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XIM 4 Discussions / My XIM4 Acting Weird
« on: 02:14 AM - 11/24/16 »
Hello, I'm using Xim4 since day 1 and never faced any problem with it until yesterday, I turned on my PS4 and started BF1, choose a game, all with xim4 connected and when I entered the game I found out that I was able to move with the NAV but can not look around my mouse G700 wasn't responding but with I click on ADS button XIM4 blinked green indicating that I'm in ADS mode 2 sec. and the xim blink yellow, so I restarted my PS4 and unplugged everything let them sit for 5 mins and re plugged everything again fired up the game not its very stuttery and jittery the xim blinks red rapidly when every I move my mouse and when I click on ADS it enter ADS for 2 secs and then re enter ADS again and again. what is that?. BTW I changed the cable with new ones before I post here.

XIM 3 Discussions / Just wondering....
« on: 04:10 PM - 04/19/11 »

I was just wondering if I'm the only Egyptian here in this forum who has just ordered the mighty xim3 ????

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