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Support / [ACTIVE] XIM 4 disconnecting
« on: 11:59 PM - 01/07/19 »
the XIM will stay on, but the peripherals all turn off.  I have to reconnect the XIM which takes me out of the game for a good 30 seconds.  I'm running the latest firmware and everything.  This is a new problem that just started a few months ago and is getting worse.  I've tried a new micro USB.  I would really prefer to not have to use a powered hub that only adds to this mess of cables.  Is this the end of my XIM4? Do I need to upgrade to the apex now and drop $100?

General Discussion / Native Xbox ONE M/KB support
« on: 10:07 PM - 07/26/15 »
Looks like m$ might be enabling support to some degree.  JackFrags talks about it in this video:

General Discussion / Dying light (PC)
« on: 03:44 PM - 04/02/15 »
Just wondering if anyone is playing this on PC.  I would really like a buddy to play Co-op with.  My other friend convinced me to get it so he would have someone to play it with, and about 2 weeks in, said he was bored with it. 

Hardware Compatibility / Orbweaver + Logitech G502
« on: 01:07 PM - 12/07/14 »
Can anyone confirm that they have been able to get keystrokes mapped to buttons on the G502 through LGS and they bind to actions with no issues on the XIM4 when used with the Orbweaver?

Game Support / MCC "flashlight"
« on: 07:36 AM - 11/20/14 »
Translators work great, however, in halo 2 and 3 the flashlight and dual wield (or grenade switch? Anyway flashlight is listed twice)  buttons both listed as flashlight.  Minor thing but this could confuse some people. 

General Discussion / Anyone playing The Pre-Sequel?
« on: 01:59 AM - 10/21/14 »
Add me.  I had tons of friends playing Borderlands 2 and none of them are playing this one. 

Feedback / Now that I have a dedicated XIM Android...
« on: 09:32 AM - 10/03/14 »
this thing is the cat's meow.  On steroids.  Through a megaphone.  Srsly. 

Only things I would add at this point are:

-Improved button support to fix issues with LGS (Allow the XIM to see that it's a mouse, yes, but it also outputs keystrokes or joystick buttons.)  Unless, of course, this issue has already been addressed. 

-Global bindings. 

-buttons that change the sensitivity by .5, 1, and 5 in one click. 

-XIM and peripherals eventually turn off if plugged in to a powered-off console.  The XIM3 would eventually, but now everything spare the XBOne controller will remain on indefinitely. 

-Config backup to local phone/computer/Cloud and an ability to link your manager to this site profile with a new section for shared custom translators (Think: Bungie's Halo file sharing system integrated into Bungie.net)

-Flashing the XIM firmware off the phone.  Great for on-the-road.

Kudos on a product I started out a little "iffy" on!

About a month ago I was able to connect my XIM4 to my PC's bluetooth, or even in wired mode.  Now I cannot connect with either  >:( I know I have removed the Atheros adapter, I've tried resetting the unit to factory defaults... I've even tried with or without peripherals attached.  My computer just wont recognize the Xim 4 anymore.  Help?

General Discussion / Dafaq is this?
« on: 12:03 AM - 08/13/14 »

Is this my phone or the xim site telling me to get an app?  Windows phone 8.1....

Member Projects / Ugh, What a cable mess.
« on: 07:33 AM - 08/08/14 »

Ugh.  That's about as good as I can tie them up.  The horizontal ties under the bundles are fixed to the lapdesk, so it does get a bit tighter. 

I'd rather not have the bundles in the first place.  100% of the use of the G13 and the G500 is on this lapdesk (and the old one) since I made the lapdesk.  That's 3 years.  So my thought is to shorten the cables.  I'm assuming there is a way to open the mouse and keyboard (heck, even the controller), and that the cables are soldered to some sort of circuit board, so couldn't I just cut the cables to the desired length and strip the wires, then resolder them to the board (assuming the wires are color-coded)?  I'm pretty handy and own all the right tools.  How risky/plausable would this be?

The xbox controller, I know how to disassemble, but the gameboard and mouse, I have no idea. I'll also be pretty much completely switched over to the XBoner after the next Borderlands game, so I could just get a really short micro USB for that controller.  Also, How essential are those cylindrical things in the middle of the cable?  aren't they some iron tube section that the wires wrap through to eliminate interference of some sort?  The controller and mouse have them, but not the G13. 

Support / [RESOLVED] PC blutooth connection manager crash
« on: 08:58 AM - 08/07/14 »
my PC has an asus Z87 with blutooth, Ccleaner shows Atheros is installed, is this the reason my manager keeps crashing when connecting?  It connected fine in offline wired, firmware is reset/updated. 

If the issue is the atheros drivers, can I uninstall them and let windows operate the chip (if that's even possible) or is the actual chipset incompatible? 


also, I am running off the 360. 

My seccond 760 is arriving in the mail today and I had a question regarding the PSU cable connector requirements: 

my PSU is the Corsair RM750.
It has 2, 8-pin PCI power cable ports, both being used on my single GTX 760 as 6+2 & 6 pin.  The (two 6+2) cables that came with the PSU both have a leader that splits off and has another 2+6 pin plug.  Can I connect the second card to this leader or am I going to have to purchace a new PSU that has an additional 2 PCI power ports?  Here are the requirements on the Nvidia page:


Thanks for the help!

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4 PC manager BluTooth
« on: 02:32 PM - 07/05/14 »
Will the PC manager communicate with the XIM4 via blutooth? 


General Discussion / PC build help
« on: 10:58 PM - 06/29/14 »
It's like the "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie." thing.  Steam summer sale --> Buy a bunch of games --> 5770 doesn't do the games justice --> Upgrade to R9 270x --> Won't fit on the motherboard or in the case even --> screw it, it's only got a core 2 duo quad 2.5, 4x2gb ram (old as f)....

Whelp.  Looks like I'm building a new PC.  And I know nothing about doing that sort of thing anymore.  Like, what's a good motherboard and all, and what is compatible.

So, I would greatly appreciate some links to suggested combos to go with my new graphics card.  I was browsing motherboard/gpu/ram combos, but I don't know what's good.  Anyway,  here are my constraints:

MB/GPU/RAM combo
-under $500
-8GB RAM is fine, but 16 would be kewl, or at least be it 2x4 so I can add the same 2x4 later
-on board optic surround sound output
-SLI/Crossfire support
-Room for a future PCI based capture card and wireless card

I also need:
-Case that said motherboard and graphics card fit into (IDK how standard the dimensions between motherboards and cases are)
-Cooling fan for GPU
-Whatever else I need, thermal paste, etc (already have 600W psu, 1tb OS:C, 2TB media HDD, blu-ray drive, DVD drive)
...For under $100 or close to. 

As long as I have decent, compatible parts, I can probably figure out how to set it all up. 

Thank you so much!

Member Projects / Portable Lapdesk 2.0
« on: 08:57 PM - 06/26/14 »


pow.  It even holds cups

Velcro patches for the XIM and keypad, straps for the cables

1/2 inch thick cutting board.  Very durable, cleanable, and a nearly frictionless mouse surface that tracks flawlessly. 

If you are interested in obtaining a custom one of your own, let me know.  I can do a few different colors (white, red, blue, yellow, green, and brown) and can make one full keyboard-sized as well.  Don't really know how to securely sell one online with insured electronic payment, though.  Anyway, you would be looking at about $100-$150 depending on sizes and accessories, then maybe $10-$20 shipping.  A little steep, I know, but I don't have much spare time these days and I take my time on projects like this to make sure they come out great. 

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