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XIM 3 Discussions / XIM 3 setup....
« on: 07:29 AM - 11/09/11 »
Hi Noob here.

I am waiting delivery on a wired 360 controller to set the xim 3 up. I do however have the ps3/360 adaptor so you can use the xim on the ps3.

My question is though is there anyway i can use the wired ps3 controller to do an inital setup to get the 360 working..? If there is could someone kindly point me to some kind of tut i can follow please.

Tutorials / Monitor connection...
« on: 02:01 AM - 06/03/11 »

I am going to get one of these within the next 2 weeks but how does this work on a pc monitor. I plan to run this on my pc monitor rather then a seperate TV. I have a phat elite. Can i just plug an hdmi from the xbox into my monitor and it will work. I use headphones as the monitor has no speakers so can i just buy a seperate sound lead that will plug straight into my sound card from the xbox?.

General Discussion / Hi from England...
« on: 03:13 AM - 04/11/11 »
Just lookinge to maybe purchase one of these, but i have noticed you are out of stock and have no international order being taken at the minute. I did look for local places that might have this in stock and came across this on flea bay.


All i can say is shocking... :o

Does anyone know when these will be avaliable to us guys over the water and how much with shipping it is likely to be.

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