Black Friday.

Been looking on some deals on the Egg , Amazon etc.. but I see nothing to get excited over  just yet.

Have any of you found some upcoming Ads worth mentioning ?   What are you planning on buying on BLACK FRIDAY ?  ;D

Mine was ...

The day I finally figured out how to use this thing that's mounted on the wall of my old desk.  ;D


2nd best memory was when I first figured out how to use this controller thingie here..   ;)

General Discussion / 58 Leaked Images of BF4 Aplha
« on: 05:49 AM - 06/09/13 »

Not sure if anyone has posted this yet.. but...


      I was running the 320.14's on a 680 rig of mine and decided to try out the 320.18 WHQL 's .. big mistake. After several minutes the gpu completely shut down and upon reboot it's showing artifacts on the desktop.

    Uninstalled drivers and re-installed the 320.14's.. gpu  is still artifacting and completely shuts the system down now. Rig has been running for months with these flawless drivers. According to some reports.. These drivers are damanging some NVidia gpu's .. wish I'd done alittle research on the 320.18's beforehand. Loved this EVGA GTX 680 SC Signature series card.  :'(

Welp.. off to set up an RMA over @ Evga.com.

Nvidia 320.18 WHQL Display Driver is Damaging GPUs


...""These architectures are a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market," wrote Teneja on LinedIn. "Our benchmarks on just the video and audio performance are 8-10 times superior to the current gen."

Say wha? :o


I've seen a few people having issues getting their CM Storm Recon working on their Xim3/Edge. The Recon does indeed work so follow the steps below to get your frag on.

1. Make sure you have no more than 2 profiles on your mouse. (Default profile , Profile 1)
-Any more and your Xim3/Edge will not recognize your mouse.

2. Plug your hardware into it's preferred ports.

3. Profit and 0wn.

It may be old news for some but I just stumbled on this link today and it's new to me . Has anyone seen these new screenies ?
From what I read briefly on a Chinese web site .. these were leaked photo's from a dev kit a while back . I haven't dug into the info so I have no idea if this is true or not . What do you guys think of the renderings ? Real ? or just hype ?


General Discussion / Xbox next-gen 720 details leaked.
« on: 11:56 AM - 11/18/12 »
Don't know if anyone has seen this yet...maybe some have .. maybe some haven't..  :D
  finally we can put aside the rumors of what the next get xbox will hold according to the 'Durango' dev kits thats recently went out.
"....CPU loaded with four hardware cores - each divided into four logical cores along with 8GB of RAM.."
"....Blu-ray drive..."


In case the newer Xim3 owners don't know this ...
5V PSP power adapter works perfect on the Xim3. 

A power adapter could resolve the following scenarios..

   * If your having issues on the Xim3 not recognizing your hardware.

   * When you plug your mouse in your Xim3 ...the keyboard stops working or vice versa.

   * Mouse Buttons failing to work while your pressing keys on your keyboard simultaneously.

I've resolved alot of mouse and keyboards issues  (Especially CM products) by using a 5v adapter for additional power on my Xim3.
 -Without the added 5v power . My current set up , a CM Storm Recon Mouse and CM Trigger Keyboard ,
cuts out at random times.

   So don't give up just yet if your favorite hardware isn't working properly... try a 5v adapter and see if it fixes your issues. 
-It's more than likely it will ..

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