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General Discussion / Microsoft xim - photo sharing app
« on: 06:35 PM - 12/17/14 »
Not sure if anyone saw this, but it popped up on one of my tech news feeds. I hope OBSIV has a trademark on the XIM brand/name.


Beta / [XB1] Audio passthrough stopped working
« on: 07:44 PM - 04/03/14 »
I've been using 20140329 since it dropped, and chat/audio have been working great until tonight. I can hear my friends in party chat, but they sound far away and my mic is not working.

I've tried a hard reset, different controllers, nothing seems to work.

My Xbone system firmware is 1404.140331-2200. I believe this was new today, so it may have broken something.

EDIT: Titanfall ST is drifting again too. Tried with Drift Guard on and off, no difference.

Beta / ObsIV - still on track for a new build today?
« on: 08:23 AM - 02/28/14 »
Just curious. It's been 3 weeks since the last build, and we are all anxious to help squash more bugs. Keep us posted!

Edit: The other ETA thread got seriously derailed, so let's try to keep this one on topic. Thanks!

Beta / XBone update preview
« on: 06:48 AM - 02/26/14 »
Do we know if the update makes xim4e stop working? A friend of mine just got the update and the controller update as well. I registered for it but I don't want to update if it's going to mean no kb/m. Who wants to be the guinea pig?

General Discussion / Xbox One headset mod
« on: 12:20 PM - 11/23/13 »

The website is currently down, but here is a cached version.

Please post pics and results if you attempt it.


Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I'm currently using the config below with limited success, I just feel like my ADS is still too slow to be effective.

Deadzone  5600 circle
Sensitivity  45
Accel  -0.62
YX Ratio  1.50

Deadzone  11000 circle
Sensitivity  200
Accel  -0.35
YX Ratio  1.50

As you can see, my ADS sensitivity is through the roof but I'm still not black-dotting. I measured my 360-turn distance using my G500 (5700 DPI) and here are my results:

Hip: 1 inch
ADS: 5 inches

As you can see, the ADS turn speed/distance is much worse than Hip.

My in-game sensitivity is maxed (14) and mouse is at speed 3 in Setpoint. I've tried with angle snapping on and off, aim-assist on and off but I juts feel like I'm losing a lot of battles because I just can't "break through" the ADS barrier. If someone starts strafing, it's difficult for me to keep the reticule on them because it's so slow it almost feels like it's sticking.

I've also tried the smart translators but they are even slower, and cause me to black dot because I set the sensitivity so high.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Hardware Compatibility / KVM Issue
« on: 07:55 AM - 10/24/12 »
Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I am using the IOGear HD KVM with audio (link here) to switch my G500 and QuickFire Pro between my PC and Xbox + Xim3. It will work fine for a couple switches but always produces a green question mark icon on the Xim3 after the first couple.

I've tried using different keyboards, and switching the USB inputs to different slots on the Xim3. I'm 99% sure that mouse and keyboard emulation are disabled, but I've not been able to figure out how to determine if it is for sure. Using the hotkey mode Ctrl-Ctrl, F4+Enter doesn't seem to work for me.

If anyone has any experience with this KVM and Xim3, I'd love to hear some possible solutions to my issue. Thanks in advance.

Hardware Compatibility / My g500 issues - please help
« on: 08:13 AM - 08/06/11 »
So I've been using the XIM3 for about 6 months, exclusively with a g500 and Black Ops. However, it's never really felt "right" to me. I have managed to do well in some games but I really expected to do better as a 15+ year veteran of PC gaming.

I recently purchased MW2 and have had better success, although I was still not getting the 1:1 movement feeling that I wanted. So I started playing around with acceleration settings and such, but that only seemed to make things worse (skipping @ any negative accel value, etc.). My current settings are below:

Setpoint (applied and burned from PC):
DPI 5700
Acceleration 0
Angle Snapping OFF
Sensitivity 5
Polling rate 1000hz

XIM3 (Black Ops):
Translator: Smart
Game: CoD: BO1
Sensitivity: 40.00
ADS Translator: Smart
Game: CoD: BO1
Sensitivity: 25.00
Delay: 120ms

Black Ops:

Sensitivity: 10 (Insane)

As you can see, my XIM3 sensitivities are very high. I am naturally a high-sensitivity player so I kept upping the sensitivity on the XIM3 until I felt like I had the right amount of movement. However, when reading other posts from people with a similar setup, I see they generally are using sensitivity numbers from 7.5 to 11. So I began wondering if I was doing something wrong.

I did some testing last night and I really got to see the g500 mouse acceleration coming into play. When I would make fast turns/shots, I would wind up moving a much shorter distance in the game than if I was making the same movement slowly. Is there a way to reduce/disable acceleration? I have scoured the forums looking for answers but I can't find anything definitive that might help me solve my problem.

For the time being, I have switched to using an old MX518 mouse and it "feels" better to me. It makes much more precise movements. But I really like the design, adjustable weight, higher polling rate and extra buttons that the g500 offers so I really would like to make it usable with my XIM3. If anyone can lend a helping hand to a frustrated gamer, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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